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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Thursday, June 30

Vacation Day 5

Today our hotel had continental breakfast, which the Bigs LOVED! I guess they were sick of breakfast bars. I do like that there is variety (because if you know my Bigs, they can't agree on anything, which is why I brought four or five different kinds of breakfast bars along!) and I think it fills them up a bit more than just a bar.

We were on the road at 8am sharp back to Yellowstone. If you didn't gather from yesterday, this place is beyond amazing. I really think you could spend weeks here and not repeat seeing things. I mean, there are trails and outlooks, wildlife and natural formations EVERYWHERE. If it were just Jim and I, I would LOVE to go on some of the hiking trails. Although, after going down to a river to see a herd of Bison today and lugging my "slim" 32 pound child back up, "the air is definitely thinner up here," thought that momma who was huffing and puffing!

We first stopped at the Norris Geyser Basin because it was on way in and we planned on going on the northern route today. After seeing all the amazing geysers at Old Faithful yesterday, I think the geysers here were a bit disappointing for the kiddos (and it wasn't nearly as stroller friendly!) but it had spectacular views, even if geysers weren't erupting.

Next on our tour was the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, something I REALLY wanted to see. We stopped at the Visitor Center for a bit and asked for directions. She recommended the South Rim Drive because the North Rim Drive was under construction. It was BEAUTIFUL. It started out with a huge waterall and then opened up into this gorgeous canyon with the Yellowstone River running through it. Mac was tired and did NOT want to be here (it was late morning and he was ready for his driving nap!). I have to say, Jim and I saw the Grand Canyon of the Pacific when we were in Kauai...and that was WAY more impressive than this was. But it was also very different. Worth a stop for sure.

Then we went up to the Tower-Roosevelt area...but other than a waterfall, which we didn't get out of the car for, there wasn't much here. We did pull off the road to a picnic area to have lunch, which I loved. Eating in the woods/clearing. So peaceful. Earlier during a stop to see Elk, a couple had highly recommended Lamar Valley, if we wanted to see wildlife. So we turned East at this point even though it was out of the way. And it was totally worth it. We saw antelope, elk and tons of bison. This is the part of the trip I mentioned earlier when we went down to the river to get a close look at them. AMAZING and totally worth the extra driving time. Next time we want to spend more time here, maybe enter at the northeast entrance so we can see all of it.

From here, we headed to Mammoth Hot Springs. Finn really wanted to see this and it was on our way out of the park. However, just as we parked, it started POURING! We waited a bit and then all agreed it wasn't worth waiting it out and that we'd visit here on our next trip so we can really "see" it. After that, we left the park (tear!) and headed to Missoula, MT (about a 4.5 hour drive). There was a LOT of driving/car time today.

Today was a much less exciting day, in that we didn't see as many attractions as previous days but it was beautiful in its own way. We got Finn a book about things to see while in Yellowstone (he checks them off as he sees them) and he LOVED that. I highly recommend it if you go with kids. It really kept him engaged when otherwise he'd rather have been playing on his tablet.

Wednesday, June 29

Vacation Day 4

Today we headed out from Cody, WY in search of Yellowstone. It was a full day, mainly in the car, but such beautiful vistas! No time to be on electronics with so much to see all the time!

Yellowstone is stunningly beautiful. We stopped at the general store/visitor center and had a picnic lunch and decided to take the southern route today (Old Faithful) and the northern route tomorrow (Yellowstone Grand Canyon).

After our picnic, we stopped at the West Thumb Geyser Basin, which was AMAZING. Okay, everything we did today was amazing.

Finn is fascinated (okay, obsessed, but I wanted it to sound positive!) with all geysers. He LOVED this stopp but he is especially "focused" with who else? Old Faithful. All day he was asking if we were going to Old Faithful, how far we were from there, what was taking so long, etc. ALL. DAY. LONG! Finally, we were there. And we quickly found out we had about half an hour before the next eruption, so we hurried over. And it didn't disappoint!

We viewed it with approximately 1,000 of our closest friends! LOL I would say that I was most impressed, but I think it made Finn's life! THEN...we walked the paths around Old Faithful (over TWO MILES on a very hot, sunny day!) and the kids did great (although like the rest of this trip, Mac had his moments!). Finn's enthusiasm was contagious. By the end, I was ready to be done, but then...Old Faithful erupted again just as we got back! What good timing.

