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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Sunday, July 27

What a week!

One week ago today, we got to take Little Mister home from the hospital. What a crazy week it has been since then. We are so thankful that Memere was here to help with the big kids and help daddy clean out and organize the garage. It looks so much better and we were able to find all (?) of the baby stuff and get it cleaned and ready for Baby.

Sunday night, Sharon, Laena, Braeland and Pam came for a visit and brought dinner from Famous Dave's! So yummy. Hanging outside for a bit:

Monday morning, we had Mac's first well-child appt and Finn's ear follow up. Both appts showed the boys were doing perfectly well. Yay. That afternoon, Daddy, Memere and Korri took Finn to baseball practice and of course, the one day I miss, they PITCHED the ball! Oh, I bet Finn LOVED that.

Tuesday, we had Finn's last (sniff, sniff!) baseball game, which Mac thoroughly enjoyed, snuggled up with daddy.
I'm so glad we signed him up for baseball this summer. It seemed like a HUGE time commitment in the beginning but it just became our routine and he loved every second of it (and he got to meet more kids his age!). NeNe came over in the evening to play with Finn while Memere graciously took Korri to gymnastics, which they all loved.

Wednesday, Jim met Grandpa Ron in Murdock to pick up our lawn mower in order to get it back to our place (we needed a trailer). Then once they got it here, they loaded the trailer back up and headed to Hutchinson to pick up the rest of our bed pieces. Can't wait for that to get installed so our bed/room feels more like it belongs to a "big person." Memere finished up all of her help (again, for which we are beyond grateful) and Grandpa and Memere headed home (sniff, sniff).

Thursday, Pam so kindly invited Jim and the big kids to go boating with their family for the morning, which they did. Finn even went tubing for the first time and LOVED it:
Jim said both kids loved swimming in the middle of the lake, too. I'm so glad my kids aren't afraid of the water. While they were out having fun in the sun, a home health nurse from Allina came to visit Mac and me. We both checked out great. While I wasn't too concerned, it is a nice service. That evening, we had Finn's end of the year baseball picnic/party. It was a bit windy, but Little Mister slept happily in his covered car-seat the entire time! The kids had a blast. Again, I was sad to see the season end, but so excited to see what the rest of the summer holds. After the party, we met Grandma and Austin at our house for Austin/Finn weekend at Grandma's! Korri has been very emotional since Mac was born, so Jim and I were looking forward to some time with just her.

Speaking of, Friday, Jim and Korri had a daddy/daughter date! They both knew they wanted to go shopping and Korri picked Ridgedale, I think to Jim's dismay, as I think he would have preferred MOA. She played in the play area, they got their pictures taken in a photo booth, did a little shopping and had lunch. A perfect date for both of them. Later that evening, Born's came over and brought dinner (in additional to picking up some grocery necessities we were out of!). It was a great evening but holy moly, was I tired by the end!

Saturday, I packed up the kids and met Auntie Kristine and Zander at Lake Rebecca park to play and swim! I may have over done it a bit, but the weather was perfect and Korri and Zander play super well together. Then we headed to our respective houses for nap time and then auntie, uncle Alex and Zander came over for dinner and so Alex could help get the lawn mower started (which he did, but it STILL needs s tune up...will we ever be able to mow our own lawn?!?!). In the afternoon Stacey and Dillon stopped by for a quick snuggle session with Mac!

This morning, I packed the kids up and took them to church by myself! And it went well. There is nothing a bunch of Catholics like more than a newborn! When we got home, NeNe and Uncle Les brought LeAnn Chin over for lunch...yum! Then, I had the pleasure of a long nap. Awesome.

Here is Big Sister giving Baby Mac a 'moochie (through all that hair):

Most importantly (to me!), I finally am feeling somewhat "normal" again! It was a tough week for me physically and somewhat emotionally, as the "baby blues" have reared their ugly head a few times, but so far, doesn't seem to be postpartum depression, although I am very watchful for the signs (given I had it with Korri, I'm much more likely to have it again). Also, I was severely anemic (I think due to the blood loss during birth) but due to side effects, my doctor didn't want me taking an iron supplement. I don't know if you've ever been extremely anemic before but wow...just walking around took more energy than I had (and I was pretty yellow, just like Mac!). The effects of the third degree tear were pretty rough, too, but I am now able to get up and down without cringing, which I think is a victory! And I'm so happy to report that the swelling in my feet seems to finally be gone, for the most part. That was really tough and painful but I noticed on Friday that it seemed to be getting better. They said it would take about a week and I guess one week and one day is close. Overall, well on the way to recovery.

