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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Thursday, June 26

OB update

The short? No change! The long? My doctor is shocked that I'm still pregnant! She said not only that there isn't a change, she would say it has even somewhat improved (probably just because my contractions have leveled out)...still dilated to 4 and about 60% effaced. Contractions continue but the medication has helped manage the "tightening" ones that don't do anything. But then again, I was about this same stage for four weeks with Korri, so who knows?!?! She thinks I'll deliver within the next two weeks but again, the point is we just don't know. She also said that they would most likely induce me at 38 weeks (which would be 7/23) due to the progress/point I'm at. Good to know, I guess. So more of the same...wait and see. While I'm happy baby hasn't been born because a full term baby is always better, the mental strain this back and forth is taking a toll on me. For my sake, I'd rather just have Babygan, but for Babygan's sake, another three weeks would be best. So we just keep on keepin' on like we have been doing!

Wednesday, June 25

Celebrating with sadness

We made it! Today marks two very important things in my life: making it to 34 weeks in this pregnancy and one year since my dad passed away.

Obviously 34 weeks isn't our end goal, but it is HUGE that we made it this far, especially considering the events of the last week or two. Now, when I go into labor, Babygan SHOULD be able to stay at Buffalo Hospital with me and not have to be transported to Children's. That is a huge weight off my mind. I had some pretty major contractions last night but they went away after medication and rest. So, we are good for now. I'll be curious to see if there has been any progress or changes at my OB check tomorrow.

Secondly, today marks one year since my dad passed away. There are certain events that change your life forever. This is one of them for me. It was so unexpected and tore me apart at my core. When you don't have a picture perfect relationship with somebody and then they are taken from you, it is horrible. That being said, it also gave me the perspective on how much I truly loved him and the impact he had on my life, even if it wasn't what I thought I needed at the time. My dad was always there to help, watch and listen. There have been so many moments in the last year where I've thought, "I just need to ask dad" but then I can't. People say that time heals all wounds and while I certainly am in a better place than I was a year ago, I don't think I'll "get over" my dad dying. I just want another hug. I just want my kids to have one more visit to play on his dump truck or backhoe. I wish he could have met and held my unborn child. I wish he would have gone to the doctor just ONCE so we knew what was going on but in true dad fashion, he died like he lived his life...on his own terms and in his own way.

Dad, I will miss you until my dying day. You weren't perfect but you were my dad. Thank you for teaching me the value of hard work, loyalty and being a kind person. You are missed so much. I know you are watching over us. I'm glad you are just a prayer away. I love you so much!

Saturday, June 21


We are free. From the hospital at least. We are 33 weeks and 3 days today.

Last night contractions were irregular but seemed stronger. I requested to be put back on the monitor to check late last night and the nurse wasn't too concerned even though contractions were TWO minutes apart. Sheesh. Enough already. I was able to go right to sleep and slept well, so they obviously weren't too bad.

This morning they started talking about sending me home today or tomorrow. They checked my cervix and I was still at a 4 but 60% effaced. Since all these contractions aren't dilating me and after a lengthy conversation with the Perinatologist, they put me on a medication that should eliminate the "minor" contractions but not labor if that is what my body needs to do. So basically, treating the contraction symptoms but not preventing labor.

Given all that, Jim and I were fine with going home. The short term goal is to get me to Wed at which time I will be 34 weeks and it is likely Babygan can stay at Buffalo with me (it is a level 2 NICU). The next goal would be to make it to 35 weeks at which time baby statistically has considerably fewer complications with breathing and eating. After that, the goal is 37 weeks and beyond. We will take whatever we can get.

It feels so good to be home, even if it feels empty without the kiddos here. They went back with mom on Friday for the weekend and a family reunion. I have my next Dr appt on Thursday so I really hope there is nothing to report before then. Will update before if events warrant it.

Thank you Kristine, Stacey, Dillon, DeAnn, and Laura for visiting. It was a long three days and company always makes it go by faster. And double thank you to Laura for bringing Jim lunch. Options are limited. Until next time.

Friday, June 20

Friday mini-update

They checked my cervix late this morning and while contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart, there had been no change with my cervix (still dilated to a 4 and about 30% effaced). Even though the contractions didn't appear to be moving things along, they are not happy with how close they were, so they decided to keep me here for the day. They took me off the monitor (yay!) so I was actually able to shower (oh, so happy for the sweet simple things in life!). They will monitor me again this evening to see how things are doing. Over the last hour, contractions have become a little more intense, so I guess we will see.