After all that walking (thankfully, Mac fell asleep and napped for part of it in the stroller!), we were all exhausted. Memere got us ice cream, which helped give us some energy and we left Old Faithful and headed to our hotel in West Yellowstone, which is about half a mile outside of the park. On the way there, we stopped and saw a Bison AND a herd of Elk! (pics on my camera, not phone, so can't post!)

I have to say, I feel a large number of bucket list items are getting crossed off my list on this trip. I can't decide if Jim is spoiling me or hoping to get things crossed off so he can get rid of me with a clear conscience! LOL Seriously, so far (and we are only on Day 4 of 14!) trip of a life time!

Tuesday, June 28

Vacation Day 3

Day 3 was another early morning! The van was packed and we left our wonderful little cabin just after 7am (and yes, Jim was with us, awake AND driving!). I think it is just hard to sleep in with the time difference, an early sunrise, no room darkening shades and excitement to see what the day brings.

We left Custer and headed to Devils Tower. This was the first time I've been in Wyoming.

I was excited to see Devils Tower but wasn't sure it was worth a stop since you start seeing it about 15 miles before you get there, but it is incredible! We chose to do the 1.3 mile walk around it and I'm SO glad we did. You just don't fully understand how big something is until you stand at the base and you look up and there is a rock climber at the top that literally is the size of a grain of sand. LITERALLY! Mac walked the first quarter of the walk, but stressed me out that he was going to fall off the side or on the rocks or something. It was much more enjoyable for me once he was in the stroller!

From there, we headed to Cody, Wy. We MAY have gotten a little lost on our way (due to a muted GPS!), but the silver lining is that the route we ended up taking (so glad I picked up a Road Atlas before we left!) was BEAUTIFUL! We drove alongside a mountain stream and it took us about an hour longer, which means Mac got a two hour nap! See, silver lining.

We got into Cody early enough to enjoy a nice family dinner at the hotel restaurant and take the kiddos swimming before bath and bed. Mac went down good again tonight (hopefully a trend?!?!). A good sign was that when I brought in his pack-n-play, he kept saying, "Baby's bed! Baby's bed!" so he must be getting used to it.


Monday, June 27

National Lampoon's Thomas Vacation

Our big first two week family road trip started yesterday, Sunday, when we left Benson, MN around 3:30pm. We knew it would be a big driving day, since we were going all the way to Custer, SD...which is an 8 hour drive. We took our time and with three stops and one time zone change, we made it in just over 9 hours! Success...except it was nearly midnight (1am Central!) when we got in.

Jim rented us a cabin in Custer at Elk Haven Cabins. We pretty much brought in the essentials and crashed. I think because of the time change and probably because of the schedule change, we were all up super early, so Jim had the idea to get started early and head to Mount Rushmore. And it was the best idea EVER! We got there just before 8am, I think and there was NOBODY there. Like we parked in the closest spot you could possibly park in!

I felt like a little kid. I've always wanted to see Mt. Rushmore and there it was. So beautiful and majestic. Check one thing off my bucket list! And the kids really liked it too. I wanted to hike to the base but it wasn't practical with Mac, so I'll put that on my "things to do next time" list. And we couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather.

From there, we headed back East to Wall, SD to visit...where else? Wall Drug! Total tourist trap but when in Rome! So much to see and do. Mac was having some crabby issues with the lack of sleep, no schedule/routine and being in the car way more than he thought he should be. He didn't want to be in the van. He didn't want to be in the stroller, but he didn't want to get out, either. He didn't want to go in any stores (which made for one sad momma since I LOVE to browse through tourist souvenir stores!). After some mining for rocks, minerals and fossils, we had lunch (which Finn ruined with a bad attitude and freak out session) and then headed to the Badlands.

This, also, was something I was really looking forward to. I LOVE natural formations that are unusual or seem out of place. There were times we said it felt like we were driving on Mars or the moon. So unique. Korri's highlight of the Badlands was seeing mountain goats (with white butts, she'll tell you!) and getting to pet a couple of horses who were resting after a ride with their owners. I LOVED seeing lots (and lots!) of bison. I just didn't know there were so many in the wild. Jim loved the drive through all the winding roads. I took about a million pictures and I'm sure they will all run together and seem the same but when you are there, it is so incredible and you just want to capture it...but you just can't. (also, due to my fear of heights, I have an unusually frantic sense that I'm going to fall over the edge at any second...but also a sense that I need to get as close as I possibly can! Argh! I felt the same way when at the Cliffs of Moher, my favorite place on Earth.)

