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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Tuesday, March 31

Fill'er Up

Yesterday the two Bigs had dentist appointments. They both had their first set of x-rays...and low and behold, they both had cavities, a first for both of them! Finn=2 and Korri=1. I couldn't believe it. I didn't get my first cavity until I was 19, I think! LOL

They both did great. Finn wasn't too sure because we went to a different place than we normally go and it was loud. But once they started, he was great. In fact, the hygienist said he was perfect! His cavities are between the teeth, so there is no way we would have known he had them without an x-ray. I was a little annoyed x-rays weren't done earlier but the dentist said his age is pretty common. Because of where the cavities are located, we had to make an appointment to come back to get them filled. I asked why we couldn't just wait until they fall out (they are both on baby teeth) but the dentist said those don't usually fall out until 10 years old or so...and we might have to pull them by then if we waited. Okay, fillings it is! That appointment will be later this month.

Korri has only been to the dentist a couple times but she was a rock star. It probably helped that Finn went first. Her cavity was on the crevice of her tooth (the "top" part) so it was an "easy" fill that didn't require any novocaine. She just sat there the whole time. And then she didn't even need a cleaning because the dentist said she brushes so well. Hmmm...maybe you should check again! LOL The dentist did put a watch on two other spots that she said were "brown." So, we'll see, I guess.

Both got fluoride, which they thought was weird and loved the fact that they couldn't brush their teeth before bed that night! Kids! I guess overall, not a terrible visit. Just makes me sad for them to get cavities so young.

Thursday, March 26

Jump Rope for Heart

Finn is participating in Jump Rope for Heart through his school on April 9 and 10. Family and friends are welcome to support him by making an online donation. Cash and checks are also acceptable (made payable to American Heart Association).

Regardless if you make a donation, click on the link below to see "Finn" jumping rope and doing tricks. It is pretty cute.

Jumpify Me

Wednesday, March 25

Bee hives

Three years ago, Korri had hives. We never figured out what they were from, but think it was a combination of her dry skin and being overheated. Almost all kids gets hives at least once with no explanation as to why.

Fast forward to yesterday. When Korri was getting ready for the bus, I noticed a long red "rash" on her left cheek. I asked her what it was and she said she fell when she was sledding the day before (I should have pressed more because looking back, neither Jim nor I noticed it the night before and we definitely would have). It did kind of look like a "rug burn" type rash, so I let her go to school and didn't think anything of it.

About an hour later, I received a call from her teacher asking if I'd noticed the rash on her cheek and arm. Um, arm! Nope. Korri told her the same thing, that it was from sledding. We decided the teacher would keep an eye on it and check to see if the school nurse was in (she wasn't, of course). I talked to Jim and decided to call her clinic just to be safe. While waiting to hear back from the nurse, Korri's teacher called again and said the rash had spread to her other arm and seemed much worse. So Jim went to get her immediately and gave her a dose of Benadryl as soon as they got home.

She looked so uncomfortable but didn't really complain all that much. Within half an hour, they started to get better and the nurse said to keep any eye on it and give her a bath with baking soda in it. Between the medicine and bath, they almost completely went away. Awesome! We conquered the hives.

Until she woke up from her nap. She walked down the stairs and I freaked out. She was covered (almost) head to toe! And some were angry red with what looked like white blisters. I gave her more Benadryl (thankfully it had been long enough for another dose) and called the nurse's line again. She went through a million questions (during which time the hives improved a lot) and concluded that it was hives! Ha, we both laughed. She said it was probably due to a virus and they could last 3-5 days! They aren't contagious and as long as they aren't bothering her, she could return to school. She said to continue to give Benadryl every 6 hours as needed and continue giving her baths with baking soda.

At least it wasn't life threatening and she never had problems breathing or swallowing. But it was still scary. Hives are not something that were a part of my life before marrying Jim. And now that we've had kids, both Finn and Korri have had them as different times. You just don't want to mess around with them. Last night was a little tough for us, as we kept checking on her. The hives returned during the night, but she was sleeping pretty soundly, so we only had to give her one dose after we went to bed. Hopefully they go away as quickly as they came.

Here is our little sicky yesterday resting in bed (Finn's bed, of course!), watching some Netflix on Daddy's laptop.

