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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Thursday, February 28

And so it starts

Korri has basically been potty training herself with little to no effort on our part, so we decided (after a full day of no accidents on Tuesday when home with Jim!) it is time to officially start potty training her! Is my baby really growing up so quickly?!?! We talked to daycare this afternoon and they are onboard! So, Korri and I went to Target tonight and picked out some big girl unders.
It was a tough choice between Dora and Minnie Mouse but Minnie won out in the end. She was so proud of herself and insisted on walking through the store (something she has NEVER been allowed to do before) carrying her unders. She even put them on the counter to pay all by herself, too. Truly getting to be a big girl!

We stopped at McDonald's on the way home for some nuggets and apple slices to celebrate. She had to go potty after we got our food, held it until done with dinner and went in a public restroom! Sweet! Then she insisted on putting her unders on. Well, they were in the car, so we compromised to take the diaper off while at McDonald's and put unders on when we got home. So...the second the front door was open, she freaked about her unders. She showed daddy and then had to put them on...which then led to three pairs at once! Hmmm...I think we need to talk about how unders work! LOL. I tried to compare them to socks with her, but it fell on deaf ears (perhaps because she is also obsessed with socks?!?!).

I'm not overly vested in the outcome at this point, considering Finn wasn't potty trained until about a year ago! But I also feel like if she is interested now, now is the time because I don't want the door to shut on the opportunity. Here's hoping!

Wednesday, February 27

Weight loss pics

Interesting note: today, Korri is the age that Finn was the day she was born. Weird.

Last night, aunt Kelsie saved the day night and came over to watch/play with the kids so that Jim could go to the Gopher basketball game with Mike and I could go to Mom's Night Out with Pam and Sharon. She even gave them a bath and BRAIDED Korri's hair! Something I've wanted to do but didn't think there was any chance she'd sit still long enough. This makes me realize how LONG Korri's hair is...still not ready to cut it though!
The Gophers shocked the world by beating the #1 ranked Indiana and almost gave Jim a heart attack! We ladies went to Doolittle's and had wonderful food and conversation, as always. Great choice on location, Pam!

I finally took my "goal" pictures and am ready to share my before, during and after pictures for my weight loss journey. Man, it is embarrassing how far I'd let myself go, but on the bright side, I stuck with it and feel great now...just need to maintain all the hard work I've done. Argh!
Day 1: 8/24
One month later: 12 lbs lost.
Two months later: 18 lbs lost.

Three months later: 27.5 lbs lost.

Four months later: 35.5 lbs. lost.

Five months later: 45.5 lbs. lost.

Six months later=GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! FIFTY LBS LOST!!!
When I started, I was barely squeezing into a size 12. Now I am a comfortable size 4 (although I'd be fine with a size 6, too!) and more amazing...I have six pack abs (under the extra skin of carrying two children!). I feel good and I feel strong...two things that always seem to ellude me. I would like to lose a couple more pounds to give myself a cushion because everybody's weight fluxuates a little. I have to say, I can't wait to put on a bikini when we go on vacation in just over a week!

Tuesday, February 26

Tumbling; take two

Last night was the second night of tumbling. All week, we talked about tumbling class before going to bed; about our expectations of Finn and the consequence if he didn't meet those expectations. He seemed on board and was even asking if tumbling was THAT night (whichever night it happened to be). Well, Korri was sent home early from daycare yesterday with a fever, so Jim opted to stay home with her while I took Finn to tumbling.