After that (which was another full day of being in the car) we headed back to Custer, got caught in a random hail storm, went out to dinner (who knew you needed to get to dinner before 6pm here or wait an hour and a half?!?!) then came back for an "early" bedtime. Like I mentioned before, Mac has been struggling since he's been stuck in the car, only taking cat naps here and there and not sleeping well at night. Tonight? He CRASHED. I read him a book and sang a song just like at home and he laid right down. I'm saying a little prayer that this continues for the rest of our trip!

Anyway, just wanted to journal the first two days of our amazing, crazy family road trip so I didn't forget the details...well...because I'm me! Until tomorrow!

Friday, June 24

Barnyard Roundup

Last summer our church started a Vacation Bible School program. I signed Finn up, having wonderful memories of VBS from when I was a kid. Shocker, he LOVED it but was sad that I didn't stay and help "like all the other moms!" LOL So I told him I'd volunteer this year...and he didn't let me forget my promise.

So, knowing the new rules imposed on the Catholic church, I knew I had to go through Virtus training, training to help identify at risk children and to help prevent/report sexual abuse, in order to volunteer with children in the church. I normally procrastinate but God gave me motivation to actually sign up for and complete it this spring...early even! And I think because I did it early, the VBS Core Committee called and asked if I'd join their group and be a teacher at VBS this summer!

Um, me? A teacher? I thought I would just stay every night and walk around with the kids or help with snack or something. But, putting my trust in God, I told her I'd do whatever they needed me to do.

Fast forward to this past week. The theme this year was Barnyard Roundup: Jesus Gathers Us Together, which is so appropriate for this small, rural community. Oh, and Korri was old enough to go this year, so the three of us headed there very night Sunday through Thursday from 6-8pm (I always had it in the mornings when I was a kid, which I like better!). The first year they had 37 participants. This year they had 54! And that is nearly half of all the kids in the parish! I love to see the youth getting so involved.

I ended up being the craft teacher (much easier for me than teaching a lesson). There was a learning curve and my patience was tested quite a bit...but Finn and Korri had a blast and I heard from a lot of kids that they loved the crafts! Success! They made sand art, necklaces, sun catchers and kites (no craft the last night because of the program).

Anyway, it was a lot of work and WAY more tiring than I thought it would be. But, way more rewarding, too. I don't know what role I will have next year (the lady I stepped in for had a baby the week before VBS so she might want to do crafts next year) but whatever it is, I'll do it with a happy heart and actually look forward to it. Here's to letting go and letting God!

Those darn cute songs are permanently stuck in my head!

Thursday, June 23

Leap Into Heaven Dancing

Today, heaven gained an extraordinary man. Grandpa Smith, my mom's dad, passed away at 3:45 am at 92 years young. It has been a tough couple of years for me in terms of losing close loved one but it gives me comfort knowing those I love so dearly are together and can keep each other company.

What can one say about a man who was larger than life? Grandpa worked hard, played harder and loved the hardest of anybody I know. I think if things had been up to him, we all (and by that I mean his eight children, their spouses, his 24 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren) would have lived down the street from him so he could see all of us every day. He always asked why it had been so long since my last visit, even if it had only been a couple weeks. And when we left, he'd always ask why we had to leave so soon, even if we'd been there all day! One could view that as complaining or being needy but it was simply his way of loving. I will miss that more than anything. Why don't more people love like that in today's world? Maybe the world would be a little better place if they did.

After a loved one passes away, I think you keep a certain image of them in your brain. That image probably depends on a lot of different things. For my dad, I think of him sitting quietly outside "meditating" and drinking a beer in a glass with ice! For my Grandpa Walsh, it is from the last picture I took of him, sitting by his front door playing with my kids. For Ron, my father-in-law, there are too many moments for one image but it is more of a feeling...ornery but supportive!

For my Grandpa Smith, it is a memory I have from when I was a kid...when he was still "young" and strong, maybe when I was around 10 years old. We spent our summers at their lake home, I mean, duh, right?!?! On one such visit, he was fishing (like he/we did so often) and got a hook stuck in his hand. Ouch, right? Nope, he tried to get it out but because it must have been in his right hand, he couldn't get it, So he calmly walked next door and ask if they could help! Seriously! He was wearing what he always of his uniforms from the days of when he owned his service station, but this one was brown, I think (he normally wore the navy blue one, right?). I don't know. It wasn't even an important event but for some reason, that is what sits in my head. His strength. His love of life. His ability to get things done. His stubbornness, more than anything else, his stubbornness (something both I and my daughter have "luckily" inherited in spades from him!!).