This was taken after Benadryl and bath. See how clear her arm is? And she keeps referring to them as her "bee hives." So cute. She is one tough little cookie.

Tuesday, March 24

Gone today, hair tomorrow

One year ago today, Korri (with the help of her big brother) cut her own hair. While it traumatized me at the time, we all survived (and it hasn't happened again, knock on wood!).

Here is her hair then (after auntie NaeNae "fixed" it as best she could!):

Here it is now:

See, hair really does grow back! (holy cow she looks a lot older now!) I'd say it is about 6 inches longer now, give or take. You can still see the pieces she cut out, but they blend in a lot better than they did. Korri is growing her hair out so she can wear a bun for her dance recital in May (duh, of course!). I'm working on having her think it would be a good idea to cut it to even it out after the recital so all the pieces are back to "normal" and all evidence of this event is gone. We'll see! Although, if I say she can have fun with auntie and go to her salon, I don't think it will be a hard sell.

Here's to a good reminder that (almost) everything your kids do is temporary or can be fixed...and as parents, we WILL survive!

UPDATE: I mentioned cutting her hair to her and she said, "No, way! I want a bun next year at my dance recital!" Hmmm...she didn't seem to believe me when I said it would grow back!

Friday, March 20

Think spring

Happy Vernal Equinox! Did you know that "vernal" means fresh or new? Hence, it is used for the spring equinox because spring symbolizes new growth, life and a fresh start. Neat.

For those of you that have lived under a rock for the last 7 months, Korri has been taking dance class once a week since September (or maybe Oct? I can't remember). Anyway, they have learned SO MUCH. Last week, we were allowed in to watch them perform their recital numbers. It might have been the cutest thing I've ever it WAS the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I am impressed with Korri's ability to watch somebody do something and replicate it almost perfectly. Now, she needs to work on her sequence of events (she often skipped steps, but she is four afterall!) but she will get there and I love how expressive she is.

Today, she wanted to "practice" dance, so she put on her tap shoes and then her ballet shoes. Here are two short clips from those sessions (she even had me find music on the computer to accompany her; but I don't know what song is her actual song!). I hope you enjoy it even a fraction as much as I did!

From Videos
From Videos
Obviously her little brother didn't like the ballet! LOL And never mind the clothes behind her, they are clean...just need to be put away (the story of my life!).

Tuesday, March 17

Luck O' the Irish

Mac is 8 months old today. Some months drag by but his 7th month flew by. I know he will be one year old before I know it. Here are some "normal" baby milestones you can expect a child to achieve by the time he’s 8 months old and my comments on how Mac measures up.

Motor Skills

Eight-month-olds are gaining a lot of new strength. They may be strong enough to pull themselves up to a standing position while holding onto a chair or sofa. (Mac doesn't pull himself up but does stand with only a little assistance) In another month or two, they should start cruising around using the furniture for support.

Most babies are starting to crawl by now, but don’t be panicked if your 8-month-old isn’t there yet. Some babies take a few extra months to get moving, and a few go straight from rolling to walking without slowing down to crawl. (Okay, Mac isn't even THINKING about crawling nor is he rolling over...good thing since I STILL haven't gotten a gate for the stairs!)

At this age, your baby is figuring out how to pair up his motor skills with his senses. Babies this age typically can spot a toy from across the room, figure out they want it, crawl over to get it, and pick it up. They can also manipulate toys with relative ease, banging blocks together, tossing a ball, or fitting a series of different-sized cups into one another. (I don't think Mac is doing most of that. He can manipulate toys to wave them or bang them.)

The pincer grasp - using thumb and finger -- is now well enough developed for babies to pick up very small objects. Because almost everything your baby picks up will end up in her mouth, be sure to put away any small toy pieces or other objects that are lying around. Keep in mind that if something is small enough to fit inside a toilet paper tube, it’s small enough to choke your child. If your child has siblings older than 3 years, it is a good idea to keep separate play areas and remind that child of the toilet paper tube rule. (Other than his fingers, he doesn't put things in his mouth...yet at least! He CAN do the pincer grasp but I think it is an accident most of the time when he does!)