On the way there, we talked about Finn participating right away, all the way and with a happy heart (thanks, Krista for the line...LOVE it!). He seemed excited since we got there a few minutes early, was running around and having fun. I even text Jim to say Finn was running around and that things were "so far so good." And then the coaches walked in. Finn clammed up and while he did sit ON the mat, refused to sit with the other kids or respond when they asked him his name. I was done, so I picked him up, put his socks and shoes on and walked out the door (with no coat because he wouldn't put it on). I was seeing red, I was so mad. Halfway to the car, he stopped walking. I said I would listen if he stopped screaming and had something to say. He said that he wanted to go back to tumbling and he would participate. I took him at his word, we went back and low and behold...HE PARTICIPATED!!! I wish I could have taken my blood pressure at this point because I know it was through the roof. I kept waiting for him to fall apart but he sat next to Braeland and even volunteered to go first once! After class, the kids ran around for a bit and Finn and I wresteled on the mat. I told him that he made mom's heart super happy and that I was so proud of him. Progress...we'll see what next week brings!!

Monday, February 25

Dinner and shopping

Thursday night, the three of us has dinner at TGI Friday's with two of our favorite people...Stacey and Dillon! So good to catch up, but it is hard on a week night because we both had to get home to get the kiddos in bed. I have to say, I was VERY disappointed with my food and if I hadn't been concerned about time, I would have sent it back. The salmon was so over cooked it was hard (although both Finn and Korri LOVED it) and there was so much salt that you couldn't taste the food. Very disappointing...but the wonderful company and conversation made up for it! AND other than Finn's initial attitude, the kids were really good, which I was very thankful for. Oh, and Jim made it in before the snow storm, so I was even more thankful for that!

Sunday, Jim stayed home with the kids so I could get some pre-vacation shopping done. Kristine also needs some vacation clothes for her trip in April, so we met at Ridgedale with high hopes. But apparently stores are JUST getting their spring/summer stuff in because there were slim pickings. SO...we went to White House Black Market and had a shopping spree there instead! Oops...not vacation clothes at all! Man, I love that store, even if it is a little more expensive than I'm used to. I don't love all their clothes but I do love their service. Holy moly. For a girl who hates shopping, I am amazed at how many clothes I tried on. However, due to getting off track with our objective, Kristine and I now need to regroup on Friday and try again...hopefully Target and Kohls have more beach inventory than the mall did!

Wednesday, February 20

Let's Dish

Monday night, Finn had his first night of tumbling. Laena, Braeland and Henry are all in the same class and once we got there, we saw he has the same teacher/coach that he had last spring! However, it made no difference in Finn's horrible attitude, lack of participation and overall disruption of the class. I was/am SO frustrated with the whole thing. Maybe he is so introverted that he hates being in a class setting?!?! I don't think so because he used to do just fine. If there is a bright side, by the end of class, he at least sat in line (did not participate, though) and walked like a bear at the very end. I guess that is something...right?!?! Korri on the other hand, while a little hesitant at first, really wanted to participate, but she is too little (you have to be at least 3). So, Jim's solution is to have Finn mark off every day on the calendar until the next tumbling class and talk about how he is going to behave at that class. Hey, I'm willing to try anything. Fingers crossed!I like the other location better because the space is much bigger and has more equipment, but I think the kids had fun (other than Finn, of course!) and I like that this class is NOT parent participation (ha, I'm so lazy!).

Last night, DeAnn so graciously came over to watch the kids (even after a really hard, long day!) so I could go with my MOMS Club to Let's Dish! It is a company where you pre-order meals you want to make, they prep the food before you get there, you assemble it in freezer bags (with instructions on how to prepare it) and then take it home for ready-to-make meals! I'm heard of it before and always wanted to try. Sharon agreed to come with me and I'm so glad she did! The meals are HUGE (SIX pork chops for four people?!?!), so I split all of ours in half. I'll be curious to see how quickly we go through them, but by splitting them, it came to about $10 per meal, which is CHEAP! I'd like to try it again, I think. If nothing else, it was a new experience and I got to get out and spend time with friends, and even do a little shopping after ;) FYI: Old Navy has crazy good deals right now!

