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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Tuesday, July 31

One and a half!

Korri "turned" one and a half yesterday. Crazy. It feels like she has always been with us as part of our family. And it is true, things go much faster with the second one! Korri's 18-month check-in:

-Her separation anxiety seems to be going away. She still prefers mom (or dad), but is more adventurous. She is Little Ms. Independent one minute and clingy the next.

-One of her favorite words is "mine" which is better than "no." I'm waiting/dreading that. Although last night, I'm pretty sure the ONLY word she said was "no." Uh, oh!

-She shows a lot of interest in the potty chair and toilet and will sit on it with or without clothes. She has yet to go on it but last night, she even "pushed" while she was sitting. I have no hopes that she'll be trained soon, but I sure hope it will be sooner than Finn was.

-She spends a lot of time putting things in and taking them out and loves puzzles, too bad ours are missing lots of pieces. She loves things with buttons, too, that light up or make noise when you push them. She "reads" books by herself but LOVES reading books with an adult, even more than Finn did.

-She copies (or tries to copy) everything Finn does. It is cute, but as to be expected, annoys Finn often. She easily gets frustrated when she isn't able to do what she wants.

-While she is strong willed, she is a good listener! If I tell her to bring me her shoes...she does! What a novel concept (apparently 3 year olds lose this ability!). If we tell her to sit (like in the bath tub), she does! I almost don't expect her to listen, so I'm glad we still encourage her to.

-We just started trying to encourage her to stop sucking her thumb in public. This is going to be a HUGE task since she does it almost constantly, at least when she isn't playing.

-Her vocabulary and understanding is amazing. But this, too, frustrates her when we don't understand. If I could only figure out one specific word/phrase that she says all the time, life would be so much easier! The frustration usually leads to hitting, but she knows she isn't supposed to, so it is hesitant hitting and then HUGE tears when you get mad at her (because she KNEW better!). So smart and so naughty!!

-She can point to all of her basic body parts, so now we are working on the axillary ones, like knees, elbow, etc.

-I THINK she has 13 teeth, all eight of her front, her 4 molars and one canine just popped through, which she has been working on for a couple weeks. She may have one more, but I wasn't willing to risk losing an appendage to find out!

Did I forget anything? The kiddos have their well-child appts this evening, so I'll be sure to update tomorrow with results. I don't expect any issues, but you just never know with kids!

Monday, July 30

Did you say something?

We walked into Mom’s on Saturday and the kids had just woken up from their naps. Finn came running over and jumped up for a big hug saying, “momma, momma, dada, dada!” Then Korri heard us and she came thundering through the hallway and kitchen and would have ran me over in her attempt to get in my arms if I hadn’t handed Finn off to daddy and grabbed her. She snuggled into my neck…the BEST thing in the world. They clearly missed us, even though I know they had a great time away, too. For the record, by Sunday night, we were ready for them to go again! I think (hope!) they just need to get back on a regular schedule.

They packed in a lot of fun at Grandma's, even though it was only about a day and a half. Here they are walking their pull toys down the street (Murdock has almost NO traffic, so don't worry that they are on the street)!

The reunion was a lot of fun. To be honest, I wasn’t completely looking forward to it but I think I at least said hi to almost every classmate that was there. Finn and Korri were a handful, but mom picked them up after dinner so Jim and I could enjoy ourselves and actually carry on a conversation. Thank you mom! Finn kept saying he wanted to go in the river...he actually meant the lake but you can tell we live across the street from the Mississippi River! A few of us even went out for drinks afterward! Note: the people who have yet to procreate punked out but the ones who have went out…probably a rare treat to go out without kids! Of course, I left my camera in the car the WHOLE time. Argh, I was so mad at myself.