By their eighth month, most babies sleep an average of 13 to 14 hours a day. They’ll take two naps a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Naps average about an hour in length, but some babies can get by with a couple of 20-minute naps. (Hmmm...on a good night, Mac sleeps from about 8pm to 7am with one feeding around 4am. He takes a nap around 9am, 1pm and 5pm, but we are trying to phase out the third nap, as it messes with bedtime.)

Now that your baby has a sense of object permanence -- the knowledge that you still exist even when you’re not around -- bedtimes and nap times may be more of a struggle. This separation anxiety should go away by the time your child is around 2 years old. Don’t be too worried if your baby fusses every time you try to leave the room. The crying shouldn't last for more than a few minutes. Be consistent in your routine and that will help both you and baby adjust. (Gee, will get better in a YEAR AND A HALF! LOL We were having a lot of problems with this because I was trying to phase out the swaddle as well. Jim, in desperation one night, swaddled him and he fell asleep immediately. I guess we'll continue to swaddle for a while. Although the last few nights, he's gotten both arms out of the swaddle, so maybe he will phase it out himself! I think I'm also going to get a crib soother to see if that helps calm him down.)


Your 8-month-old will still be taking 24 to 32 ounces of formula or breast milk every day. But mealtimes should also involve an increasing variety of foods, including baby cereal, fruits and vegetables, and mashed or pureed meats. As the solids increase, the breast milk or formula will decrease.  Some babies at this age are so fascinated by table foods that they are less interested in feeding from the bottle or breast. But they still need about 16-20 ounces of  breast milk or formula until they are ready to switch to cow’s milk after their first birthday. (We are doing better about giving him solids, but have only done veggies and a couple fruits. He LOVES bananas and sweet potatoes. If it is anything else, he still prefers to be breastfed rather than eating. I'm sure that will change as he gets older and gets used to more foods. He breast feeds between 5 and 6 times per day.)

Your baby’s pincer grasp and chewing skills should be developed enough by now for you to consider adding finger foods into the mealtime mix. The best first finger foods are bananas, toast, pasta, well-cooked meat, and cereal. Cut foods into bite-sized pieces, and avoid serving any items that are choking hazards, such as hot dogs, raw carrots, popcorn, grapes, blueberries, and raisins. No matter how finely finger foods are chopped, NEVER leave your baby unattended during mealtimes. (I found some puffs at Target that were approved for 7 month olds, so we've been experimenting with those. He likes them, but has a hard time getting them into his mouth...although why would he have to try with two Bigs just giving them to him when he whines! A few weeks ago, I tried cereal, but he wasn't ready for it.)


Your baby is developing a stronger sense of self and a greater awareness of his surroundings. Eight-month-olds understand the idea of object permanence and are starting to anticipate daily routines -- when I’m in the crib it’s bedtime; when I sit in the high chair it’s mealtime. They also realize the relationship between cause and effect -- when I drop this napkin, Mommy picks it up. (I use the high chair as a holding pen, so that might be messing with him eating food. I just saw him drop things this morning and then look at me like, 'aren't you going to get that?'. So funny!

At this age your baby is starting to realize what he likes and dislikes, which is why you might see a scowl when you offer the strained broccoli, and a smile when you switch to sweet potatoes. (He has NO problem letting us know what he does and doesn't like!)

At eight months, the babbles you've been hearing for a while may start to make sense. Mixed in with the “ba-bas” and “ga-gas” you might hear a “ma-ma” and “da-da” aimed in your direction. Your baby can now understand the meaning of a few basic words, including “bye-bye” and “milk,” and can follow simple commands such as, “Say hi to Grandma,” or “Wave bye-bye to Aunt Alice.” (He definitely understands "milk." I think he might understand that "mama" is me but I'm not positive. Other than that, none of that yet.


As far as these milestones, I can get a little discouraged when I see how much he isn't doing that other babies are. But I also need to remember that these are things that some babies do at the beginning of their 8th month and Mac was still three weeks early and I'm sure that affects some of this. When I look back at the 7 month milestones, he is doing almost all of them now and I guess that is probably a better judge of how he is developing.