Thursday, July 24

What's in a name?

I'm a little surprised more people haven't asked about Mac's name, but I have a feeling they are thinking it. So, how did we come up with MacKeegan?

Well, one thing that was different this time around was that we had to have two names picked out, a boy and a girl, which we've never had to do before. And if you know Jim and me at all, agreeing on something this important is usually not easy at all! Luckily, we had the girl name picked right after Korri was born. I was watching TV and LOVED the last name of somebody on the show: Maddigan! I love the nickname Maddi and since I love long names that can be shortened and it "fit" with the "gan" theme, it stuck. My only reservation about this name was that it was close to Madison, so I didn't want her having to correct people her whole life. Oh, well. Guess we'll never know for sure. Side note: I love Addi even more, but Addigan didn't really have the same ring. Side side note: this is the name Stacey was able to guess during the rousing game of hangman during delivery. She was very proud of herself!

After Finn was born, Jim and I both loved the name Declan, which is a very traditional Irish name. But oddly, after we got pregnant with #3, neither of us liked it any more, and didn't fall into the "gan" theme, which I think I would have been okay with! Weird. So back to the drawing board. I did some looking around but couldn't find anything that was unique and that I liked enough. Jim randomly looked online one afternoon and said, how about MacKeengan? Yup, that was it without a second thought (although we went back and forth on the spelling, of course!). I've always LOVED the name Keegan (which also has a special place in our sister-in-laws heart!) but as of late, it is WAY too popular for me to name my child that. This was the perfect compromise. Once we picked the name, we knew we wanted his nickname to be Mac but went back and forth on the spelling of that too. Jim felt strongly about it being "Mack" so I agreed, as I didn't really care all that much (I already got the name I loved...and Jim got his spelling for Korri, too!). But right after he was born, Jim said, "It should be Mac." Okay, then! Ha. I guess there is nothing wrong with changing it at that point. I've called him Keegan a few times, which I think is okay, too. I have a feeling it will be Mackey (spelling?) most of the time anyway. Both kids just call him Baby for now, which is too funny. Korri keeps asking what his "long" name is!

Mac is a strong name and MacKeegan means "fire" in Gaelic. I think it will serve him well. Since both big kids have about 10 nicknames, I can't wait to see what his end up being as well! And I'm so glad you decided to be born when you did. I can't imagine how I'd be feeling if I were still pregnant or how big you would have been had you "cooked" for a couple more weeks!

Happy one week birthday, Mac! I can't even describe how much I love you already and how complete you've made our family. Oh, the places you'll go and the things you will do...I can't wait to see and experience them with you. Stealing words from Dr. Seuss:

You'll be on your way up!
You'll be seeing great sights!
You'll join the high fliers
who soar to high heights.
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
 So...get on your way!

Wednesday, July 23

Mac's Doctor Visit

Mac had his first non-well doctor visit this morning. I noticed last night that he had greenish/yellowish/brownish snot coming out of his nose and green gunk in his left eye. He still ate decently overnight but was taking longer breaks between sucks, probably to accommodate the congestion. And this morning didn't seem too interested in eating at all.

However, all is well! The doctor thinks his eye is because of a plugged tear duct, which the nurses at the hospital said that as well. He gave us a prescription to put in Mac's eye when it gets gunky but it is something that he might have to "deal with" for several months and sometimes up to a year. I am to massage the inside of the eye socket near his nose, too, when it is gunky, as that might help loosen it up.

As for his nose, probably related to the drainage (or lack thereof) of his eye. It could also be a symptom of a little cold (since three people in our house have colds). I just have to sucker his nose before feedings and that should help, which I'm already doing.