I started not feeling well Friday (probably partially why I barely stayed up for the Torch Lighting), but figured it was just the cold that Korri had. I woke up Saturday and felt terrible with sores in my mouth. So weird. I took medicine and was able to function at a fairly high level all day, except eating felt like I was swallowing sandpaper. However, when we went out after the reunion, I just hit a wall. Jim stopped to get me more medicine on the way home and I crashed. Sunday, I woke up (very early, thank you kiddos!) with a scratchy voice/throat which quickly turned into no voice at all! While I teased Jim that he is probably happy to have some peace and quiet, it was a huge pain and frustration. I’ve NEVER fully lost my voice before. I have a very “strong” (i.e. loud) voice and was kind of cocky that it was indestructible. I always thought it was kind of neat when people lost their voice. I no longer think that. It takes so much effort to get any noise to come out and as you all know, I have LOTS of important things to say all the time! If I don’t say anything for a while, it kind of recharges and I can get some noise to come out. Maybe if I can keep quiet at work today, I can hopefully at least talk to the kids tonight. Finn and I are kind of the odd couple...he can't hear and I can't speak! My mouth feels a little better today, so hopefully I’m on the mend!

Another reason why I think the kids just need to get back on track: Finn woke up at 4:30 this morning and asked Jim where the sun was. Um, sleeping, just like you and the rest of the world should be! However, I know he understands his alarm clock because he was awake when I was getting ready and as I was leaving at EXACTLY 7:30, I heard him open his door and go into daddy’s room! He IS a good listening boy, when he wants to be.

Saturday, July 28

Jump, buddy, jump

Thursday night we went over to Born's and got to play with their kids. Seems that we kind of take over their kids when ours aren't there! A couple neighbors came over and it was a really nice evening. I volunteered to drive home, so Jim could enjoy himself and let loose a bit. I had to drag him away around 10pm! He and Mike don't get a lot of time like that together to argue world and political views.

Yesterday Jim and I ran a few errands after work, which was really nice without kids! Then we came home and hunkered in for the night to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Loved it. I have to say, the beginning was amazing, the middle was a little boring and the Parade of Nations was very quick. I was a little disappointed with the lighting of the torch. While I liked the symbolism of the young athletes lighting the torch, I prefer it to be one person with a great story as to WHY they are lighting it. Oh, well. I barely stayed up for it, I mean it was 4.5 hours! But I did and then headed right to bed!

Lynn dropped the kids off at mom's yesterday afternoon. We called to check on them (the first time all week for me!) and it sounded like they were having a good time. Korri has been a little under the weather, but mom said she woke up in a good mood this morning. The first thing Finn said when he got on the phone was, "I've been a good listening boy, mommy!" He made us laugh. Mom said Korri kept waving at the phone. Can't wait to see them in a few hours!!!

Here is a video, similar to Austin's, of Finn attempting to jump on the trampoline. While we were watching it last night, we were encouraging him, even though it was just a video. Jim said, "Jump, buddy, jump!" So cute.

We are heading to Murdock shortly for our high school reunion. Crazy that it has been 15 years already. I remember when people who had their 15 year reunion were old. Hmmm... It is at a park/beach that we used to hang out at all the time growing up, so I'm looking forward to the kids playing there. Should be fun to catch up with old friends, too. I think about half our class should be there, which I think is pretty good (and for the record, half is 28 people!).

Thursday, July 26

Movie, dinner and drinks!

Oh my!

Tuesday night Stacey and I went to Magic Mike. Ha, it was by no means a deep, philosophical movie, but it was a lot of eye candy! A fun girl's night out kind of movie. As always, it is so good to see her and catch up. So much going on, it is hard to do that at a movie, but we were able to share the Cliff's Notes version :) And we shared popcorn and candy...awesome!

My boss came back from vacation yesterday, so back to reality at work. And by that I mean, saving work to do when he is around and trying to look busy the rest of the time! is actually getting busier now that Quarter 3 is underway. Last night, Jim got home from his trip to Chicago and was mad I forgot to water his basil. Oops! It rained yesterday, if that helps :) Then we went to Anchor Fish & Chips with Ryan and Leah! SO MUCH FUN! That place seriously has the BEST fish and chips (I don't know why they even have anything else on the menu!). Afterward we went to Jaros for a drink (or two). I probably should have stuck to one! We never get to spend time with them without the kids, so it was a really nice evening.

I haven't done this much fun stuff during the week since, well...before Finn was born?!?! I am so blessed to have such amazing friends in my life. It is hard for me to open up and make friends, so I really treasure the few that I have. And they have shown their true colors this week and made me feel really special. Tonight...going to Casa de Born for a drink! Should be fun.

Mom sent this video of Austin jumping on the trampoline while he was staying at her house last week. Couldn't resist sharing. It shows just simple joy. Gotta love that kid!!