Overall, Mac continues to be a happy, although an opinionated baby. If he doesn't want or like something, he will let you know. He likes to sit and play, especially if the Bigs are playing in the same vicinity. He rarely tips over when sitting any more, but when he does, he gets pissed about it. Still hasn't rolled from his back to his tummy nor shows any signs of crawling (as he'd have to be on his tummy for that). He LOVES to stand and tries to all the time. He also loves being in his jumper, as he loves to jump and bounce. Nicknames that have developed over the last couple months are Stinky, Chubbers and you can see, they are very situational and evidence of his getting older. He is a GREAT car-rider and usually sleeps when we run our endless errands. I'm so thankful for that, as his big sister was NOT good in the car. He is super tickly, which I love. He still uses a pacifier but mainly if he is tired or for sleeping. Although, I think I rely on it more than he needs me to.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd share a little Irish history about MacKeegan's name. It was a surname established in County Tipperary in the 13th century in South-central Ireland, where they held a family seat from very ancient times. The family motto is "with fortitude (having courage through adversity) and prudence (being cautious)." While there are several spelling variations, McKeegan, is the most common. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 16

What a weekend-Sunday

Sunday was a much more relaxed day but still lots to do. In the morning all three kids "played" together, which was so nice to see. Okay, Mac just sat there and watched but HE thought he was playing with them. And it kept him happy and busy for quite a while. For the record, I think they were playing My Little Pony meets T-Rex! Duh. Who wouldn't?

Then the Bigs took a bath and low and behold...Finn lost is his second tooth. Just like that. I didn't even know it was very loose! Jim said he just grabbed it and yanked it forward. I guess the second one is far less traumatic than the first! I hope these two have a chance to grow in a bit before he loses the top two or eating could get really interesting. BTW: he told me this is his "zombie face." How does he even know what a "zombie" is?!?!

After bath, we met Lorry and Emma at El Loro for lunch and to celebrate Emma's birthday. Okay, we are a couple weeks late but I think last year, I gave her birthday present to her in the fall, so I'm doing WAY better this year! Then we went back to their place so we could see it and have some cake. Side note: They live down the hall from Jim's old apartment! Small world.

She doesn't even look like a kid any more! And she had to point out that she is ALMOST as tall as me. It won't take much. We stayed for a while (Jim was enthralled with a brain game Emma has!) and then ran errands in daddy's hunt for new running shoes (came up empty). Daddy was tired, so Mac volunteered to drive us home. How kind! He might need to grow a little first, though.

When we got home, Max and his family were outside, so Finn was gone before we even got out of the van. The kids played outside the rest of the evening, until it was way past time for dinner and Finn had to do his "homework" for today: build a leprechaun trap!

Neither Jim nor I have ever built one before, so it was a family affair, which was actually kind of fun. Finn is pretty sure his trap will be the first one to catch one but he isn't sure what he will do with the leprechaun when he does catch it (I LOVE the belief in all things at this age!). He put gold coins, a gold lego trophy and Lucky Charms in the box to entice the leprechaun. I mean, what self-respecting leprechaun will be able to resist? And then when he picks up the box, the yellow straw falls and the lid traps him! I wish I could be at school when he gets to school tomorrow and he looks in his trap.

There concludes the end of our weekend. It was a lot but all of it was fun and not stressful. I like those kinds of weekends. Kristine was able to sleep for SIX hours on Friday night since Zander wasn't there and baby Zachary was a good boy and actually slept, so we will definitely have Zander over more often so Kristine can feel human again, too! Maybe we can do a cousin's weekend and have Austin and Ben, too, so then Becky and Pete can get a break, too! We'll see ;)

What a weekend-Saturday

On Saturday the kids were up right at 7 (I think they even slept until then because they seemed sleepy when they came into our room). I was volunteering at Finn's school for kindergarten registration so Jim was on his own with all four kids for about two and a half hours. They all survived, although the house looked a little rough when I got back!

Then auntie and Zachary came over, we had lunch, played outside for a bit and then went to the Waverly St. Patty's Day parade! We hadn't gone before and I didn't know what to expect or even where the parade route was. Jim stayed home (but joined us later) and Kristine and I winged it! It all worked out and we could NOT have ordered better weather for mid-March in Minnesota (60 degrees and sunny!)!