So, overall not a big deal. I just figured I'd better call since he is SO young. He weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs 12.5 oz...1 oz shy of his birth weight, which he is "supposed" to be back to by one week, which is tomorrow! I can't believe it. It is such a blessing to have a good eater. I hope it continues. The doctor thinks his belly button nubbin will fall off today or tomorrow. Yay! But we should continue to put Vaseline on his circumcision site until his two week well child appt next week. He also thinks his bilirubin levels have probably improved since his appt on Monday! Another yay!

One week tomorrow? Wow.

And because we have two other adorable children in our family, big siblings playing in the new pool daddy got for them!

Mac's Well Child

Sunday was a nice and quiet day. Mac did great and the big kids were so happy to have us home. Thank you to Sharon, Laena, Braeland and Pam for visiting and to Sharon for bringing us Famous Dave's for dinner! So thoughtful and appreciated.

Bright and early Monday morning...okay 9:30, we had Mac's first well child appt. Jim was able to schedule Finn's ear follow up at the same time, which was SO helpful. Basically, Mac is perfect, even given his slightly early arrival into this world! There was nothing of concern at all. So happy to hear that. They took his blood for his bilirubin levels and while they were still elevated at 13.9, they would have needed to be around 19 for them to treat. That means we don't need to do anything special until his two week well child! He had gained 3 oz, which is AMAZING, which brought him back up to 8 lbs 8 oz. The dr was so happy with that that he said Mac can go up to 4 hours at night between eatings, if he is sleeping! Sweet! So so so happy about the whole visit.

Finn's left ear had healed and the tube was still in (we already knew the right one had come out, but that one wasn't infected)! We couldn't believe it. That means it was just an infection and NOT his ear drum rupturing. The dr said that "most" kids don't need tubes once they are in kindergarten, but then again, Finn doesn't usually follow the path of "most" kids when it comes to medical things. The Dr said we will need to watch him through this cold and flu season and if he does well (has less than 3 infections in 6 months), we can probably say he won't need new tubes! I'm praying for that to be true as I'm really not comfortable with a third set. Finn did a great job and was showing off the whole time!

Basically, Mac is doing great, sleeping lots and eating well. I'm so happy he seems to have figured out this eating thing, after two horrific experiences with my first two. He isn't eating even close to the supply I have, so I am trying to be patient for that to even out on its own (I've only pumped twice since coming home). I finally got a nursing app to help me remember when, which side and how long he eats and that helped a lot for me (too much to remember). Nights have been really good so far...but then again, he is sleeping almost all the time, so I'm not sure how long it will continue.

I don't think I mentioned that Korri got a cold on Thursday (the day he was born) and Jim and Finn got a cold on Friday! I've been hoping and praying that neither I nor Mac got it but last night, Mac was congested, lots of extra snot and a congested eye. Argh! I'm hoping it doesn't turn into anything but will probably call the dr just to be sure. Darn germs! And I feel everybody has been trying so hard to wash hands and use germ lotion. I guess you can only do so much to prevent these things. Hopefully just a "normal" cold, if there is such a thing with a 6 day old!

And because who doesn't love a baby video, here is Mac sucking his thumb last night, which he figured out all by himself! What a little sucker...LOL!

Finn had his last baseball game yesterday. I can't believe how quickly the season went by! When I signed him up, I thought it was going to be more of an inconvenience than it was. Finn had a blast all season and I think learned a few things. I was/am really proud of him for how well he listened and paid attention, especially for a five year old when all the other boys were dinking around (he did, too, but not nearly as much!). It was disappointing that it was tee-ball instead of baseball, but that starts at age 7, I guess. Hoping to get Korri in next year, even though she will be half a year too young. Here is Mac and daddy watching the game:

Sunday, July 20

Mac's First Day(s)

Mac had an interesting first couple of days. After birth, they checked his blood sugar levels as is procedure for the size he was. They were borderline at 41, and have to be above 41 to be considered normal. So that means he was pricked every one to two hours for the next 24-36 hours to continue testing his levels. They ranged between 50 and 32 over the next day and until he had three in a row above 41, they continued. It was really tough because he was not bleeding very much and who wants their newborn to be not only pricked that often, but in clear pain when they squeezed and pinched for more blood.