Jim is traveling again this week. Boo. He hasn't booked his return flight yet and now with the winter storm coming Thursday/Friday, I'm a little worried that he won't make it back! I selfishly think he should come back BEFORE the storm to ensure his safety :)

Monday, February 18

A Worm, a Spider and a Fly

It took Finn exactly two nights to be able to open his door with the lock on the knob! Sheesh. But I don't know if he "figured it out" per se because to my knowledge, he's only done it once...but not for lack of trying! This morning, he was frantically trying to open it when I went down to do yoga. And when I came back up, he was sitting on his rocking chair, reading a book and attempting to blow his own nose. It was actually really cute. Korri lasted a while in her big girl unders and just as she started to pee, she looked at me and said, "Potty!" I think her reaction time is a little slow, but we'll keep trying when and if she wants to.

Saturday after swimming, we went home, had lunch and met our friends Laena and Braeland (and their mom and dad!) at Stages Theater in Hopkins to watch the play "Diary of a Worm, a Spider and a Fly." Sharon had checked the DVDs out from the library and let us borrow them beforehand so the kids would have a reference to the story/characters. It was a great idea because Finn LOVED the DVDs (each was 10 minutes, I think!) and neither he nor Braeland moved a muscle or said a peep during the entire play. The ladies on the other hand, got a little antsy toward the end, but it was kind of long. Finn even stood in line after to meet the characters (when he got up there, he wouldn't say anything, but handed them his program for them to sign!!! So cute!).
Finn "meeting" Spider.
Overall, I thought the play was super cute and I was beyond happy with how well the kids behaved. Maybe it is time to take them to their first movie?!?! Thanks, Sharon, for including us in this wonderful family outing!

Saturday, February 16

Kenny, here we come!

On Thursday morning, I'd had enough and instead of doing yoga, I cleared out Finn's room and moved his stuff out of Korri's room and back into his room. I was sick of him waking Korri up and bothering her for who knows how long in the mornings. That night they went to bed okay separately in their own rooms, but Finn was up and out of his room around 6am yesterday morning...which is not okay. SO...yesterday afternoon, we bought some knob "locks" so he can't open his door from the inside. Bedtime last night did not go well for Finn (screaming for quite a while) but this morning, I got up at 8am and he was sleeping, with the light on, in the middle of his room on the floor!
Guess he DOES need a little more sleep than he has been getting. I would say, "so far, so good!" AND...I guess I need to further clean out his room (ha, so messy with too small clothes!). It is almost 9am and Korri JUST woke thinks SHE needed more sleep than Finn was allowing her to get as well! Side note: she is wearing big girl unders this morning, so we'll see how that goes!

Yesterday, I FINALLY hit my weight goal! It was such a good feeling of accomplishment! It feels like it was a long time coming, but in reality, it took me 5 1/2 months to lose nearly 50 pounds. I feel so much healthier and fit. Now I need to maintain it, which is always the struggle for me. I went from barely fitting into a size 12 to fitting into a size 4 (usually...depends on the brand/style!). I think I was born bigger than a size 4, so that is absolutely crazy to me.

Guess who is going to see Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown Band at Target Field this summer? This girl! And I get to go with two of my favorite ladies on the planet: DeAnn and Stacey! I am so beyond excited. I'm usually not a big fan of going to concerts (I hate standing for what feels like hours on end), but this is going to be awesome! Now I need to find some fun cowgirl attire to wear (I don't think Korri's cowgirl boots from her birthday are going to fit me!)...good thing I have a few months to figure it out. Thanks, again, DeAnn! You are so amazingly generous :)

Friday, February 15

Let us eat cake

Well, Jim took Finn to the doctor yesterday morning. The nurse practitioner conferred with our actual Pediatrician, who was in the office, and they strongly believe that because this is Finn's first winter/flu season at daycare and because he has periods of 3-5 days where he is feeling better, that it is a string of different viruses that he keeps contracting. Which is really frustrating but that is what I was thinking as well. I just wish it had been a sinus infection or something that could be treated and then he would feel better. SO, the plan is to get him through this season and go back in April if he isn't better by then (unless he gets worse, of course). Argh!