Here are the kids waiting for the parade to start. Left to right: Zachary, Zander, Finn, Korri and Mac! The parade was the perfect maybe lasted half an hour?!?! The kids got some candy and were happy. We ran into Korri's best friend, Aubrey, from preschool, so they sat with us during the parade, which was fun for all the kids.


After the parade, the Waverly boosters sponsored activities at the Village Hall. Here the kids are decorating shamrock cookies. I made the mistake of telling Korri there was face painting, but I think it was in the basement and we had strollers and it was a zoo. She was very disappointed to say the least. Korri and Zander did the hula hoop contest, which was cute to watch. There were crafts and games, too, but we decided to head home and play outside instead. It was a very well done event that I plan to go to again for sure!

And then to top the day off (and how I bribed her to leave the Village Hall without face paint), Korri and I went to her first movie in a movie theater...Cinderella! I posted about that experience separately, if you want more details. Bottom line: we both had so much fun spending time alone together, the movie was good and I think Korri loved the theater.

I got two breaks away from baby on Saturday. I love that little man, but I NEEDED the time away. I finally felt like a normal human, doing normal human things. Breastfeeding really has its advantages but man, sometimes it feels like you have an anchor tied around your neck. And for the first time in a while, I got reports that little man was, if not good, then at least decent while I was away, which makes it easier for me. I won't be breastfeeding forever and will be melancholy about it when Mac is done but I do look forward to days to come when there is more flexibility and freedom (and maybe, dare I say...alone time?!?!).

What a weekend-Friday

I think we all need a rest from that amazing weekend we had! We fit a lot of stuff in two and a half days.

First, on Friday, Zander came over for a sleep over and Korri got to FINALLY meet baby Zachary (whom she loved immediately!).

Zander wasn't able to come to either kids' birthday parties, so he brought some cupcakes so we could celebrate with him! They all loved that. We sang and they each got to blow out a candle.

The three bigs played downstairs FOREVER! They play really well together (unless Korri starts to feel left out, being the only girl and being sensitive anyway). Around 7pm, while I was feeding Mac, I could hear things were getting a little squirrely so I said we were going to go to the park. I normally would never go that late, but I figured, why not? Get some energy out and have even more fun.

We weren't there too long because the wind was chilly AND it was getting late. After that, we popped some popcorn and watched a movie. We let Zander pick (because he didn't seem too interested in the movies my kids wanted). He picked Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Perfect. Less than an hour and then to bed.

Jim got home during the movie and the second Zander saw him, he jumped up and ran into his arms. It was honestly the cutest thing ever. My kids were like, "Hi daddy." I wasn't sure how bedtime would go but they all laid down on the floor and the boys were sleeping in about 15 minutes. Korri had to be moved to her bed in order to fall asleep.

Sunday, March 15

Cinderella: Have Courage and Be Kind

I had the privilege of taking Korri to her first movie in a movie theater yesterday and of COURSE, we went to see Cinderella (it helped that I wanted to see it too!). I wasn't sure how the outing would go because we had a BUSY morning and no chance to nap. But she did great!

On the way there, she asked me if we could push the couches together so we could sit by each other! I love that she had NO idea what a theater was. I told her there weren't couches but rather seats and we could sit next to each other. I also prepared her for the chance that it was sold out because I didn't want the fall out if it were. I told her if all the tickets were already bought, we'd do something else fun today and go back to the movie another day. She was like, "okay." I needn't have worried as there were less than 30 people there but it was a weird time (4:45pm) so I think sooner or later would have been busier. Perfect for us! She was very relieved once we had our seats and every time more people came in, she was like, "Oh, yay, they made it in time!"

She forgot her Cinderella doll in the van, so we went back out to get it (after I asked how full the theater would be!). When we walked back in, I'd already told her she could pick out some treats and I showed her that they had a kid's "meal" with popcorn, pop and candy. She walks up to the counter and says, "I'll have skittles and an Ice-ee please!" Alrighty then, skittles and an Ice-ee it is!

She did GREAT during the movie. She kept going back and forth from the edge of her seat to my lap (which I LOVED by the way). She asked questions all through the movie, but I let her. It is a kid's movie and there were very few people there for her to bother (and nobody right by us).

Overall, the movie was really good (I LOVE the actors who played Cinderella and the Prince). Even though mommy warned her about it, Korri ended up getting an upset tummy from eating too many skittles during the movie, so we just went home after instead of going out for ice cream. I told her we'd do that another time.