I said he was 92 years young because when we were young, on our birthdays, he always told us that we were a year older but he got a year younger and some day we'd be the same age! I know it sounds silly, but I LOVED thinking about that possibility! He certainly didn't "act his age" but that's a good thing when he's your grandpa. He had a way of being goofy or getting into trouble but blaming it on US. You ever wonder why I'm horrified by teeth? Grandpa used to take his rusty pliers and attempt to pull any lose teeth around...but then "accidentally" try to pull the wrong one. It got me every time! Thanks, Grandpa!

Dancing. Grandpa LOVED to dance. And he was good, too! Sadly, due to several health issues, he wasn't able to dance later in life. One of the greatest moments was when he got up and danced with Grandma at his 90th birthday party. I mean, if anybody wanted to know what true love looks like, it is that.

I want my grandpa back so badly. But I know that's selfish. He wanted this. He was ready. He's at peace. And finally now, he has what he wanted so badly on Earth but could never fully have...he can watch each and every one of us all the time, whenever he wants. He can feel how much we all love him. I'm SO happy for him but SO sad for me. Grandpa, I hope you're dancing. I can't wait until the day I can polka with you in heaven. Until then, fish, hunt, relax (do you know how to do that?) and if you have time, have a cold one with my dad and tell him I say hi.

Arrangements have been finalized: Visitation on Sunday 2-5 pm at Pilgrim Congregational Church, 211 13th St N, Benson, MN with the funeral Monday morning at 10:30 am.

His obituary can be found here: Perry H Smith

This sums grandpa all up perfectly:

Monday, June 13

Summer Chores Update

I have to say, I was skeptical at best when I implemented the chore chart. I personally liked the structure it provided but I thought it would be an all day argument with the kids to do the things ON the chart; followed by lots of whining about not getting to use their tablets.

I was wr...wr...wrong! It has been GREAT! Now, keep in mind that Finn was gone Thurs and Fri so I don't actually have a full week of results. But even given that, the kids LOVE to check off each item and see what else they have left. Oh, and point out when they have fewer left than the other one! Sibling rivalry at its best. And tablet usage has been almost non-existent! Not because they don't have their list done, but I think because they are busy doing these things.

I still get some negative feedback but this list allows me not to engage. Example:

F: I don't WANT to read!
M: You don't have to. You don't get your tablet until you do, but you don't have to. It's your choice.

End of conversation. I like making the "list" the bad guy and not me for once!!

I would prefer this list to be printed on a white board to avoid having to print it off every night. But one advantage of printing it off is that I can change it when needed. One day I needed pop cans crushed, so I changed the dishes line to that and it got done! Today I need to put "sort and put away laundry!" in a major way, but if I change that tonight, it will be on the list for tomorrow! And I added pictures next to each line. Since Korri can't read yet, she was having a hard time figuring out what each one meant. She helped me pick the pictures and now she knows each check item. Easy peasy.

I really do like this system. I'm sure eventually the novelty of checking their list will wear off and their attitudes toward it will take a turn for the worst but now, it is AMAZING! I highly recommend. Even if you aren't at home all day with your kiddos, you could do something like this for when you do get home (but probably a shorter version).

Here's hoping this continues to work! Happy Summer, everyone:

Thursday, June 9

No more Nukie

Get your head out of the gutter, I wrote nukie not nookie!

Mac is pacifier free! And he did it all by himself. We kind of accidentally started on Sunday because after an impromptu trip to see (among others!) Great Grandpa Smith, his schedule was WAY off and he was just fit to be tied. And he didn't want his nukie. Okay, it was a fluke. He screamed for over an hour and a half but no prompting on my part could get him to take it.

Over the next couple of days, I'd offer it and he would put it on the table next to the rocking chair or he'd take it in his crib but just hold it or put it next to him. After a full day of being on his "normal" schedule and no nukie, I let myself hope/think that this could be really happening.

I was DREADING taking away the nukie. I've heard horror stories about it; having to "mail" them to the pacifier fairy or cutting them until they were a nubin (which never seemed safe to me) or slowly losing them until they were all gone or the Three Day Plan (which sounded an awful lot like the HORRIBLE sleep training we did). None of which I was looking forward to. I've said it before, so I'll say it again...I'm the kind of parent who believes if it ain't broke, why fix it?!?! He went to bed without a fuss. He slept well. Why take the pacifier away? Well, because I wasn't looking forward to the conversation with his doctor at his two year well child appointment (coming up next month. Tear.).