On the bright side, Jim said that Finn was very well behaved all morning. They picked me up for lunch and while the restaurant was horrible (Davanni's in downtown), we had a nice visit with just the three of us. Out of the blue, Finn said something about Justin the heck does he know about Justin Bieber?!?! Finn was also obsessed with the building next to us and wanting it to fall over?!?! How does he come up with these things? I asked him if he liked having time with mommy and daddy without Koko...and he smiled and nodded his head.

On a different note, I have my first real cake order! Thanks Kelsie, for the referral. I'm SUPER excited about it. The client wants a 3D R2D2 cake for her husband's 30th birthday! How fun and I already know R2D2's dimensions and how I'm going to do it (or at least how I THINK I'm going to do it). I'm nervous since it is my first paying cake by somebody I don't know. It is for a surprise party, so I'm not sure how delivery and assembly will work, but we'll figure that out. Can't wait!! Remind me of my excitement when the night before the cake is due, I'm totally freaking out and think the cake is going to suck :)

The kids got an art easel and super hero costumes for Valentine's Day:

Thursday, February 14

Screening Results

Finn first.

As you know, we discussed Finn's continued issues with gross motor skills at his well-child appt and agreed it was time to have him tested/screened. I've been working with different avenues to have this happen, including daycare! They work with a private company right there on site, which is so convenient. I signed the paperwork and they screened Finn yesterday. Here is the assessment:

"A detailed evaluation is recommended for Physical Therapy (gross motor skills) and Occupational Therapy (fine motor skills). Comments: Finn demonstrated great communication skills - nice vocabulary sentence structure and articulation. That area is of NO concern. He did have some trouble with some of the gross & fine motor tasks such as balance, skipping, hopping on one foot, cutting shapes and drawing/copying shapes and letters. It is recommended that he have complete physical & occupational therapy evaluation to further look at these skill areas."

So, we are NOT surprised about the gross motor skills recommendation. I am a little surprised about his fine motor skills, because in the past, he has always tested ahead of his age in that area...however, now that he is doing pre-K things, the fine motor skills are a lot more refined and it could be showing up more. He can write his name, but I know doesn't draw shapes, at least for me.

Now Korri.

As previously posted, it was discussed at Korri's parent conferences in Oct that her teacher had concerns about her language. I watched it over the last several months and noticed her talking more and more. It was brought up at her well-child appt and her Ped was not concerned based on what she heard and what feedback I provided. But it was still on my mind, so one evening this week, I asked Korri's current teacher if she had concerns. Her response? Korri says a lot of words but you can only understand a handful. Yikes! And Korri is the oldest in that room right now, so she should be talking even better than her peers. Apparently we speak "Koko" at our house because I think she says a ton of words. She had me sign the release the next day and Korri was screened yesterday as well. Here is the assessment:

"A detailed evaluation is recommended for Physical Therapy (gross motor skills) and Speech-Language Therapy. Comments: Korri was cooperative and very sweet! She said about 20 different intelligible words and many unintelligible ones. She was able to follow simple directions. Her gross motor skills seemed to be a bit shaky with balance and jumping and running. Her fine motor skills seemed fine - turning a knob and block manipulation. It is recommended that full speech/language and physical therapy evaluation be done to better assess her skills and potential needs."

My initial reaction was that I didn't agree with their gross motor skills assessment and Jim's initial reaction was he didn't agree with their speech-language assessment! LOL. I really don't think she has gross motor issues, as she runs just as well as Finn (not a GREAT role model, I know) and jumps better than he does some of the time. But because of Finn's delays, it is possible I don't have appropriate expectations either. Jim and I talked about Korri's speech and I pointed out that sometimes nobody can understand her or Finn is the only one who can ...which is clearly a problem (Finn must have taken advanced classes in Koko language!). I would think that with how high Finn set the bar for language, we would have been more perceptive to any delays, but like I said, we must speak Koko better than others, so we WOULDN'T have seen a problem.

