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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Thursday, June 25

The rest of Day 1

As I write this, my two eldest are fighting. I'm still not sure how to handle moments like this. It is second nature to just yell and "fix" the situation. But that doesn't help long term. I let them "work it out" and then praised Finn for physically leaving the situation. Hmmm...

Back to the rest of Day 1:
First and foremost, I made it ALL day without yelling. You have to understand that this is MAJOR. I was yelling pretty much all day (or at least it felt that way) before we went to this class. That being said, I hit my wall around 6:30 pm. It is EXHAUSTING changing your whole nature and having to think constantly about what is happening and how to respond ALL DAY LONG. Thankfully, since Jim took the class with me, he waved at me from across the room and I was able to just stop and walk away. Not ideal, maybe, but still huge progress.

Korri seemed to be the most affected by this but Finn is as well. We were picking up last night and Finn helped right away and not having to ask him twice. Korri was another story (hence I had to reset myself). I have to keep reminding myself that this will work if I just DO it consistently. So hard!!!

Day 2:
This morning was tougher than yesterday. My brain is probably still hurting from yesterday. I find that I have a really hard time not getting frustrated and reacting. In fact, I already yelled and had an altercation with Korri this morning, so clearly yesterday was far better than today. But hopefully it keeps getting better.

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