I LOVE LOVE LOVED spending the one-on-one time with her. Since Mac was born, I haven't done it at all (with either Big). She was so well behaved and I THINK thoroughly enjoyed herself (she was a little tight lipped about her experience after, but I think she was still just taking it all in). I can't wait for our next date!

Kind of a neat side note: Jim's first movie in a theater was Snow White (mine might have been too but I don't remember) and now Korri's was Cinderella. Full circle!

Friday, March 13

And that makes SIX

We now have SIX nephews (and one niece)! Finn, Korri and Mac finally have a Thomas cousin. We are so happy and excited for Jim's brother, John and his wife, Kelsie on the birth of their first child, Tucker John, born March 10 (four days overdue...poor Kelsie!) at 9:27pm, weighing 9 lbs 10 oz and 21" long.

I don't know who he looks like (not my kids, boo, but I think I see a little bit of John!) but he sure is cute. I can't wait to get ahold of those super cute cheeks and get a good newborn snuggle (I miss that already)!

Hmmm...I wonder when all is said and done, how many nephews (and nieces!) we'll have!

Wednesday, March 11

Return to PT

I think I forgot to mention that Finn has returned to the place he spent much of the first two years of his life...Gillette Children's for physical therapy.

At his well child appt in January, we discussed with the doctor how Finn still seems to be delayed in gross motor compared to his peers. She sent us for a PT evaluation at Gillette, which we did on 2/17. They got most of the eval done on the first visit and said that his coordination was great (duh, already knew that!), his balance was okay and we could work on some strength and running things. Perfect. So we signed him up for 8 weeks. The number one thing I wanted addressed was his running. He spends so much energy and doesn't get very far.

After a quick assessment of his running, she said his body appears to conflict with itself, half wants to run to the left and the other half wants to run to the right. So he spends all energy just trying to get his body to go forward instead of to the side. And he has a really short stride. I'm glad they are working on this, since Finn loves sports and at the very least, you need to be able to run in most of them.

We've had two sessions. The first one Jim took him to and they worked on his gait/stride. From what Jim said, they had Finn run on the treadmill and at one point, he was running at 6.3mph (which is faster than I usually run!). So there is hope and the wonderful thing about Finn is that he is very "coachable." If you explain and show something to him, he really pays attention and makes those changes. Last week we finished the eval and didn't have a lot of time for much else. I can't wait to see how the rest of the sessions go. He LOVES going and has tons of energy while he is there. The hardest part was finding times for the appts since it is a 45 minute drive...but I explained the situation to his teacher and I think I was able to only have him miss a couple hours of school total, so not too bad.

Tuesday, March 10


Last night was the first night of gymnastics for the spring session. Korri hadn't gone to gymnastics since the summer because she picked dance instead. Then I figured it was good for her body to do both and they are only one night a week (Monday and Thursday), so why not for the spring?!?! And as you can imagine, she did great! Man, that kid has strong legs! Weak upper body strength, though (just like her momma!). It is also fun because she is one of the older ones in the class now, so she can "do" all the things pretty well, or at least knows about them. Her class is still a parent participation class, so Jim went with her last night. There was one little melt down at the end of class due to not listening (Korri, not Jim!) but overall, she did amazing.

But the story doesn't end there...FINN wanted to go, too! I was shocked when he asked, but yes, of course you can. His PT was super happy when I said he was starting gymnastics. The kicker of the deal? Finn is now too old for Korri's class, so he was in the next one parents and ALL girls! He didn't even bat an eye. I'm glad he had gone to the younger class once before (and that Korri shows him her gymnastic jumps ALL the time) so he knew just enough to be able to participate. And he did! Right away, all the way and with a happy heart. I literally had tears in my eyes while watching him. He struggled with every single move but he tried and that is what I told him before we went. It didn't matter if he could do things perfectly, it just mattered that he tried (for him, this is a very important reminder!). The teacher said how glad she was that he was in the class and how good the class will be for him. Some of the stuff they did was exactly what he does in PT, so that is even better! To say I was proud of him, doesn't even come close to my feelings last night.