So for both kids, I filled out and signed the necessary paperwork for the detailed evaluation and Jim turned it in at daycare today. It will be good to have more information and the best part of all of is all done right at daycare...even if they need on going therapy! That is a HUGE advantage since Jim travels so much and I don't have paid time off for work.

Wednesday, February 13

Sick again?

Tuesday, Finn's teacher called me to let me know that Finn wasn't feeling well AGAIN! Of course, Jim is traveling again this week, too. Finn had a low-grade fever (not high enough to send him home), was legthargic and hadn't eaten anything all day. I didn't get her message until 3:30 or 4, so I didn't leave work early. I talked to his teacher and she thought it was allergies or a sinus infection. He was clearly under the weather with something that night. He sat on the couch and just stared ahead, although did eat a little bit for dinner, which made me happy. I also let him take a glass of apple juice to bed which is something I NEVER allow, but I figured he probably needed the calories and hydration (a soaking wet diaper in the AM confirmed he is hydrated!). I called the nurse's line and she said it didn't sound urgent and recommended NOT taking him to Urgent Care, but waiting to go to his Ped's office. I gave him Advil in the evening and about 45 minutes later, I could tell he was feeling better.

So this morning, I armed him with a dose of Advil before I dropped him off...hoping that would at least get him to nap time for the day. I did not receive a phone call all day and when I picked him up, his teacher said he was like a different kid. Sheesh. But after a scheduling fiasco on their end, we were able to get an appt with at his Ped's office for Thursday AM and decided to keep it. He has been coughing with on/off runny nose, fever and lethargic since before Christmas. It could just be several viruses combined, but it could be something else, too. I just want him to feel better because it is NOT normal for him to be ALL. So, Jim got home last night (yay!) and is able to take him to the doctor today. Hopefully good news and not just "he has a virus."

Sunday, February 10

Barbados? Yes please.

We found out last week while Jim was at headquarters that he earned inclusion into HealthPort's President's Club for exceeding operations goals for 2012. This is for an elite group made up of him and very few of his colleagues. The culmination of a successful year is President’s Club and this year’s Club destination is the colorful, island paradise of Barbados. He, along with a guest (that's me!), are cordially invited to a tropical resort experience at the elegant Tamarind on the platinum west coast of Barbados in March. I am so proud of him and we are so excited for this FREE trip! Well, I guess not free if you consider all the work Jim did to earn it, but free in terms of dinero out of our pocket. Just a couple details left to figure out for the kids, but so far, a huge thank you to my mom and Kelsie for tag-teaming while we are gone...and the kids are going to have a blast. I can't wait to soak up some much needed vitamin D!
Congratulations, Jim. You really deserve this acknowledgement and reward and hopefully it will fill up your "work tank" to make it through another year! You are a wonderful provider for our family and we love you so much.

Thursday, February 7

Work is for the weak, too

Well, about Noon on Tuesday, I received the phone call from daycare that Finn's fever had returned and he wasn't doing well. So, I dropped everything and with no sick time because I'm a contractor, I headed to daycare to pick up my sick little puppy. He was super flushed and pretty lethargic when I got there (I have a pic, but it is on my camera, boo). We went home, gave him some meds and snuggled. He did not take a good nap, which surprised me since he'd slept so horribly the night before. But he kept hacking, which I'm sure woke him up. NeNe so graciously picked up some Pedialyte and came over for the afternoon and evening. I called the nurse's line and while she tried to be helpful (I think), she clearly had gotten this same exactly phone call 37 times before mine and was somewhat argumentative. But she did say it sounded like the rhinovirus, which is going around, and that put me at ease a little bit. She also said that as long as his fever responded to meds, there wasn't a reason for concern.

