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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Wednesday, October 17

First hair cut!

No, no, no...Korri did NOT get her hair cut! And it isn't exactly a "first" hair cut, but Finn did go to a hair salon for a hair cut for the first time last night. I just couldn't deal with the hair over the ears any longer. We want to grow it out a bit (and it is MUCH longer than usual) but it needed a trim. I should have taken a "before" pic to show you! SO, after about three weeks of saying he needed a hair cut, I finally took him in last night. He was excited to go to the "hair salon." He kept referring to it that way, which sounded funny coming from him. I chose Kids Hair in Roseville. I figured, why not try to make it fun for him (and I don't think it was much more than a Great Clips-type place would have been). He said he would have a good attitude and I told him that if he had a good attitude, when he was done, we could play at a park we drove by on the way there (nothing like a little bribery!).

It did NOT start out well. They have toys in the lobby so he ran right in, but refused to leave that area. Until...he saw that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was playing on a TV at the hair cutting station! So then he was all about it and only took his eyes off the TV when she told him to look down.

Honestly, he behaved amazing and only moved when I asked him questions. Note to parents: do NOT ask your child yes/no questions while getting a hair cut! She kept saying how good and still he was! All the ladies there LOVED Korri, but no, I am NOT ready for her first hair cut. I think Finn's turned out super cute and makes him look so much older! Not sure how long we will let it grow, but for now, I LOVE it!
So, after the hair cut (he got a sticker AND sucker, so he said he wanted to come back "next time"), we went to the park we'd driven by earlier. The kids had a BLAST and it was so nice to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. The park was for 5-12 year olds, but had a couple things that worked for my younger/smaller kids.

Then we grabbed nuggets at Burger King, headed home for bath and kiddos were in bed ON TIME! I was pretty impressed with myself. Unfortunately, Jim didn't get to participate in all of the fun because he HAD to go to Murray's for dinner for a work function. Poor, daddy! He managed somehow. 

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