But, as most parental worries are, it was all for naught.

Yet again Mac is proving that he is my easiest since he is nuk/thumb-free before two and my other two (7 and 5!) still suck their thumbs (one just while sleeping and one about 50% of her day!). Maybe they should take a lesson from their baby brother!!!

Here's hoping potty training goes as smoothly (he still shows interest and has gone on the potty chair two days in a row...we'll see; eventually).

Just in case you thought he was perfect, this was him today at the store. I think the Terrible Twos are knocking...loudly! I wonder if I can hide and pretend I'm not home...


Wednesday, June 8

Welcome Cinder

Memere, Korri, Samantha and Maryellen had a girls day at the MOA at the American Girl Doll store. Maryellen got her ears pierced (I was shocked that Korri didn't even ASK about getting hers done!) and her hair done.

Then they had lunch at the cafe followed by shopping, of course!

On their way home, they picked up Memere's new puppy, Cinder! She is a goldendoodle should end up being about 35 pounds and is so cute, I think they should make stuffed animals that look just like her. Her name is Cinderella (an homage at least in part to Korri since she thought her name should be Princess or Belle ala Beauty and the Beast) and will be called Cinder for short.

The kids all liked her a lot but Mac was over the moon! He was jumping all over and couldn't get enough of her. I'm pretty sure he thought she should stay at our house forever! Korri likes her a lot and treats her like a doll to play with. Finn really (really!) wants to love her, but he just isn't a dog person. But he likes her from afar.

Welcome to the family, Cinder!!!

Monday, June 6

Summer Chores

Probably like most kids in America, my kids LOVE to use their tablets and HATE to do anything that resembles "work" (i.e. complain excessively when asked to do ANYTHING). So to make my summer easier (in theory), with the help of Pinterest, I made a "Summer Chore Chart."

There's a lot on there, but a lot of it won't take long and they should be doing some anyway. They get a "free" day today because it is officially the first day of summer break for Finn. But tomorrow, they need to check off each box before they can use their tablets. What I think is hilarious, is they are SO excited about it and want to do several of them already today. Go ahead, have at it! I'm thinking by tomorrow halfway through the list, they are going to change their tune...but it is at least a guideline that will help me get things done and monitor their tablet usage.

Maybe I should implement a secondary rule that if all things are done without reminding, complaining or fighting, they can get a mark (our reward system). Hmmm...

Wish me/them luck! Happy summer, everyone!!!

Update: I added clip art next to each check box because, well, Korri can't read yet! Hopefully that will work better. Also, day one went well, although apparently the pail of crayons has disappeared from our house forever. Argh.

Sunday, June 5

She Lost Another

Korri lost her second tooth (her bottom right). I said it was lose, but it came out after two days, not a week! I think she was working on it. Not a tear. No fuss. Nothing. So brave.

I didn't think she could get any stinkin' cuter, but then...BAM! She is. Anyway, here is the letter she wrote to her tooth fairy last night (remember, she postponed a letter the first night because it was too late to write one!) and her tooth fairy's response:

Dear Tooth Fairy
I lost my first
tooth! I didn't even
Can you please give
me some chocolate
coins and some regular
money too? I
have another loose tooth.
So her tooth fairy's name is Bramble Windsprite and while she wasn't sure at first, we now think it is a boy (and here I tried so hard to find a "boy" name!). Anyway, Bramble gave her a sack full of chocolate coins and a dollar in quarters, because your first tooth is special. After using more patience than I thought the world collectively could possess, I helped her write her second letter (i.e. if your child hasn't lost a tooth yet, pray that they lose it in Kindergarten so they know how to at least write the alphabet!!!). I also learned a small lesson from the previous night and used lined paper this time!

Dear Bramble
I lost my second
tooth. I have a big
space in my mouth
now. Can I have
more chocolate and
money please? Thank
you for the stuff
last night, Bramble.
Korri Finn's tooth fairy and Korri's tooth fairy know each other. Interesting! Bramble left two chocolate coins and two quarters this time (second tooth, two coins...get it?).

So, there you have it. I think we are in the clear for a while with Korri's teeth. There are no lose ones that I know about right now. However, Mr. Finnegan has a loose one on top and now that he knows Feather Willowweb is keeping track of it, he's been working on getting it looser. Argh! Well, they all have to come out at some point, I guess.

In the words of Bramble Windsprite, until next time...