Finally, they were not happy with the progress he was making, so they asked me to supplement his feedings with formula. As you can imagine based on my past history with feeding my babies, I just lost it...sobbing uncontrollably. They started with having me self-express, which is painful but did produce a little colostrum, and having Jim give him formula after each feeding as well. My nurse was amazing and offered me lavender aroma therapy and massaged my neck, shoulders, legs and feet. She wanted me to relax so I could sleep, which I finally did.

After a few self-expression sessions, they agreed that I could just start pumping after feeding Mac to make sure we were getting as much as possible out of each side and to get more to give to him after. Finally, my milk came in yesterday, Saturday, so we were able to slowly ween the formula and just give him the extra pumped milk! Yay.

Also, in the first day he lost 5% of his body weight. While losing weight is normal, losing this much in one day is much higher than "normal." But with the extra food he was getting, they weren't overly concerned. And this morning, he'd only lost another 1% so they were happy to see that. He should start gaining weight again after about a week. He latches on so well and now that my milk is in (and that he has reserve weight!), I don't think we have much to worry about with that.

Friday, the rounding pediatrician noticed that Mac was a little yellow, even though it was hard to tell with how red he was, and told us to have the natural sun shine in on him as much as possible. Then Saturday morning, as is normal procedure, I think, they checked his bilirubin levels which came back as high risk. The extra food he was getting would help his body get rid of the extra levels but he needed to be under the light therapy and would NOT be going home Saturday. This was very disappointing for us as Finn and Korri were REALLY ready for the three of us to come home AND because I was discharged Saturday just after noon. But the really nice thing about our hospital is they have a "rooming in" policy where if your baby has to stay longer than mom, you just stay in your room until baby comes home! SO NICE. One of the nurses did comment that it was nice we were pretty calm with all the changes and needing stay longer. Ha, this is nothing!

He was under the lights all day yesterday and all last night. The really hard part about him being under the lights is that we can't hold him when he cries (he could only be out when he ate)! Eventually we realized we could position him on his side or tummy because he HATED being on his back and not swaddled. That helped. They had him in the nursery over night because since we would be sleeping, we wouldn't be able to make sure his goggles stayed on (and I would get more sleep!). This morning, they rechecked his levels and they dropped slightly, which was enough to let him come home as long as he is rechecked tomorrow for his levels! AWESOME. So excited to go home, which should be by late morning! He just had his circumcision and he NOT happy. Hopefully he feels better soon, poor guy!!

Overall, he is doing great and LOVES to snuggle and be held. I think his big sister is going to LOVE that as all she has talked about is holding the baby for forever, even if she really wanted a baby sister instead of another brother! Thank you to everybody for the kind words and support over the last couple of days and over the trying months of this pregnancy. We'd love visitors so just get in touch with Jim or myself if you have some free time or want to meet Mac!

Mac snuggling on mommy's lap early this morning while I was pumping.

Saturday, July 19

Party of Five!

Short version? MacKeegan (Mac) John joined our family at 11pm on Thursday, July 17 weighing 8 pounds 13 ounces and 19 3/4 inches long at 37 weeks and 1 day of gestation.

Long (LONG) version? Mac's actual birth started with my OB appt on Thursday at 10 am. I had progressed to a dilation of 5 centimeters and 80% effaced. My doctor did a manual exam of my belly and thought the baby was measuring at 9 pounds 1 ounce. She did strip my membranes but wasn't sure it would do too much since I'd had so many cervical exams already. She basically said she would be happy delivering Babygan any time since we were over 37 weeks (but couldn't do more than she had since we weren't 39 weeks) and to come in if I had a window when my contractions were consistently 5 minutes apart, as they could call that "real" labor and break my water. 

So after, Jim decided not to go to St. Paul for work, the four of us went shopping and have lunch. During lunch I started charting my contractions between 3 and 6 minutes apart (not exactly consistent but still frequent). We went home so the kids could nap. Finally at 3:30, Jim convinced me to call in. They told me to come in right away. So Jim figured out plans for the kids (they went to our neighbor Beth's and Memere, who was already on her way, would pick them up there) and we went in. I still had the sense that they would assess me and send us home, like they'd done so many times before, but I didn't want to miss our opportunity either.