This morning, it sounded like they are not comfortable sending me home as long as I'm contracting until I'm 34 weeks, which is when we would be able to deliver baby at Buffalo Hospital. So, worse case scenario, we will be here until Wednesday. Again, not sure what best case scenario is...a healthy baby, I guess!

Jim and I are catching up on Orange in the New Black. I'm so thankful for my husband for a million reasons but one is how tech savvy he is! You should see the cords he rigged to get Netflix on the hospital TV!

Another day, another hospital, not another baby

I miss my morning snuggles with my kiddos! Small price to pay for a healthy baby but the last few days have been trying to say the least.

So, to elaborate on Jim's eloquent post from last night, we are currently at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. Here are the details leading up to this unplanned stay. As you know, since last Friday, I was told to ignore the "tightening" contractions and only pay attention to "painful" ones that were regular. I was contracting all week but nothing had really changed.

Until Wednesday (which feels like Friday to me for some reason!). We had a busy day, which I'm sure didn't help. On and off I noticed that I was contracting but with our schedule I just kept moving. Finally around 7:30, when I sat down for dinner, I definitely noticed the contractions felt "different." Over the course of the evening, I was having some difficulties but the kids had to get to bed (which I don't think ever happened!). Jim and I sat down in bed, he noticed I was struggling and asked me to call the Birth Center. I agreed because I knew he wouldn't leave me alone if I didn't. The nurse basically said to come in right away. Argh!

Thankfully, Stacey was just waiting at home for our call and came right over! The kids were still up when we left around 10:30pm (poor Stacey!) but I'm sure they crashed shortly after. We got to the hospital around 11pm. I was definitely contracting. The first thing that I really liked and appreciated was that the charge nurse took the time to give us a summary of what to expect for the next few hours and different scenarios that could play out. VERY helpful for us. They started with a cervical exam that was also repeated an hour later. Knowing I had been dilated to 1 cm and 25% effaced with the cervix/baby being really high, the nurse did an exam and I could tell things were different. She said, "Well, you aren't a 1 any more." My first thought? Oh, it closed back up! Nope. She said the baby's head was low, and I was now dilated to a 3. They put me on the monitors and would check me again in an hour.

The details are a bit sketchy to me now, but an hour later, she checked me again and I was to a 4 and 30% effaced. Time to call the doctor in, who just happens to be the husband of my doctor. They decided to transfer me to Abbott and against my pleading, they put me on magnesium to slow the contraction for the trip. Yes, for those keeping track, that is three pregnancies with three doses of magnesium. Yuck. It took a while for the ambulance to get to Buffalo. Jim headed home to pick some things up and meet me at Abbott. The hour long trip was very bumpy...I think my new crusade is going to be making sure shocks are installed in all ambulances! Sheesh.

We arrived around 3am and the perinatologist immediately discontinued the magnesium! Thank God! They haven't checked my cervix since arriving at Abbott because it really wouldn't have changed their actions and they wanted to avoid stimulating labor. Contractions have been somewhat consistent but after the magnesium, less intense. The goal was to watch me yesterday and then send me home today if nothing changed or labor wasn't imminent.

So first thing this morning, I asked to go on the monitor...and they weren't happy with what they saw. While the contractions aren't painful for the most part (except one that was at my tail bone and had me nearly in tears), they are 3-4 minutes apart. So, I'm staying on the monitor for a couple hours and then they will assess my progress and whether or not I can go home.

I'm not sure exactly WHAT scenario we are praying for (staying here and having baby or going home) but just that baby is healthy regardless of what happens. The limbo is killing me. So thankful for Stacey and my mom for helping us in so many ways. Being grateful doesn't even come close to how we feel. Will update again when we know more!

Back to Where We Belong

Sitting here awake which is my norm when spending time at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, I am feeling nostalgic.  Feeling nostalgic and not sleeping, I took the opportunity to re-read the blog posts from our first journey here with Finn which started in December 2008.  When we were publishing those regular updates as a way of therapy and to simply keep people informed, I had no clue what those posts might mean to me in the future.  In the middle of reading to them, I was struck with the realization that our words documenting those struggles are now words of comfort along our current path.  With that in mind, I thought it would be prudent to make sure to capture a snapshot of this moment as we never know how it may be helpful.

By way of update for those of you who may be interested and may not have heard, I took Stacy to Buffalo Hospital on Wednesday evening with preterm labor symptoms and she was transferred by ambulance to Abbott early Thursday morning where we've been hanging out since then.  She is doing well as is the yet to be born Babygan.  Thank you so much to everyone who has helped out and supported us with everything so far!

