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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Wednesday, May 30

16 month well-child?

We had Korri’s 15 month well-child appt yesterday. She is actually 16 months old today, but if you remember, her scheduled 15 month well-child turned into a sick-child because of all of her skin problems and daycare-associated sicknesses. The appt went very well. Korri weighs 23 lbs. 5 oz (54%) and was 30.5” (46%) long! Holy growth spurt, Batman! Finn better watch out or Korri is going to be taller than he before we know it. She made a huge jump in her percentiles and by all calculations and measures…is a “normal” baby child. I still feel like she is shorter than other kids I see her age, but I guess not.

Dr. Mackey was very impressed with Korri’s communication ability and said she saw Korri doing things that 18 month old kids don’t even do! Poor, Korri. Even though she is a smart little girl, we barely notice because Finn set the bar so high. We talked about her left foot, but even in the last month, it has gotten noticeably better. Dr. Mackey was not concerned at this point, mainly because it appears to be straight when Korri is walking, which is what we want. Dr was a little concerned about Korri’s droopy right eye. Finn has the same thing (and DeAnn said Jim had it too) and while it isn’t reason for alarm, Dr said any time there is a question about eyes, she wants a pediatric ophthalmologist to see it (“luckily” Finn has one!). SO, today I made an appt for the middle of June.

The main topic of conversation, as it always is with poor Korri, is her skin. It just isn’t getting better and Dr. said that Korri is probably uncomfortable all the time. She decided to refer us to a pediatric dermatologist just to make sure we are doing everything we can for her. So, I made that appt today, as well and the first available appt was 7/3! Dr. Mackey did leave a message for their nurse to see if they could get her in sooner, but at this point, it is better than nothing.

Korri got two shots and was a brave girl. She tried not to, but when the second one went in, she cried. Then we picked her up and got her dressed and she was fine! Then we had to head down to the lab for a blood draw because Dr wanted to test her for shrimp and strawberry allergies. She said that even if the results come back that Korri isn’t “allergic,” to still be careful when giving them to her. I hope she isn’t allergic to either (well, actually…anything!). Dr. said that eczema, allergies and breathing problems usually go hand-in-hand…so on the bright side, Korri doesn’t seem to have any breathing issues ;)

As referenced earlier, I made one peds derm appt (K), one ENT follow up appt (F) and two peds eye appts (F & K) today! Sheesh. Now my fingers are crossed that Jim can work it into his schedule to take the kiddos to the appts (since I don’t have PTO). It is really hard for me not to go along, but I’ve been there for almost 100% of all appts up to this point and I know that Jim can handle it.

Monday, May 28

Almost five years later...

We finally have our wedding china out of the boxes it came in and out for display, and hopefully usage as well. More important than our china: our Galway Crystal! So pretty. It only took almost five years! Oops. We didn't have a place to put it until Jim's uncle gave us Jim's great grandma's china hutch, which fits perfectly in our dining room. Looks good, if I do say so myself!
Oh and the after math (which was quickly and easily cleaned up!):

Sunday, May 27


I consider myself to be a Christian and I also try to live a Christian life. What does that mean? I think it is different for everybody but for me, it is to be close to Jesus and act in a way that reflects that close relationship. I try (keyword TRY) not to judge, I try to treat others kindly and be charitable with my time, actions and money. While I do not think it is some requirement to be Christian or to go to heaven, it is very important to me to go to church and attend mass.

Anyway, I had the most unchristian experience today in what I think should be the least likely! Like I mentioned, it is important to me to go to church. It is like a recharge or reset button for me, gets me back on the path I want to be on and gives me time to reflect on life and how I want to act and be. I do not like to take the kids by myself and so far, I think I've only had to once or twice because either Jim has gone or my mom has been here. But alas, my mom wasn't here today and Jim wasn't feeling well, so I gathered the kiddos (dressed them as pretty as could be, of course!) and off we went to church. We were a little later than I like to be, but we got there jsut before mass started, which means we weren't late but I couldn't find a quarantined area for us to sit. We sat in our normal area with nobody in the pew ahead of us (I try to do this whenever possible so the kids bother as few of people as possible). Anyway, I don't think Finn was feeling well and Korri was tired. Let the behavior start!