Now, here's to a good night next week, too! Oh, and if Finn continues to do so well, I can drop him off and come back when he is done (which is when Korri's class starts). My babies are growing up when they don't "need" me with them for everything (but this is a good consequence of growing up!). Makes the logistics much easier and I don't have to entertain two kids for an hour and a half!

No pictures, sorry. I was too busy being happy and enjoying it!

Monday, March 9

Spring is in the air

It must be warmer than 40 degrees because I'm pretty sure every single person in Minnesota has emerged from their dens...I mean, houses and is enjoying the "warm" weather. Although, I'm sure some people would argue that 45 isn't exactly warm...try telling that to my kids!

They got the bikes out, the scooters out, and played football, baseball and golf! Oh and as you can see, Korri didn't "need" her coat and was in short sleeves! (I eventually convinced her to put her coat back on). Baby was "enjoying" the warm weather in the swing but was super tired, as you can see. He'd been super whiny and stopped as soon as we got outside, so that was awesome! I need a new swing, though, because this one is broken.

You can tell it is spring because they played outside for over an hour and were mad when I said they had to come in. In a few months weeks, the novelty will wear off, I'm sure. Although with a high of 59 degrees for tomorrow, I may not see my kids until bedtime!

And I'm very proud of myself. The kids and I walked over to our new neighbors (who were also playing outside) and introduced ourselves. That might not seem like a big deal but I still haven't met two our our four neighbors and it took me almost 2 months to introduce myself to Max's mom and Finn played with him almost every day!

Tuesday, March 3

New Adventure

Another milestone for baby...snacks!

I'd been looking for snacks for a little while but they all required that baby could crawl! Well, that is far off (from what I can tell) and I really wanted something that could distract him for a minute or two when needed. I tried a piece of the kids' cereal one day and that did NOT go well!

Then, Target to the rescue. I randomly saw ONE package that said 7+ months. Done.  I didn't care what they cost or how they tasted; we were going to try them. Which we did to mixed results. He's still figuring out how to get them in his mouth (he can get them in his fist but not deposit them) and chew them but they dissolve fairly quickly, so only a few chokes here and there! He LOVED them though, so I think with time, he'll figure it out. Yay!

Sunday, March 1

Winter Swimming

The last day of swimming was yesterday. I think the 8 weeks went by fast. Jim didn't think they could go fast enough. Finn really struggled this year and I don't know why. He loves to swim and when he is with Jim, is pretty brave. He goes under, jumps in by himself and swims independently with the help of his life jacket. But at his lessons, which had six kids and two instructors, one instructor was always helping him. He wouldn't even jump in for the first two weeks. It is frustrating for me to watch, since I know he can do it. I kind of wish the instructors would have "made" him do it, but I guess they can't do that. Oh, well. Needless to say, he didn't "pass" level 1 and will be repeating it the next time we take lessons (hopefully this summer). On his final evaluation, I thought she was very generous on the things she said he could do (based on his behavior at lessons). She said he wasn't able to tread water, open eyes underwater to retrieve object (which he does with Jim in the bath ALL THE TIME!)  and independently travel 5 yards, bob 5 times and go back. The comments were to "really work on being independent in the water." Or I think they should be, "pushing yourself to do the things you already know you can."

Korri was another story. She was in Preschool A (there is Preschool A, B and C before Level 1), which is her first swim lessons without one of us in the water with her. There were 5 kids and one instructor, which I thought was WAY too many for one person, especially at this age (ages 4-5). Oh, well, nobody drowned, I guess ;) Korri is so brave and comfortable in the water and LOVED her instructor. She was able to do everything on the list of the evaluation and passed Preschool A. Depending on the timing of the classes, I might even put her in Preschool C next time (I'm almost certain she would be fine in Level 1!). Her instructor's comment was, "fun to have in class!" I'm surprised she didn't say something about paying a little more attention and less socializing!

I'm hoping that Finn was just timid this time because it was new and we all know how he hates new things. Maybe next time he will feel more comfortable and confident since he will know what to expect. I couldn't get a good picture of Korri because her class was across the pool, but here is Finn jumping in the deep end (I think he looks like a frog!!):

(the life jacket is for safety day, which is always the last day of a session)

Before our next lessons, I hope we have some opportunities to go swimming and work on some of these things.