Since we were last here with Finn and most recently with Korri, the facility has undergone an amazing transformation.  Abbott and Children's collaborated in establishing the Mother and Baby Center which is where we are currently staying.  The Center is attached directly to Children's Hospital.  It is a beautiful place and much more comfortable than the previous accommodations.  The level of care and attention is still as phenomenal as ever.

When we moved to Waverly and decided to have another child, while I realized it was a distinct possibility with our history, I didn't REALLY think we'd end up back here in this same (but different) place in Minneapolis; but there is no where we would rather be given the circumstances.  With Stacy having stabilized since the transfer and not progressing any further toward delivery, we actually have mixed emotions about what appears to be her inevitable discharge on Friday.  We know that it is best for Babygan to have every day possible to grow before being born, however it is still likely baby will be early and if that's the case we'd rather be early here!  Thankfully, both doses of steroids for lung development have been given for some time now and the magnesium that was used to stop the labor is good for preventing neural bleeds for baby; Buffalo Hospital is equipped to have a 34 week baby so all things considered we are in a good situation either way.

During the re-read of Finn's story, I noted that I posted the following five days before Finn was born (his gestational age at the time was 25 weeks and one day): "We are now hoping for 61 more days (of gestation) as a best case scenario. At that point, she (Stacy) would be at 34 weeks and they would induce labor."  We didn't make it there with Finn obviously, but knowing that with this pregnancy we are now just FIVE days away from what we thought at the time would have been Finn's best case scenario is extremely comforting and amazing.

As I sit here, I am wearing a t-shirt that I hastily grabbed on our way out the door to head to Buffalo Hospital.  It is perhaps no coincidence that it turned out to be my March of Dime's NICU reunion shirt with Children's logo emblazoned on the back.  While I would desperately love to actually get to 40 weeks just once, I am overcome with emotion and gratitude thinking about the miracle that is Finn.  I am appreciative beyond any means of communication in the medical advancements made possible by organizations like the March of Dimes and medical providers like Abbott and Children's which helped make Finn's life possible and make a positive outcome for our current journey very likely.  If this is to be the story of our final pregnancy it is fitting that we are here in this place with this set of circumstances with Babygan continuing to grow in the same Garden as did Finn...and that I'm wearing this t-shirt.

Wednesday, June 18

Future Olympian?

Yesterday was Korri's first night of gymnastics. It is the same program she and Finn did this spring but without Finn this time (he obviously picked baseball instead). It is parent participation, so I don't know how long I'll be able to take her but the teachers helped out a lot. And let me tell you, taking a child to a sports class who truly wants to go, listens and does well is so rewarding! Korri was a champ. She started out walking unassisted on the beams on the floor, then she did the high beam and by the end of the rotation, she was doing high kicks on the high beam and only holding on occasionally! And she loved every minute, other than warm ups when you are supposed to tell you knees to stay straight while bending (hard to do if you aren't super flexible). Then at the end, they did hand stands against the wall, to which Korri walked up and just did it. A feat which she repeated for Jim after we got home with no hesitation. She said her favorite part was the uneven bars where they climbed up a slide, hung on to the bar and then slid down the slide.

Like I told Jim when I got home last night, I don't think either of our children will end up being world-class athletes by any means, but it is so much fun to seem them participating in activities that they enjoy so much and do so well. I'm just thankful they both have SOME ability, so they might actually stick with something.

New bed (kind of) arrived yesterday! It was supposed to be here when we got home from baseball but there was a mix up on inventory and scheduling the delivery, so they fixed the problem and delivered our mattresses and we are "borrowing" their bases until ours arrive. The bad part is only half of the bed adjusts but this morning was the first morning in a long time where my feet actually weren't swollen (or bad at least!). The kids love it. It is higher than I thought it would be but once the other base comes and the headboard and frame arrive, it should look pretty good. So happy.

Tuesday, June 17

Take me out to the ball game

On Babygan's front, no news is good news. I continue to contract but "painful" ones are irregular, so we just keep on, keepin' on. I have my weekly shot and check on Thursday AM, so hopefully no news/changes again!