By the time we got there (around 4:30 pm), contractions were between 2 and 4 minutes apart and I was at 5.5 dilation. The charge nurse was NOT comfortable sending me home and talked with my doctor, who just happened to be on call! They agreed to check me in an hour and make a plan. After that hour, I was to a 6 and the decision was made to move us into a Labor and Delivery room and get this party started. I still didn't fully believe that we were going to have a baby presently, but thought things would slow down and they would change their mind and send us home.

We decided to have me walk around the halls for a bit, get the process for epidural started and wait for my doctor to come meet with us. Finally when the epidural had been ordered, I asked the nurse if we were going to have this baby tonight and she said either tonight or tomorrow morning! So, now things were real. Stacey joined us as photographer and support. Jim was told he had 30 minutes before the epidural so he ran out to get some food...and the anesthesiologist was there in 15 minutes instead. So he came right back, because he knew that the process wouldn't be pleasant for me and wanted to be there. After the epidural, things calmed down for a bit so Jim ran out to Taco John's to get dinner for him and Stacey, thinking nothing would happen any time soon.   They completely screwed up Jim's order.

However, my doctor came in, checked me and decided it was time to break my water (around 7p m). So, Jim missed that, oh, well. Better that then the birth! LOL. My water has always broken at home, so this was a new experience for me. She basically checked my cervix and while in there, slipped a crochet-like hook in and broke the water bag. There was a HUGE rush of water. I couldn't see it, but I could hear it and they had to move my legs out of the way of it all! Guess I did have extra fluid.

After that it was a wait and see kind of game with enough time for my doctor to go home for dinner. At this point, Stacey decided she should really get to know the baby's name, so Jim and she started a rousing game of hangman...with her getting to pick a letter every half hour. Honestly, this sounds silly but really made the time pass quickly and kept things light. My doctor came back after dinner and around 9 pm, I noticed my contractions were moving into my lower back (yay for back contractions, NOT!) and getting stronger. So at that point, I started upping the epidural, which I could do every 5 minutes, for which Stacey and Jim helped time for me so I wouldn't lose any time or relief.

The nurse checked me a little bit later and I was fearful that there had been no change but she quickly put that fear to rest when she said I was at a 9! Sweet. Now I knew it wouldn't be too long but still not sure if it would be Thursday night or Friday morning (both Jim and I were thinking Friday morning). A bit later, the nurse checked me again and said she wanted the doctor to check. Dr. Teri came in, checked me and said it was time to push! Wait, what?!?! This was around 10:45 pm.

So they got things ready and I started pushing. I'd somewhat forgotten how HARD you have to push but they were so encouraging I felt like I had a team of cheerleaders there just for me. After a couple pushes, something clearly was wrong, but they weren't entirely sure if it was with me or baby so they gave me an oxygen mask. I decided to focus just on what I could control and not worry (as it wouldn't help and I'd lose my focus) but I knew the baby's pulse was very low (in the 50's at one point instead of a normal 150's or higher). Eventually, Dr. Teri said it was like the baby was holding his breath, so we had time before things were critical. But in the same breath, she had a team of nurses in our room, Jim was relieved of his duty of holding my leg/foot and she ordered the Operating Room to get ready for an emergency C-section. She was elbow deep trying to move the baby's head and decided we had one more opportunity to do this together before surgery. She grabbed the forceps and she told me to push like I'd never pushed before. We timed the next contraction and both gave it our all. On the third push (we'd been doing three pushes each time), I felt things shifting and out he came at 11:00 pm. Holy moly, I'd forgotten how great it feels when the baby actually comes out! Yes, for those still paying attention, that was 15 minutes of pushing.

At this point, is when I started thinking about what could be wrong with baby. He was put directly on my chest and the words I heard were, "good color", "doesn't look bad", "doesn't need extra help" etc. Ah, words every mother wants to hear. Oh, and a great big cry!! All good things. But since I was focusing on that, I didn't know what we'd had! Finally after about two minutes (in my world, I really have no idea how long!), I said, "Wait, is it s a boy or girl?" And they all laughed and said, "BOY!" Too funny. Since he was on my chest, I couldn't see the rest of his body.