Friday, June 3

Last day as a Firstie

Today was Finn's last day of First Grade. This year seemed to go so much faster than Kindergarten, but I bet parents say that every year. At this rate, his Senior year will feel like a week...okay, maybe not! (First day of First Grade on the right, last day on the left)

Apparently, Finn had an emotional time at the end of the day today, which surprises me, so much so that his friends told me about it AND his teacher emailed me. While he is emotional at home, I feel like he keeps it together in public. I think it is really hard for him to say goodbye to his teacher, Ms. Thorsen. She is the only teacher he's ever had. Plus, I don't blame him...I'm emotional when I think about it. Second grade is going to be VERY different for him (well, me, too!) teacher, new classmates, new classroom (he looped from Kindergarten, so he had the same teacher and classmates, which I LOVED!).

Just like last year, Finn had friends over for the last day of school. I mean, how boring would it be to go home like any other day?!?! This year Nolan, Landon, Ben and Gabe came home with Finn on the bus. I think part of the emotions for Finn (and me!) is not knowing if/how these boys will be split up next year. Finn is so lucky to have such great friends at such a young age. I truly hope they are life-long friendships

My favorite part of the afternoon? Finding out the bus driver gave them all cans of MOUNTAIN DEW on the way home!!! Gee, thanks for that. Also, it was raining, nay, pouring all day. At the end of the evening, the sun peeked out! What a nice little surprise.

I'm honestly really sad to see First Grade go. It was tough. There were moments I didn't know if Finn and/or I would make it between reading and spelling and homework. But we did. We got into a groove. I LOVE his teacher and am not sure how to interact with a new teacher next year. Ms. Thorsen "got" me and didn't make me feel bad for my questions and lack of planning (or so I thought...she insisted I was way more on the ball than I thought I was!). Also, she loved chocolate, so giving her gifts throughout the year was SUPER easy. She honestly loved this group of kids. It was an amazing group of kids; smart, caring, funny, well behaved, silly, compassionate. I only hope to find this incredible mix again in another class. Anyway, we're moving onward and upward. Is Second Grade ready for Finn?

Thursday, June 2

Lose a Tooth Like a Girl

I guess Korri didn't like the last couple posts not being solely about her so...she lost her first tooth tonight! And of course mommy was gone. I have mixed feelings about that: 1. glad I didn't have to pull it. 2. sad I missed a milestone in her life. I'll get over it.

Korri's bottom left tooth has been loose for a while. But I feel like she is so young, that I didn't really think it would come out now. I feel like you don't lose teeth until Kindergarten. Last night, we had corn on the cob and I "made" her eat it with her front teeth. I guess that must have nudged it along. Tonight, Jim said she came upstairs and said she thought her tooth was going to fall out and that she'd been wiggling it the whole time she was watching a movie (Sound of Music, for the record!).

So, they worked together to see how lose it was and get a game plan. She was nervous and shed a couple tears, most likely out of the fear of the unknown more than pain and being scared. She asked to move to the bathroom, which they did, and then after Korri had moved it as far back and forward as she could, Jim reached in with a Kleenex and popped it right out. He said it was barely on by a thread.

Done. No fuss. No muss. She thought the blood was funny (of course!). Jim told her she pulled her tooth "like a girl" (that means tough in our house!). She called me right away and told me. I kind of freaked out but was so excited for her. She is five years and four months old. I looked back and Finn was six years and one month old. That is probably why I think it is so early. But they say second children do things sooner! I guess so.

Anyway, she told Jim she is pretty sure her tooth fairy is a boy (we hadn't decided if a tooth fairy was assigned to the whole family or to each individual but I guess that solves that...Finn's is Feather Willowweb, and a girl!). She also decided that the tooth fairy wouldn't come unless you put your tooth under your pillow and she wanted to wait until tomorrow night, so she could write her tooth fairy a proper letter. So there you have it. Whose going to argue with her?

Her bottom right tooth is also super loose. Probably will have the second one out within the week. When it rains, it pours!

He did what in First Grade?

This entry was in Finn's weekly journal he brought home from school today. It was about halfway through the book, so I'm guessing he wrote it during the winter at some point.

Translation for those of you without familiarity with First Grade handwriting/spelling:

First I could crawl when I was a baby. It was fun! Next I could talk when I was a baby. It was fun! Then I was in Kindergarten. I did art in Kindergarten. It was fun! In First Grade I do Meth!

Wait, what do you do in First Grade? I don't know if I should be concerned or just be happy that he didn't write that "it was fun!" I guess First Grade IS a big jump from Kindergarten.