Tuesday, July 24

Manic Monday?

It is so weird not having the kids at home! I keep thinking I hear them at night after they would have gone to bed. There was a thunderstorm last night and I thought, "oh, no, Finn is going to freak" but he wasn't there, so I could just enjoy the beautiful sound and go back to sleep! Jim is traveling, too, so I'm literally all by myself. Hmmm, when was the last time THAT happened?!?!

I kind of played a little bit of hooky yesterday afternoon. My boss is gone and while things are starting to get busy again, I'm mainly just emailing people and I knew I could do that from home. So I "worked" from home in the afternoon. But it took me two hours to get home because I had to make a few stops. I ended up needing to make three stops (I'm working on a new project and needed supplies) and it felt so good because if I'd had the kids, I would NOT have gotten what I needed. I did respond to work emails all afternoon, but I could get other stuff done, too, which also felt good.

Sharon and Pam decided they would "babysit" me while the kids were gone and we went to Pyscho Suzi's last night for a Mom's Night Out! Seriously, I had the BEST time. We don't get to spend time together sans kids, well, ever! We had a couple drinks, shared some appetizers and pizza and even treated ourselves to a shared dessert. My cup runneth over and my battery is recharged.

I've resisted the urge to call and see how the kids are doing. It is hard, but if things aren't going well, I kind of didn't want to hear it! But I did text Nana about teaching myself a stitch she was trying to show me and she said the kiddos were doing great. She also emailed a couple pics! The top one is from Monday, I think and the bottom one is from today. We don't have to worry about them running out of toys to play with or things to do!

I miss my babies, but I'm really enjoying my "me" time. Tonight? Movie with Stacey! I better get a bigger cup because all this wonderful love and attention might be too much for me to handle :)

Monday, July 23

Wild weekend

Daycare was closed on Friday, so Memere came Thursday night and watched the kids for us Friday. From the sound of it, they were very busy and had a lot of fun. After work, Korri and I met Jess for Korri's 18 month pictures! We (Jim) toyed with the idea of skipping them, but since she just got her glasses, we (Jess and I) thought it was necessary. But of course, just like almost every photo shoot my kids have done, Korri did NOT want to smile or cooperate. We were at it for almost an hour and by the end, Korri had warmed up a bit and I think we got some smiley ones. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

The plans for the weekend fell through and changed about 10 times between Thursday night and Saturday AM. So instead of going to Jim's family reunion on Saturday AM, Kristine and Zander came over to play. He is so stinkin' cute and so happy! Finn really likes him and gave him several kisses and hugs. Kristine picked up THREE tubs of Finn's clothes for Zander. Zander better slow his growth curve or he will be wearing the same size clothes as Finn before too long!

Then after nap, it was decided that since the reunion was rescheduled to Sunday (apparently you have to RESERVE the shelter!), Nana and Papa came over to our house and her two sisters and their husbands joined us. It was so much fun getting to know them and they just loved Finn and Korri (how can you not like somebody who likes your kids?!?!). The company and food was amazing (Jim grilled steaks).
Then on Sunday, we went to the reunion for a little bit (above is Korri eating her lunch, which was mainly watermelon, strawberries and blueberries!). Finn played ladder ball forever...and if he was close, was pretty good. Korri kept getting into everything...shocker! After the reunion, Memere took the kids and headed to Oville. Nana and Papa came over to our house to spend some time with us, which is always nice to have one-on-one time with them. We went to The Sample Room for dinner and it was fabulous, even if Papa didn't LOVE his meal :( The pleasant conversation hopefully made up for it! Wow, what a weekend!

Friday, July 20

And eyes and ears and...

Nose and mouth. Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!

Jim took Finn to the eye doctor yesterday morning for a recheck from June. They were concerned that he has the same problem Korri does with his eyes focusing differently. However, they tested the eye first that they tested second last time and compared to the first eye tested last time (does that make sense?) and they are fine! He sees 20/30, which means he is a little be expected with a quasi-blind near-sighted father! No glasses; at least for now!