From there, all things were pretty routine. After I got some snuggles, they took him with daddy over to the warmer to get his vitals and check him over. The nurses kept saying how big he was, so I was curious to find out exactly HOW big. He was a little smaller than all things were indicating but still big: 8 pounds 13 ounces, 19 3/4 inches and 14 inch head circumference...definitely all big for 37 weeks! They like to get mom and baby moved to their post-partum room within 2 hours. After I was stitched back up (a third degree tear, made worse by my previous third degree tear with Korri!), they removed the epidural (when I fainted for the first time, but was in bed, so they just laid me back) and started getting my fluids and toast (I hadn't eaten since lunch!). They wanted me to urinate before they moved me but my legs were still pretty shaky, so they had this little "walker" type thing and the nurse assisted me. I made it to the bathroom and on the toilet and then fainted again, keep in mind, before this I don't think I'd ever fainted before. She yelled for assistance and they got me in a wheelchair and decided to wheel me to my new room. I was told I fainted two more times before they got me to my room and in bed. Yikes! Probably a combination of blood loss and low blood pressure.

I was able to nurse Mac right away and he latched on like a champ (my nurse was very helpful with all of it). It was after 2 am by the time I was able to go to sleep. They took Mac to the nursery for the night so I could get as much sleep as possible.

I'm sure there are tons of details that I've glossed over but you clearly get the point. Overall, we are just so happy and thankful that we have a healthy baby. All pictures will be uploaded to our picture website as time allows, but here is one from this morning with daddy and Mac doing skin-to-skin:

Friday, July 11

Super baby

Yesterday my OB appt showed no cervix change (of course). However, the doctor was concerned because my belly was measuring at FORTY-ONE weeks and I'm only 36. So she scheduled a growth scan ultrasound for last night (it was the earliest I could get in). Stacey and Dillon graciously met us at the hospital so Jim and I could go without kiddos. The US showed that Babygan is measuring at 40w 2d, which is almost exactly 4 weeks ahead and is in the 98th percentile for size! My fluid levels showed normal (usually they show high) but baby was super active, so it is hard for them to get an accurate measure of fluid. Basically Babygan is measuring at 8 lbs 12 oz with a +/- of 20 oz (could range between 7lbs 8oz to 10lbs.). And we are four weeks early! Yikes. My doctor doesn't seem concerned but we are all hoping I deliver sooner rather than later for risk of needing to deliver an 11+ lbs baby! This is something I've never had to worry about before and honestly, I'm not very comfortable or happy with it, but there is nothing I can do about it either (I guess bigger is better than smaller but I'm not looking forward to all the comments either). It is in God's hands and we just continue to pray that my water breaks or these contractions actually start doing something to my cervix. Here's hoping for an eventful week!

Also, happy birthday to Grandma/Mom/Kathy! Hope you have an awesome day.

Wednesday, July 9

Fourth times the charm?

Nope! So I know I said I wasn't going back into the hospital until my water broke or the baby was coming out. And since my water hasn't broke yet, that should tell you how painful and uncomfortable contractions were yesterday since I did go in last night, which for those keeping track, is my FOURTH trip to the hospital for labor symptoms. They started regularly around 4:30 and by 5:30, I was at a 5, possibly 6, on the pain chart and to this point, they have never progressed to that point. They were about 3 minutes apart. After Korri's gymnastics (which is where I was when all of this was happening...thank God Lynn was here to help Korri!), we decided to all go to dinner. I mean, again, what's the point. However all through dinner, I was clearly having issues, so Lynn and Ron (who just happened to be in town for Finn's baseball game) stayed and Jim and I went to the hospital.

What happened? Yup, you guessed change! Still at a 4.5. I just don't get it. I mean, women go in with less painful and further apart contractions and come home with a baby. They monitored me for a little over an hour and then asked if I wanted to stay or go home. Well, duh...why stay if nothing was happening?!?! I was SO sure it was time. I woke up several times last night due to contractions, which again, is a new thing since they haven't been bad enough to wake me up.