Since he'd had a fever at daycare, Finn couldn't return for 24 hours. And because it was so last minute, I wasn't able to find anybody to watch him and ended up staying home all day with him yesterday. His fever hadn't come back since Tuesday night, and he was clearly feeling much better. We even went to Target and he was a super good boy (Poor Finn...Target has tons of sales right now and I looked through a LOT of stuff in addition to picking up a prescription AND returning some things, but he was so patient!). One thing I noticed more than anything yesterday, Finn is SO good when Korri isn't around. He didn't whine once all day (or at least I didn't notice, if he did). The SECOND Korri got home from daycare, they were both crying, whining and pushing. Sheesh. Although, to be fair, I think Korri is a little under the weather, too.

So, we survived. Jim came home last night and both kids went to daycare today. Thank God for both of those things! Again, thank you, DeAnn, for dropping everything and coming over Tuesday. It was nice to just know I wasn't alone.

Tuesday, February 5

Sleep is for the weak

I don't think Finn is exagerating the "pain" he says he feels in his legs any more! When I picked him up from daycare yesterday, one of his teachers said Finn started sobbing that his legs hurt and she did NOT think it was to get attention. So, I gave him Tylenol when we got home and we had a low key kind of night. I noticed in the evening that he looked a little flushed, but didn't think anything of it, since my kids never have fevers, I assumed it was from playing or riding his scooter (or constantly taking the stroller away from Korri!). Both kids were ready for bed just after 7, which is kind of early for them. When I tucked him in, I thought he was warm and sure enough, he had a low grade fever (Korri had one at daycare yesterday, but it was so low, they didn't call me). I told him to take his covers off if he got hot and that I'd check on him later.

Well, when I checked on him at 11:30, his temp was 102, so I gave him Advil, put a light blanket on him (instead of his sleeping bag!), called Jim in a panic (he is the one who deals with this stuff normally!) and set my alarm to check on him in half an hour. Which I did and his temp had gone up to 102.7. Because I knew I wasn't going to get any sleep anyway, I had him come into bed with me (remember, Jim is traveling, of course!) so it would be easier to keep an eye on him and check his temperature. He kept asking for water, which I took to be a good sign. Neither of us slept well, he was clearly uncomfortable and had a deep, hacking cough. Finally just after 3am, his fever broke and he was sweating all over the place (on Jim's side of the bed, hee, hee!) and for good measure, I gave him another does of Tylenol.

After that we slept a little better, but man, I am NOT used to getting less than 3 hours of sleep a night any more. He has a pretty bad cough, but since he seemed fine this morning (and I don't have sick time), I brought him to daycare...we'll see how long that lasts! It was so weird and very unusual for him. I hope it was a bug and not something that will continue to get worse (like RSV or whooping cough or something!). Poor Jim...kept getting texts from me all night. I hope he was able to sleep more than we did since he has meetings all day today! Here's to consuming lots of coffee today :) I wonder if I can get it in an IV?!?!

Monday, February 4

Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

Korri's Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party was so much fun! She had a blast, loved her cake and played ALL afternoon. I put myself behind the 8-ball by starting Korri's cake(s) later than I'd originally planned. Then I got overwhelmed on Friday night and just put everything away after having JUST started. John and Kelsie came over and I guess I'd rather hang out with them than decorate a cake that was pissing me off.

Alas, mom and Jim took both kids to swimming on Saturday morning, which meant I got an hour and a half of uninterrupted decorating time...which I accomplished a TON and felt much better about being done BEFORE the party started.

Thank you everybody who helped Korri celebrate her second birthday. She is growing up so fast. I really appreciate how each and every one of you supports and encourages her. She is one lucky girl. Here are some highlights from her special day.
Jim's amazing homemade decoration!
Very Hungry Caterpillar Cupcakes
He was a beautiful butterfly!
The food was all inspired by the Hungry Caterpillar book!
Getting the birthday girl into her party dress (courtesy of my wonderful aunt, Janice!)
Cinderella playing with her new stroller.