Yesterday was Finn's first day of baseball. We weren't given much information beforehand but figured out what to bring and where to go. Jim took the day off and was able to go with us, which was really nice. They worked on catching and throwing. The coach's "rules" are to 1. learn 2. safety and 3. have fun. I like that! Finn had a blast and did really well! There are about 15 kids aged 5 to 6. I know Finn has been looking forward to baseball but for those of you who remember his participation issues in the past, I wasn't sure what the expect. He did GREAT! He partially listened (there may have been some playing in the dirt between catches), his skills were par or above average (which surprised us since catching and throwing are his weaker skills) and most importantly, he participated right away, all the way and with a happy heart! I think Jim and I told him 20 times how proud we were of him for his good attitude. I think it helps that it is something he LOVES to do but even that doesn't guarantee a good outcome. He's the one by home plate, squatting down.

The field is at Waverly Lake which has a public beach and playground! Huh, how long have we lived here and didn't know about this? So the kids are excited to play at the park and go swimming but I found out yesterday that baseball is Mon-Thurs from 1-2 pm until the end of July! I was told those were the beginning hours and once games started, it would be less of a time commitment. Oh, well. We'll figured it out.

We got Finn a new, little bigger glove for this year, so Korri got to have Finn's old one. Since daddy was there, he played catch with her, which I thought was super cute. It didn't hold her attention too long, but this momma would LOVE for her to play softball someday! Gotta love the dress and all!

And finally, today is the day! This morning was our last morning snuggling in our old, small bed! Our new, king sized, adjustable bed is being delivered today. Me and my feet can't wait! The kids are excited too because it has a remote...I think we will have to set clear rules right away with that. Finding high quality Twin XL sheets has proven nearly impossible, so we just got cheap ones at Walmart yesterday so at least we have sheets. Oh, the problems we have! LOL. Here's hoping for an amazing night's sleep tonight and comfy snuggles in the morning!

Saturday, June 14

Three trips in three days

Three trips to the hospital in three days, I think you all would agree, is too many. And hopefully the last for a while. The first trip was Thursday (and technically I had TWO trips Thursday but the first was just to my clinic which just happens to be in the hospital). We had the first steroid shot and an ultrasound to look at baby's size and fluid levels, but you already know that.

Well, Friday (32 weeks, 2 days; Friday the 13th AND a full moon!) was a lazy day, which was good, but not good enough. By the time I got the kids down for nap around 2:30, I finally was able to rest and put my feet up, at which time I realized I'd been contracting. Since I was in bed, I was able to time the contractions, which I don't think is an easy thing to do (when does it stop, start, how long, how painful, etc). Right away they were 6 minutes apart but they seemed to fluctuate between 6 and 10 minutes. I finally called in at 4:15 because I was afraid my doctor had gone home for the day. She hadn't gone home yet but they transferred me to the Birth Center, I think for expedience sake. I talked to the charge nurse and she said without monitoring me, she couldn't be sure what was happening. Well, since I just happened to be going in at 5:30 for my second steroid shot, we both agree that I should be monitored when I got in.

Thank God, Angie and Erica were already going to come over and were so kind and flexible to meet us at the hospital instead. I was expecting a quick shot and maybe 20 minutes on the contractions monitor. That didn't happen as my contractions were actually 5-6 minutes apart NOT 6-10 like I thought (see I was missing one every so often!). And they continued to intensify and shorten to 4 minutes while I was there. Argh. Angie took the kids to dinner (again, THANK YOU!), Stacey came to pick kids up to bring to our house, as Angie was actually on her way back to Benson. DeAnn headed to our house to help put the kids to bed and Jim's flight finally landed and he came straight to the hospital. Talk about a lot of coordinating. And yet again, makes us realize what amazing, supportive people we have in our lives. Thank you so much each of you for changing your plans, dropping everything and helping us out.

Selfie waiting to see what the contractions were going to do (I think my face says it all):

Back to the contractions, eventually, they gave me Terbutaline around 8:15 pm to stop the contractions and it worked in 10 minutes. They sent us home with instructions for me to "do nothing" the rest of the night and monitor any changes. Well, around 9:30, I started noticing contractions again, so I went up to bed and they were around 4.5 minutes apart over the next two hours. I decided to go to sleep but wasn't able to STAY asleep, which is when I called back. (BTW: Jim said he is very proud of me for not only calling in once but twice!) Back in we go at 12:30 am to see what these were about. Again, thank God, Erica was staying over, so she could stay at the house with the kids (who were obviously sleeping but still need somebody there with them). We stayed at the hospital for about an hour and a half at which time the doctor basically said there isn't much they can do, especially since my cervix isn't changing (which is good news). So they gave me something to basically make me sleep and sent us home around 2:30 am, with the new instructions to call or come in when the contractions are "painful" and consistent and to just "ignore" the tightening ones that aren't changing my cervix. Easier said than done.