The afternoon ENT appt didn't have as good of an outcome. Finn had a follow up from June at the ENT. He had fluid in his ears at that point and the Dr wanted to see if (by blowing bubbles and chewing gum, etc) we could get the fluid to go away. Not only didn't it go away, but he had an ear infection two weeks ago (which thankfully cleared up!). SO, Finn is getting tubes and his adenoids removed on August 20 :( I'm really bummed about this but choosing to not wallow in it. They will be putting in longer tubes that are more permanent and will hopefully stay in longer than 6 months, which is how long his first set lasted. So please, put it on your calendar and say a prayer for Finn when you wake up that day (we need to be at Children's by 6:45am!).

On a lighter note, Finn's "wake up" alarm arrived yesterday and we used it last night for the first time. It is so stinkin' cute. Before bed, we explained that when the clock is dark, it isn't time to get up, but when it turns green, you can get up. We said, "dark means sleep, green means get up!" We did a pretend situation so he would know what we are talking about, but he didn't really seem to "get" it. However, this morning, he didn't start knocking on his door (we still have the door cover on his door handle) until 7:40am and we had it set for 7:30am. Maybe he didn't wake up until then, but he knew he could get up. We'll see and if he really does "get" it and adhere to it, I'd feel comfortable taking the door handle cover off so he can come to OUR door instead of pounding on his and waking Korri up!

Finn admitted that he had fun at sports class last night! Yay. He never admits he has fun EVER (must be a stubborn three year old thing). Last night was T-ball (Finn is in the black shirt to the left). God bless the patience these coaches have! Jim agreed, this class is WAY more appropriate for Finn's age and I think Finn likes that a lot of his friends are there, too.

Thursday, July 19

Las Vegas roll baby

Korri DID take a nap yesterday, and I was grateful for that. However, apparently both kids were bears last night; not sure what was going on there.

I didn't have to deal with them tho (poor daddy!) because Kelsie and I went to Benihana for sushi. We both LOVE sushi, but it can be pretty expensive, depending on where you go, so I don't get it often. However, I received an email with an amazing deal from Benihana. It was $30 for sushi for two. We both received beverage, salad, soup and edamame. Then we got to pick four rolls! We fought over the last piece...of who HAD to eat it because we were so full. I don't normally think of Benihana when I want to get sushi but I will now and hope we can do it again soon.
Their Las Vegas roll (pictured above) was the best piece of sushi I think I've ever had, even though I know it looks kind of weird. If you like sushi at all, you gotta try it!

Lessons Learned (cont):

Picking your battles isn’t giving up or giving in…it is surviving.

Admitting that you are wrong, especially to your child, doesn’t mean you are weak, it shows that you are human. It teaches honesty and humility, two values that are needed in this world.

Yes, there are fewer pictures and videos taken of the second child, but with the first child, you are documenting their first AND your first experiences. The second time around, you get to focus just on your child’s response and/or reaction.

When you have more than one child, it perplexes me that they can be so similar and so different all at the same time! It also baffles me how they can love and hate each other all in the same moment!

Don’t compare yourself to other moms or parents…they only let you see and hear what they want you to! You do what you are able to do and what is important to you and they probably feel just as substandard as you do. All parents SHOULD feel like there is more they can do and ways to do things better. It is called learning and growing. Just don’t let it consume you. I struggle constantly with this one!

Wednesday, July 18

Playing hooky

Last night was Finn's last day of Tuesday T-ball. Thank you so much to NeNe and Uncle Les for coming. It would have been very tough by myself. I have to say, I'm glad this activity is over. I just don't think Finn was quite old enough for this type of session (heavy focus on drills and fundamentals). However, if he is still interested in T-ball next summer, I think it will be perfect...keeping Korri from joining next summer will be interesting, though! I'm also glad because now we are a one-activity family again! I'm really looking forward to Finn's sports class tomorrow night, which has a "fun" focus...go figure.

Today, Finn had his Early Childhood Screening. People from the school district came to Finn's daycare to administer the test to all the preschoolers who hadn't been tested before (it is MN state law that all children need to be tested before starting kindergarten and they prefer them to be 3.5 to 4 years old). I'm sure you're shocked to hear he did great. Although, he refused to answer some very easy questions (where is your thumb? Repeat "the girl is big" etc), which always frustrates me. For his age, he should have scored a 14 and he scored 28, which means he passed, with flying colors. She recommended he be retested in 6 months to a year, only because of his early birth, she was curious to see how he would score if he was retested later. But he doesn't NEED to. They had concerns about his eyes and ears...two appointments that he just happens to have tomorrow!