Well, there was a woman two pews in front of us who is often at the same service we are, but usually sits in the first pew (must have been taken today). She kept turning around and starting at me like I should do something with these unruly kids! Yes, my kids were louder than normal and yes, I was by myself, so keeping them under control was not excessively easy. But she was ridiculous. It got to the point, only minutes after mass started that I honestly wanted to pack up and leave as I was on the verge of crying. I prayed about it and the message I kept getting in my head was that God would rather me be there with loud kids than not be there at all. So, I gathered myself together and just did the best I could to keep the kids as quiet as possible.

I wish I were brave enough to have caught her gaze, put my hands up, shrugged my shoulders and mouthed "What?!?!". I mean, didn't she realize that she was at a Catholic mass where the number of children out number the grains of sand on a beach? Hello! We are CATHOLIC! I have a pretty low threshold for misbehavior at church anyway (thanks, mom and dad!) so it wasn't like either one was swinging from the rafters or screaming like a monkey! She was old and I'm guessing had children of her own at some point...but was it so long ago that her memory tells her that her children never spoke above a whisper and didn't move a muscle while in church? Not possible and not realistic. The bottom line is that it is really sad that a fellow "Christian" would make another churchgoer feel so ashamed that she would rather not go to church as all. I love Jesus and I honestly don't think he cares if my kids are loud in church. If I have the strength (God will need to provide it!), next week I am going to sit RIGHT behind her and let her turn around all she likes! At least my children and I have a relationship with Jesus and were in the place I feel we were supposed to be!

Thursday, May 24

Young Toddler

Korri has transitioned into the Young Toddler room at daycare. As it seems most thing do with her, it kind of just happened. She started by going over there for an hour each day, then it seemed she was over there all day except nap time and then this week, she started taking naps over there, too. This is something I was worried about because they sleep on cots instead of cribs…but no worries. Her teacher did say she is always the first one up, though…my little non-napper! Now we drop her off and pick her up over there and next week, she will be officially a Young Toddler. My baby is growing up. And she LOVES this room. When I would drop her off in the Infant Room, she would always cry and a teacher would need to come and hold her so I could leave (I’m sure it lasted all of a minute once I left, but still!). Today when I dropped her off in the YT room, she was like, “Bye, bye, momma!” and with a wave, was off to find some toys (when I peeked in after I dropped Finn of, she was riding a rocking horse!). Jim said she gave a little wave on Monday when he dropped her off, too. It makes me feel so good and I really like the teacher in that room (although I really liked her main teacher in the Infant room, too). I just feel like she is getting more age appropriate stimulation and socialization than in the infant room. Now if we can just keep these kiddos healthy and get Finn to stop peeing on himself while there, I’ll be completely on board with this whole daycare thing.

Update on walking: Korri is doing great. She now wants to be put down on her feet instead of her butt if you were holding her. She does what we call “setting up” exercises where she stands, moves into a squat and back to standing. She does it over and over. She even does great walking on the uneven grass outside. I think she gets a little tired, though because we were walking to meet daddy and Finn one night and she walked about 1/3 of a block, and then stopped and absolutely wanted to be picked up. Her poor little legs aren’t used to all this work!

Tuesday, May 22

A bookin' birthday present

For those of you not on Facebook (yes, there are a few of you!), Korri started walking yesterday!

When we picked her up on Friday, her teacher said Korri was kind of toddling around and thought Korri would be walking by Monday. I said, “Yeah, right, I’ve been saying that for 6 months!” Um, maybe I should listen to somebody who is around babies this age all day every day because…low and behold, Korri walked over to daddy when we picked her up yesterday and then walked back to me without any problems! She even got off balance, corrected and kept walking! I kind of started screaming, but then realized I didn’t want to scare the other babies in the room. It is funny how when you wait longer for something, it means so much more! Hey, she, at 15.5 months, is still ahead of Finn’s 23 months!