Talk about a whirl wind day. I know we need Babygan to "cook" at least a few more weeks but this up and down and not knowing and having to coordinate the kids is really tough on me (and probably Jim, too, but he can speak for himself). I think back to when all that happened with Finn and while it was the hardest thing I've ever been through, the part that was "easier" is we didn't have any other kids and it all happened at the beginning so there wasn't this back and forth (or at least it happened at the hospital so it wasn't on me to figure it out at home). I guess there really is a silver lining in every situation!

Basically, they want me to take it easy, which they've been telling me to do for several weeks now anyway. Limit stress as much as possible and keep track of how I'm feeling and any changes. So, all that hullabaloo with nothing to show for it. The bright side? Babygan and I are healthy and doing well, physically at least! My dreams of a "normal" pregnancy are officially over, but then again, they were just dreams as I knew it most likely wouldn't be the case. Oh, well. We'll figure it out. What's next?

Friday, June 13

Baby bump in the road

I had my 32 week OB check yesterday. First and foremost, my cervix has remained consistent for two weeks now, which is great news! And baby is sitting really high, which puts less pressure on my cervix, which is also great news. However, when the doctor measured my belly, it was showing significant grow in the last week, which caused my doctor some concern. She decided to move my growth ultrasound up two weeks in order for me to have that done yesterday evening, which I did. More on that in a second.

While I was trying to schedule that and figure out what to do with the kids, the results of my FFN test came back as positive. A positive FFN means you have a 25% chance that you will deliver the baby in the next 2 weeks. It isn't the worse results to get only because there is a high false positive with this test (BUT I had a negative result with Korri and still went into preterm labor, so it is what it is). Anyway, considering my history and recent developments, she had me come in last night for the first of two steroid shots. These shots are given 24 hours apart and help the baby's lungs mature. I'll go back in tonight for my second. Jim was happy to hear the steroids were being given as he's been asking about it as a precautionary measure for several weeks. Contractions continue but are not regular, however, are getting more "noticeable" than they have been the last few weeks!

After my shot, we went in for my ultrasound. I am SO thankful that Stacey and Dillon were able to meet us at the hospital for the ultrasound. The tech was needed in the ER, which means we were over half an hour late getting into the appt; so having company was much appreciated. Also, since Dillon was there and he is so grown up and mature at the ripe old age of 10, he "babysat" Finn in the lobby while Stacey, Korri and I went in for the ultrasound. That was a huge help, as Korri had enough questions on her own! I think she thought it was cool, even if she probably didn't really understand what she saw on the screen.

Basically, the doctor thought I was measuring 4.5 weeks big at my OB check, but based on the ultrasound, it is closer to 2.5 weeks, which is a big difference. Still, it makes sense that I'm measuring so large because my fluid levels is measuring at the 90% and baby is 86%! Big baby with lots of extra fluid makes for mommy having a big tummy! My goal is to actually make real efforts to eat as close to the diabetic diet (high protein; high fiber) as I can so that my eating habits don't contribute to an even bigger baby, but there is no guarantee this change will affect much.

Mentally and emotionally, I'm doing okay. I was pretty flustered yesterday when the FFN results came in, especially since Jim was in Chicago, but I felt better after the ultrasound. Even though we are still early, we know we can handle whatever comes our way at this point (thanks, Finn!). I'm so thankful that we continue to hear that baby is healthy and has no health risks. The hardest part for me, especially over the last couple of weeks, is not knowing. If somebody could just tell me when I'll go into labor and what complications I may would be so much easier. Duh! I guess every pregnant lady probably wishes that...most just don't have to start wishing that as early as I legitimately do. Anyway, here's hoping for at least 2 more weeks but ideally 4 - 5 more weeks before baby decides to arrive.

I have pictures from the ultrasound but can't figure out how to install the scanner's drivers on Jim's computer. I guess that will have to wait for another day...I don't need the added stress! Technology. Argh.

And because I like posts with a picture, mommy and Gangan snuggling this morning:
Bed update: we bought a new King bed last Monday and it will be delivered on Tuesday! I am beyond excited for it to get here as it will give us much more "snuggle" room in the mornings and allow me to put my poor swollen feet up more!