After the screening, Finn, Korri and I played hooky and went to the park with our ECFE friends. The kicker: it started POURING rain just as we were leaving daycare! Oh, well. We went to the Interpretive Center near the park instead and had a lot of fun inside. Here Korri is wearing a Farmer's Market apron, which is beyond adorable (despite having the worst camera on my phone EVER).
It was Lilly's birthday yesterday, so I made butterfly cupcakes (pictures still on my camera) and we all sang to her after our picnic lunch. It was hard for Finn to leave, but he did a good job with the transition, especially since EVERYBODY else was staying longer (but I HAD to get them back before nap time). Traffic was TERRIBLE on the way back to daycare, so of course, Korri fell asleep. My fingers are crossed that she went back to sleep once at daycare. Then I headed into work. I really like half days and playing with our friends!

Tonight I'm getting my sushi on with Kelsie! Can't wait.

Tuesday, July 17

Zander's Big Day

I woke up Sunday at 6am with a doozie of a migraine. Since we had Zander's birthday party to go to later in the morning, I thought I was being so proactive by getting up and taking medicine right away, which usually gets rid of the migraine within 2 hours. I went back to bed. I was still not feeling better by 9am, so I took another one, put an ice pack on my neck and stayed in bed until 10:15am, which gave me just enough time to roll out of bed, get dressed and leave for the party. When we left, I still felt miserable, but I had a coke when we got there and I finally started to feel better. Man, I HATE those bad ones, well, I hate them all, but the bad ones really suck and just drain me. Thankfully I have an amazing husband who got up and wrangled the kids all morning.

That being said, Sunday was Zander's first birthday! Man, what a difference a year makes. Last year was a crazy couple of days and filled with so much fun and joy. Happy first birthday, Zandman!
The birthday boy digging into his cake.
Mom says I need a bath...not sure why!
Finn blowing his "horn" and wearing his party hat.
Korri in her party outfit and hat.
The kids had a blast! Zander received the mother load of presents and did a good job opening them, even though the cards where his favorite part (I think he partially ate at least one!). He was a little tentative about digging into his cake, but as you can see above, eventually figured it out. Most of it ended up on his lap, but he managed to do some major damage. We ran into nap time, so we had to leave a little early. Korri fell asleep before we got to the first stop light by Kristine's house...which is just a couple miles down the road! Finn fought it longer, but eventually passed out, too, with the balloon Kristine gave him to bring home hitting him in the face.

SO, since both kids were sleeping and Kristine's house is just far enough away that I knew they wouldn't go back to sleep, but not far enough for a full nap...Jim and I decided to drive around. We ended up in Maplewood, fitting since that is where Kristine USED to live! When the kids woke up, we went to Toys R Us to play and look around. We were looking for a picnic table and a child's alarm luck, though. After that we went to Best Buy and daddy got Kinect for Xbox. It is something he has been wanting since it came out and I figured since he works so much, he should get to use a little of his bonus on something fun that he wants (AND he had gift cards to spend!). We haven't got to try it out too much, but it seems fun. Now we just need it to recognize Finn, who is either too short or can't stand still long enough!

Monday, July 16


Thursday night, Finn had his first session of his Peewee Sports Sampler. They worked on…T-Ball! Ha. When they were teaching the rudimentary stuff, I think Finn thought the coach was crazy. Like when they had to step up to “bat” but there wasn’t a ball on the tee and they weren’t holding bats, just practicing swinging! Ha! You should have seen his face. But he was a good sport and actually paid attention. But this one seems a lot more based on fun than Finn’s Tuesday t-ball, which is much more fundamentals/exercises/drills based. This week is the last session of his Tuesday t-ball. In addition to t-ball, they will practice soccer and football! And we know over half the kids from ECFE, so I think Finn liked being able to play with his friends (and by play, I mean draw in the dirt!). Should be fun. Oh, and Jim AND Lynn are going to be able to come with this week, so I won’t be so frazzled. Finn’s bad attitude when we got there and Korri’s incessant need to run away and climb on the playground equipment that is for the big kids pretty much did me in! Thankfully, Korri LOVES Sharon (Laena and Braeland are in this class) and eventually hung out with her, which I was beyond grateful for.