So Ron and Lynn went home late last night, but are "on call" should anything change. Jim asked if he should stay home today (he is working in St. Paul) but again, I just don't see the point. So, I'm at home alone with the kids today, having significant contractions but probably "only" a 3 or so. ARGH! Okay, I'm done complaining. I'll probably be complaining about how little sleep I'm getting in a few weeks but if these contractions keep me up as much as they did last night...I'd rather be up because I'm taking care of my baby! Oh, and we are 36 weeks today, which is SO much better than 32. I just keep praying that God agrees that it is time to meet this little munchkin and allows my water to break...soon! Next OB appt is tomorrow, so I'll update if anything changes...but don't hold your breath!

How do you know you've been to the hospital too much? The charge nurse greets you by name and you comment on her new hair cut!

Thursday, July 3

Hurry up and wait

First off, let it be known that I'm so thankful and happy that Babygan has continued to "cook" for longer than 32 weeks, when I first went into the hospital. Every day means that much bigger, healthier and less time in the NICU. However, unless you've been in my position (which I've now been in twice), you honestly have no idea what it is like to be in labor but not laboring for weeks on end, never knowing if or when things will change. The mental game is exhausting, especially since I have to weigh the risk/reward of not going in if it is nothing compared to the fact that I labored for 4.5 hours with Korri, which isn't a long time! I know I sound like I'm whining and I feel bad/guilty about that, but it is what it is.

That being said, I've been having more significant contractions over the last day or so. This afternoon they were fairly regular and as close as four minutes apart. Did I go in? Of course not! Especially since I had an OB check this afternoon. The doctor checked me and I'm now dilated to a 4.5 or 5 and 80% effaced. Baby's head is still somewhat high, but she said that doesn't really matter in terms of whether or not you are in labor or going into labor shortly.

So, she sent me home to wait it out to see what happens. Yet again, we could have a baby tonight...or it could be in three weeks! Argh. But silver lining? Mommy and Babygan are fine physically and there is no reason for concern at this point. I guess we'll see what the next day or so brings! Thanks for all of your continued thoughts, well wishes and prayers. It is in God's hands, which I need to keep reminding myself.

Tuesday, July 1

Ruptured drum?

Mr. Finnegan complained that his ear hurt yesterday around lunch time. I haven't really worried about ear infections since we put semi-permanent tubes in nearly two years ago. He seemed tired and a little weepy but took a nap just fine, so I didn't think much of it. Well around snack time, I noticed there was a LOT of green stuff coming out of his left ear. Even with all of his ear infections of the past, never had this happened before. I tried to wipe the outer ear with a tissue and he started crying hysterically. I promptly gave his some ibuprofen and called his Dr. I didn't know what to expect since it was nearly 4pm already but much to my surprise and relief, they got him in at 4:30.

So, off Jim and Finn went to the doctor. The Dr. wasn't able to actually see inside Finn's left ear due to swelling and "junk" being in there but the right tube was out. I am not happy to hear this since both tubes were fine in March for his well-child check. Given the fact that the Dr. couldn't see what was going on, he surmised that either Finn's ear drum ruptured OR he has massive pressure/infection that was plugging the tube and it is now draining. I've never had my ear drum rupture but I've heard it is VERY painful. Regardless of what is going on, the Dr. put Finn on ear drops for 10 days. We got two doses in last night and he said his ear felt a little better this morning. He seems to be feeling better, too. And as long as TV is on, he does really well with the drops, which I'm very thankful for (we've had our share of screaming matches around ear drops in the past!).

We will go back in a few weeks so the Dr. can make sure all is healed and also see if the tube is still in. Now this momma gets to worry about recurring ear infections again! Argh. Although, I feel like there is an age where most kids out grow ear infections and I'm hoping and praying that Finn is at that magical age. I guess we will see. If something has to rupture in this house, not sure what is better: Finn's ear or my membranes! For now, Babygan continues to stay put, even though contractions continue!

Side story, I was going out to dinner last week and noticed a baby turtle next to the driveway. I text Jim about it, thinking the kids would like to see it. Well, when I got home, Jim said that it was all dried out and even though it was a snapping turtle (Jim typically wouldn't save a snapping turtle), he and the kids brought it over to the marshy area. But the cutest part? The kids said they were the Wonder Pets saving a turtle! If you don't know this show, there are three animals that save other animals. I just thought that was really cute.