Thursday, June 5

Getting there

I had an OB check today (31 weeks and 1 day) and things are okay. Let me back up to last week. I'd been feeling pretty good, so I wasn't expecting anything but a quick check with a "you're good to go" at my regular two week OB check last week. I had the fortunate experience of bringing both kids with me by myself (as Jim was traveling)...but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Anyway, when she checked me, she took longer than normal and finally said that I was at a 1. my cervis length is 1cm or I'm dilated to a 1. The latter. Great...AND 25% effaced. I was completely caught off guard but we agreed that I would take it easy this week and come back in one week for a recheck to see if things had progressed at all.

This diagnosis isn't necessarily "bad" news, just what happens after is what matters. Well, I woke up Friday at 6:45 with consistent contractions about 15-20 minutes apart and finally called the doctor at 8:30. They weren't overly concerned and by 9:30 or so, they were further apart and seemed to be going away. I was a little disappointed with the response time by my doctor but I'd spoken with her nurse so I knew my doctor was aware of the situation. Basically, they went away and there was no reason for me to go in for monitoring.

All week I've had what I call consistently inconsistent contractions. Not overly painful but definitely noticeable. I was NOT expecting a good appointment today for my recheck. Jim was able to go with for this appt, which means the two rugrats got to come along again (they are getting to be professional helpers!). She checked me again and THANK GOD there has been no change...which is what we wanted to see. While she is aware that checking my cervix can actually cause contractions, the benefit of knowing my progress was more important, at least at this point in the pregnancy. So, basically status quo for now. I feel a lot better that there hasn't been any progress toward labor and feel like I can breathe a little bit (I didn't realize I'd been proverbially holding it all week!).

I'm schedule for my "regular" 2 week check next week, so I guess we'll see then! For now, it seems that baby is staying put. I'm still measuring 3 weeks bigger than I should be but it is staying consistent so she isn't overly concerned. We will know more about that at my 34 week ultrasound.

Tuesday, June 3

Clearly seeing?

This afternoon Korri had her 6 month eye check.  The last one we had was great so I wasn't expecting much different this time. That is when they always get you isn't it? When you are least prepared.

Anyway, Korri was a champ and did everything that was asked of her despite her distracting brother being in the room. This was not a dilation appt so basically they were just looking to see how her prescription was doing. That is fine.

However, her right eye has worsened since her last appointment, which means her brain is starting to favor her left eye again! Argh. For now, they didn't think it was necessary to start patching again but stressed how important it is that she wear her glasses every waking moment, which she is pretty good about doing. We will reassess in 6 months at which time they will do the full appointment including dilation. I really really hope it doesn't come to that but I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world and we will cross that bridge if/when we get to it.

Since we were in town (i.e. the Cities area) we had a play date with our friends Ms. Sharon, Laena, Braeland, Ms. Pam, Lilly, Levi, Ms. Mary Pat, and Bennie at a park near our eye clinic in SLP. It was beautiful weather and a great time was had by all. Hope we can do more of those this summer.

Monday, June 2

Baby Steps

On Saturday we participated in the fourth annual Baby Steps 3K walk. All proceeds from the walk benefited the neonatal program at Children's Mpls, including the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), infant care center (ICC), special care nursery (SCN), and more. We were grateful to have Grandma Kathy, auntie Kristine and Zander join us. We couldn't have asked for better weather as it was in the upper 70's (maybe a little humid) but with an occasional breeze. And most importantly, the rain held off until we were on our way home from the event!

On Friday I got clearance from my doctor that I was cleared to walk with the stipulation that I didn't try to beat anyone! LOL. So on that note, we decided not to bring a stroller because Korri would probably go about the pace that I would need to set for myself. She struggled a bit with the heat and distance but with a group effort, she made it just did I. Although my fingers were super swollen by the time we finished. Oh, well.

After the walk, they host a party for the walkers including lunch, Radio Disney and lots of games, activities and bouncy houses. Jim and I decided it was best for me to just sit and watch but the kids had a lot of fun on the activities. I felt like this was the first year where they were big enough (or maybe brave enough?) to actually participate.

We've said it so much in the past and we will most likely say it many times in the future, but we are so thankful and appreciative of our family and friends who have and continue to support us. Thank you so much for each and every donation and for those that weren't able to donate but joined us in spirit...we are grateful. This year was a bit reflective for me since we are trying to make sure that Babygan doesn't need these services...yet it is so reassuring and a good reminder that they are available, if we do.

Here are a few pics from the wonderful event:

If you planned on donating and never got around to it, there is still time: Team Finnegan's website