Saturday Finn and I went to the AirExpo in Eden Prairie with Stacey and Dillon (Jim didn’t want to go because it scared him!). Thank you aunt Kelsie for the tickets and ear phones! This was a first for both Finn and me and despite the ridiculously hot weather, we both had a blast!
Finn kept saying that each plane we saw was his favorite. And they had planes taking off and landing quite often, which he loved. They were giving helicopter rides, so he loved them as well. I honestly think that if it had been a little cooler, he would have stayed all day and not gotten bored at all. I think I took a thousand pictures because everything was so neat (more are on our pic website, link to the right). Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my camera?!?!
Dillon and Finn are so great together. Dillon likes to show things to Finn and Finn takes his lead from Dillon’s behavior, which is always impeccable and polite. I’m thinking of going next year even if we don’t get free tickets!
They had several military planes there, obviously, and they did a few formations, which was really cool. While we were at the AirExpo, Jim and Korri had a daddy/daughter day at the Mall of America! Jim is so ambitious. He said they just walked around and Korri loved it, especially the dip-n-dots, of course. I don’t know if I’ve ever had Finn and Jim’s had Korri like that before. I liked the one-on-one time a lot.

Finn woke up from his nap kind of crabby (I think we both got a little cooked at the AirExpo), so to get him out of his funk, we decided to go to El Loro for an early dinner…always a cure for a bad mood or well…anything! It was Korri this time that was drinking the salsa from the bowl and she actually didn’t make a huge mess of herself or the restaurant this time, shocker!

Zander turned ONE yesterday! I’ll post about that tomorrow, so it isn’t 10 pages long.

Thursday, July 12


Finn's teacher pulled me aside when I picked him up yesterday (uh oh!) but for a good reason this time. I could tell she was excited about something and wanted to share. She said that she is very impressed with Finn's ability to WRITE letters and specifically his NAME! Yes, people...the boy who refuses to color or write or draw can almost write his name! He likes the white board so he can wipe it off! She also said that what impressed her more was his ability to recognize the names of his classmates (and if you saw some of these names, you'd be impressed, too!). She thinks this is rudimentary READING! What? I know! He continues to amaze me every day.

Korri's note said her 18 month swimsuit is too small! Crap...didn't she JUST get into 18 month clothes?!?! So, off to buy a bigger suit for her. Hopefully I can find a good deal, since school/fall stuff is already out. AND she apparently kept taking her glasses off yesterday. This frustrated Jim and me because she doesn't touch them at home..unless she is bored, like in the car. I also thought it might be to get attention ("No, Korri, leave your glasses on!"). Either way, not exactly sure what they want me to do about it since she doesn't do it at home and I'm not there during the day. My thoughts? Pay more attention to her...but every parent thinks that! So this morning, in the car before I dropped them off at daycare I said, "Korri, leave your glasses ON today!" and she started crying. Hmmm...

Parenting and life self-reflections from a former stay-at-home mom turned full-time working mom (cont.):

6. An uninterrupted, private shower not only isn’t a privilege, it just doesn’t happen…unless you get up before the sun.

7. Shirts are just harder to put on and take off then pants. Deal with it and offer to help.

8. Even though the odds are 50/50, when putting them on themselves, children’s shoes ALWAYS end up on the wrong feet. If they don't care, you shouldn't either.

9. The best things in life truly are free: stomping in leaves or puddles, running through a sprinkler, throwing rocks into the river, snuggling with your child, a kiss, giving encouragement, blowing a raspberry on a little round belly…too bad we don’t pay attention to and value these things more. However, a full night’s sleep is free and also highly valued in our house!

10. Grandmas are the best thing God ever invented! For both the grandchild AND the parent!

Again, feel free to comment or add some of your own!

Tuesday, July 10

Lessons learned

Memere and Grandpa Ron came for a visit and the kids stayed home from daycare with them yesterday. From the sound of it, fun was had by all. I think all four of them will have a blast when the kiddos go there in a week and a half.

Finn's ear was still causing him some discomfort last night, but I'm hoping it is better today since he will be at daycare all day. Today is Korri's first day at daycare with her new glasses...I hope they don't get broken or lost!

I don't know if it is because I've been away from my kids more than I want to be or what, but I've been self-reflecting more than normal lately...mainly on parenting but also on life! Here are a few of the many thoughts I wrote down.