Saturday, February 2

Well-childs revisited

Want to know how you know you have a good doctor? When you email them about a concern you have and they respond 13 minutes later! Serious, I do love our Pediatrician. So, after my venting on yesterday's post and everybody's overwhelmingly supportive comments, I decided, for piece of mind, I wanted some feedback/reassurance from Korri's ped. As mentioned above, I emailed her about how I was feeling and asked for her recommendation on what the course of action should be. She responded with a big "don't worry about this!" BMI is something they have to discuss starting at age 2, but she said she feels the chart is skewed for toddlers, they are just statistics and that the important thing is that Korri is healthy, which she is. I feel much better, even though this will probably stay in the back of my mind. She said that we don't want Korri to lose weight or change what she eats and that the small changes we did do (talking to daycare and switching to skim milk) are exactly right. (insert huge sigh of relief) I'm so glad I emailed her.

Because I emailed her, she also gave me the results of Finn's blood work. Basically he showed no signs of inflammation (yay!) and his calcium was normal. His Vit. D level was 28 and normal is 30, so he's almost there, but no actions are necessary. She said to see how Finn's pain complaints evolve over the next 2 months. They seemed a bit vague to her, which is typical of "growing pains." However, if the pain localizes to one area consistently, or we see joint swelling or redness, to definitely call/see her sooner. I personally think he wants something to whine about that he knows we will respond to. So more of what we are already doing, I guess.

Eye doctor appointments for both have been scheduled and I couldn't reach the appt desk to schedule Finn's endocrinologist appt, but will call next week (maybe closed on Friday?!?!). Early Childhood Screening also left me a message to have Finn re-screened for PT, so I just have to call her back. Although Jane, Finn's old PT, said that if he is functional, which he is, it will probably have to be done through medical channels (out-of-pocket), not the school district (free!). Of course. So many things to keep track of!!

On a much brighter note, Thrusday night after work, I met Connie at the Eden Prairie Mall and we had a HUGE shopping spree! I had a wonderful experience at Maurice's. Their employees act like personal shoppers, which is what I need since I HATE shopping. In the end, I got three pairs of pants for work, two jeans, six tops, a blazer and "ugg" style boots...all for under $300. What?!?! I know. I had so much fun and really appreciated Connie going with me. Next time is Stacey's turn for a shopping spree and I'll be happy to go along...I'm sure I can find a few more things that I "need." And while I was gone, Jim said the kids were actually pretty good, helped to pick up the house and even played a game! Bed time didn't go very well, but they were probably tired from all the fun they had with daddy!   Today we are in full party mode. Lots to do before the festivities begin at 4pm!

Friday, February 1

Well well-childs

Finn and Korri had their 4-year and 2-year well-child appts yesterday. Overall, they are doing great with no immediate issues. I need to remember that and in the scheme of their lives, all is well.

I'll start with the recap of height/weight so you don't have to read through the minutiae if it doesn't strike your fancy (and I don't blame you if it doesn't!). Finn is 3' 2" (38") tall and weighs 38 lbs. That brings him to 10% for height and 70% for weight. It is actually just below the 10%, which makes me laugh because you have to be at or above 10% to be out of the risk of short stature and he has been at 9.X% for about 6 months! Of course. Korri is 2' 8" (32") tall and weighs 30 lbs. That makes her about 10% for height and 85% for weight (I didn't write down her exact percentages, but I looked them up online). If you subscribe to the rule of doubling your height at 2 to find out how tall you will be, Korri will be 5' 4"...which is perfect in my book!

They got one vaccine each: Finn for Diphtheria-Pertussis booster (he could have waited until Kindergarten, but Dr thought it was a good idea now since it is going around) and Korri for Hep A. Korri barely made a peep and Finn screamed bloody murder. Go figure. They each had to have blood drawn as well: Korri for standard 2-year lead level check and Finn for Vitamin D levels, calcium levels and ESR (a test that indirectly measures how much inflammation is in the body). Both screamed bloody murder for this one, but stickers made it all better after!