Lessons learned:

1. If you ask a yes/no question, the answer will be no.

2. Going to the bathroom by yourself with the door shut…is not a right, it’s a privilege.

3. The two most beautiful sounds in the world: Your child singing a favorite nursery rhyme (Hey Diddle Diddle at our house!) and your child giggling uncontrollably.

4. “Why?” isn’t a question, it is a way of life.

5. Things happen. Whether or not they are “bad” and get you down is based on your chosen attitude and how you respond.

I have more that I will share, but feel free to comment on them or add some of your own!

Monday, July 9

Glasses, sleepover, birthday...oh my!

Friday, Finn got to have a sleepover at Austin’s house! I didn’t tell him until after daycare because I didn’t want him to obsess about it all day AND bug everybody about when he could go to Austin’s house. Korri spent most of her day in the “big” toddler room and they said she did great. I have mixed feelings about this (she IS my baby after all!), but am also encouraged that she is so adaptable and can keep up with the bigger kids (I think the “big” toddler room is 24-33 months).

Mom came for the weekend, so after Finn left, Korri didn’t know what to do with herself having THREE adults all to herself :) Mom got there before Austin did, so Finn was a little concerned that he couldn’t go to Austin’s because grandma was there! Ha. Funny how kid’s think. We had a deluge of rain and Finn and grandma splashed in the puddles (something I wasn’t allowed to do as a child…hmmm…). The rain broke the unbearable heat/humidity, so that was much needed relief. As you can see, the humidity affected my camear lens!

And Korri got her glasses!
Jim brought her to Walmart to pick them up and she left them on! She has done very well, actually. I wonder if she can see so much better that she WANTS them on or if they just don’t bug her. I don’t know, but am thankful nonetheless. She looks so much older; it kind of makes me sad. And by Sunday already, she looked like she was missing something when she didn’t have them on. Now we just need to get into a routine so we know where they are and don’t lose them!

Saturday was Auntie NaeNae’s birthday! Everybody came over to our house for the afternoon and dinner. It was a lot of fun, especially watching Korri and Zander play together. Even though he is crawling…he had no problems keeping up with her! Becky sent me pictures of the boys (including Pete, I think!) playing earlier in the day and made me jealous we weren’t with them. They invented a game called swimming baseball. I’m sure you can imagine how much fun they had!

Finn complained that his ear hurt on Saturday, which he NEVER does. He has had a ton of ear infections and I don’t think he has EVER complained. So even though he already had an appt scheduled with the ENT on Tuesday, I knew he would have to go in on Sunday. Which we did and yup, he had an infection. On Friday, Finn’s teacher pulled me aside and said that Finn had a “terrible day.” I was a little shocked because even though we have been dealing with some attitude problems, he is usually still a very good boy. Now I’m thinking his behavior probably stemmed at least partially from his ear infection. Poor guy! We started him on his prescription right away, so hopefully he starts feeling better soon! Oh, and now that ENT appt will be rescheduled and turned into a consultation for tubes…AGAIN! Boo.

Thursday, July 5

Happy 4th!

With all the excitement of Korri’s doctor visits earlier this week, I forgot to mention that the kiddos had an overnight at NeNe’s house on Saturday. We had plans to go to a friend’s quasi-housewarming party and while I THINK the kids would have been invited, I knew we’d have a better time without them there. Luckily, DeAnn was free and willing to take the kiddos. The nice things about the ages they are at right now are 1. We no longer have to pack up the house…just a small overnight bag and the pack-n-plays. 2. They are old enough so it is manageable having them at the same. 3. Korri seems to finally be over her inability to sleep in foreign places (although, I still cross my fingers every time!). 4. No special food required for either of them, which makes is so much easier. Of course, all these things pale in comparison simple to the fact that both kids LOVE NeNe to death! Maybe we can set up an every other weekend schedule ;)

I have been sick this week. Sick, like barely got out of bed Sunday, called in sick to work on Monday, worked a half day Tuesday and took a three hour nap yesterday (after staying in bed until after 10)! Sheesh. That being said and considering the fact that it was close to one million degrees outside, our July 4th was very low-key. We had a lazy pajama day until late afternoon when we ventured out to DQ for a treat. Finn ordered Sprite…no ice cream, just sprite. The rest of us enjoyed some blizzards. We also ran to Target, but of course, the pharmacy was closed so we couldn’t pick up Korri’s new meds. Argh. Since there was no way Korri was going to be able to stay up late enough for us to enjoy fireworks in person, we put her to bed and let Finn’s stay up to watch them…on TV! He loved it and kept saying which color was his favorite (which at one point or other it was ALL of them!). I hope we are able to go in person to see some next year, although the TV was nice this year because I think when it came down to it, the noise would have scared him. It is so much fun to experience these things through the eyes of your children.

Tuesday, July 3

Korri's derm appt

If anybody is keeping track, I think it is safe to say that Korri has now received as much attention (at least from Jim and me!) for health issues as Finn did (although, Finn just did it a lot sooner!). Seriously, this poor girl. Jim and I took her to Amplatz Pediatric Specialty Clinic this morning to see their pediatric dermatologist. The entire process was very smooth and professional. You all know I LOVE Children’s, but I have to say, I think they could stand to learn a few things from Amplatz!

Anyway, they took Korri’s history and pretty much said she needs a much stronger medicine than what she is being given. So our plan of attack is to shock-and-awe her skin so it can heal. We were given a prescription for oil for her scalp to be used nightly that should clear up her scalp in one to two weeks. They gave us another prescription for a strong steroid ointment to use twice daily for two weeks and then once a day until all redness, rashes and scales go away. We are to keep using the Vanicream lotion on her twice a day and up her baths to every day or every other day so that the moisturizer can soak into her skin better. We have a follow up appointment the middle of August, so my fingers (and toes!) are crossed that all is well by then! We also have her 18 month well-child with our regular Ped the end of July, so it will be nice to get her looked at in a few weeks, too.

Korri did amazing at the doctor today and at the eye doctor yesterday. It really surprises me when she keeps calm and sits still because it hardly ever happens for me AND she gets out of control so quickly and easily! But, Jim took her to the eye doctor without me and I think she acts differently when I’m not around. Today, she started to get fussy when they weighed her (seriously, they don’t even touch her!) and when the doctor examined her, but we brought Kiki along and she just kind of snuggled in…but kept a very stern eye on them at all times (it is a teaching hospital, so there was a med student/intern/something-or-other with the doctor) and was all full of “bye bye, bye bye” when they left! I LOVED the doctor by the way. Glad we were able to get in to see her since she is one of maybe THREE in the state!

Monday, July 2

Glasses? Glasses.

Our large family of eye glass wearers will have a new member join its ranks on July 11...Korri! Upon our ped's recommendation, Jim took Korri to the eye doctor this afternoon. Korri has a wide bridge which makes her eyes appear crossed and she has a droopy eye every once in a while. These two potential issues were the reason for the appointment. Jim had good news and bad news...the good news is she has pseudostrabisums which is the false appearance of misaligned eyes. We are hoping she outgrows this. The doctor also didn't notice anything out of the ordinary with her droopy eye, so we are to take a picture next time we notice it and bring it along to her next appt.

The bad news? Korri is extremely far sighted in one eye and near sighted in the other! Due to this, she is starting not to use one of her eyes, which needs to be corrected with glasses! She will likely need to wear glasses forever, but given her genetic pool, I guess it isn't that surprising (I was just hoping it would be much later). Jim and I both thought that Finn would be the one to get glasses first!

The first thing I did was text my friend, Holly, because her son, a few months older than Korri, has had glasses for a while. Upon her wise, frugal suggestion, we went to Walmart and walked out with glasses on order (to arrive 7/11) and only $100 spent. Not bad considering how hard it is to find somebody who carries glasses for somebody younger than 2 years! Korri took to them right away when we tried them on her. She pulled them down a bit and said, "Boo" to Jim! When we took them off, she kept wanting them back, so I am very optimistic that the transition won't be too difficult. Here are the glasses (will upload a pic of her wearing them when we get them, obviously!).
Holly's other wise suggestion: get a back up pair! We didn't do that tonight, but I have no doubt we will need them. She said the hardest part is at daycare...all the kids want to try them on and play with them apparently. Walmart has a one year warranty on the frames, so hopefully we can quickly and easily get them fixed WHEN the need arises!