Okay, for the details; Finn first. We talked about his overall behavior/attitude as of the last three months. Dr said it was very normal and that at 4, it is common for kids to revert back to the Terrible Twos...oh great, two in that stage at once. Makes sense why our house has been a bit crabby lately! We brought up how Finn says constantly, but mainly in the evenings, that his body hurts, and usually his knees and/or legs. She said it could be growing pains, but it seems more comprehensive than that. So, she tested him for Vitamin D levels, Calcium levels and also for possible arthritic issues. I don't think anything will show up on these tests, but it is good to rule things out. In the meantime, she said to give him Tylenol if/when he can't be distracted from the "pain" and only use Advil when it is more severe (i.e. wakes up at night crying). We also mentioned that Finn has a very usual gait when he runs and that his balance is not good at all. She recommended that he be re-evaluated by PT to see if further measures need to be taken to correct these issues. This is/was frustrating for me and makes me sad that his gross motor delays continue to surface. I so badly just want to put his prematurity behind us, but that probably isn't realistic. After the appt I emailed his old PT and development teacher through the school district to ask what the process is to request the evaluation. So, we'll see. His endocrinologist wanted to see him back in 6 months, but since there aren't any over-arcing issues about his height, we asked if we could wait and the Dr agreed that once a year would be fine. And I need to find out when he needs to be seen by his eye dr because Jim and I couldn't remember when that was (maybe late spring?!?!). He did wonderfully during the physical exam and asked Dr to show him his testicles...he is all boy!!

Now; on to Korri. In a stroke of accidental genius (if there is such a thing), since Finn went first for the exam, Korri watched him and then she did amazing during her exam, too (in the past, she has refused to let the dr touch her). What is good for big brother, is good for her! We brought up her parent conferences at daycare where her teacher mentioned concerns about her language. But based on what she is currently saying, Dr is not concerned. I think I may ask Korri's current teacher for her feedback, just to make sure, but she talks all the time and while you can't always understand what she is saying (the plight of all 2-year olds!), she can name almost anything and she is talking in sentences. She certainly says more than 50 words, which is what a child should do at 2. They hadn't updated her records with the information about her UTI in November, so we talked about that. Dr wants to wait and see since she has had only two so far. There is a some-what invasive procedure you can do, but we can do it if/when she has another one.

The main reason for my saddness about their appt is that Korri is considered to be obese. Yes, people, I said OBESE! As you can tell by her percentiles above, she is short and weighs more than the average kid her age. Maybe I am deluding myself, but when I look at her, I just don't think, "Man, she is super chubby," which I would think you would if a child were truly obese. And her favorite food is fruit, for goodness sakes! She carries most of her weight in her belly, just like her big brother, which I feel should even out the taller she gets. I am so frustrated because I feel like we give our kids healthy options and portions. Part of the problem, I think, is that daycare continues to serve food until a child stops eating, which I don't think is good. So today when we dropped the kids off, we talked to the director about just serving her one portion of everything, which is what she should be eating. She agreed to this, which I hope helps. Dr said we can also switch her to skim milk, but she doesn't drink a lot of milk at home, so I don't think this will make a big difference. Part of the struggle is that when I stayed home, I had the time to focus on providing healthy things...let's face it, healthy takes more time to plan and manage than pre-packaged crap you can buy at the store. We can, and will, be more mindful of what we are offering to her, but I just don't see it making a significant change in her overall BMI. One reason this is such a hot button for me is that I have struggled with my weight my whole life and more than anything, I did/do NOT want to pass that issue on to Korri. I want her to be healthy but I also want her to be okay with whatever shape/size her body is. Unfortunately, as a role model and parent, I don't know how to teach her that :( This news makes me feel like I've failed as a parent...if I loved her more ro better, it wouldn't be an issue. I know it is crazy, but sometimes what you know to be reality and how you feel, aren't the same. Like I said, we will be more mindful, continue lots of activity and see what happens.

There's always something, isn't there?!?! But like I said, overall, both kids are doing great and the doctor was very pleased with their development.