She still thinks crawling is easier and probably faster, but I even noticed last night, she was in the kitchen and she stood up, took a few steps and then reached down to get the ball she was playing with…instead of just crawling over! She also thinks she can jump and run…I mean, she’s been doing this for all of a day now, so why not?!?! I’m nervous for the hurricane that is going to follow her, but who am I kidding…she already was a hurricane, it will just be upped to a category 5!

And not to be overshadowed by this wonderful present, it is daddy’s birthday today! I always look forward to Jim’s birthday because then we are the “same age” for eight months. We have Finn’s T-ball at the field by our house after work and then we are going back to our house for some food and cake. It will probably get late (darn T-ball!), but that’s ok. Jim is spoiling me this week (must be a reverse birthday present) because he will only be traveling Wed and Thurs (or so I’m told)!


Sunday, mom, the kids and I went to church. I need to remember to bring TWO snack containers because both kids were fabulously well-behaved until the snacks came out and then they kept screaming (yes, SCREAMING) at each other to see who could hold it! Sheesh. Oh, and while Cheerios seemed like a good choice before church, I didn’t factor in the spill factor OR their ability to fly all over when grabbed by little hands. I think we’ll stick with pretzels or animal crackers going forward. After church, mom and I (with Finn’s “help” of course) planted 5 or 6 rhubarb plants that mom had dug up and brought with her. I know it will take a year or two before they yield anything, but I can’t wait. Then we tackled the pen…I mean fence! We blocked off the back corner of the yard so the kids can play out there without constant supervision (I mean, I need to use the facilities or start dinner once in a while!). We’ll see how well it keeps the Little Monster (i.e. Korri) contained!

In addition to the rhubarb plants she brought, mom also brought a ton of really good rhubarb, so she made a rhubarb crunch (I have pictures but they are still on my camera!) while Jim and I were away on Saturday and I made strawberry rhubarb jam yesterday. Both were super-extra yummy!! Now I’d better make some bread tonight to put the jam on!

Then Sunday afternoon, after Jim helped his uncle move some stuff (hey, we got a china hutch out of the deal!) we went over to our friends, the Arks, for Becky’s (the mom) quasi-surprise birthday party! Now that I’m working, I’m sad we don’t get to see them very often. The food was great, the company was enjoyable and the kids played so well, I didn’t even have to think about them most of the time (mainly, thanks to Emma for “babysitting” Korri! Hmmm…when she can start babysitting for real?!?!).

Monday, May 21

Taylors Falls Cruise

As mentioned this weekend, we had our last swim class for the season on Saturday. Finn is so clearly ready for the next level up (Water Tots) which is a class without parents in the water! Luckily, our teacher this session really took him under her wing and gave us tips on how to help him to actually swim and she worked one-on-one with him during free time. I should also point out that she just happens to teach the Water Tots class before our class! We are taking the summer off from swim class. While I LOVE swim class and all the things my kids get out of it, it is a huge commitment to be busy for 10 Saturdays in a row, especially during the summer. Now we’ll just need to decide if we start back up again at the end of the summer or wait until fall.

Saturday I surprised Jim with a scenic boat cruise along the St. Croix River for his birthday (which is tomorrow)! While Kristine agreed to watch the kids, my mom generously offered to come yet again and watch them at our house (so we didn’t have to rush home), which both were greatly appreciated. Jim didn't have a clue until ont he way there the GPS said "Taylors Falls" and then I said that they would add another boat if it were crowded...oops! Not bad for having made the plans weeks ago! The cruise was so beautiful and while there were thunderstorm warnings all around us, it was hot and partly cloudy the entire 80 minute trip. They mentioned a ghost town that I’d like to go back and explore a little bit at some point. And when our kids are older, I would love to go in the fall and go “hiking” and by that I mean, following the well defined paths! We saw two bald eagles, which were so magnificent (they said there are 60 mated-pairs along that stretch of river!). After the cruise, we drove around and found this super cute, somewhat trendy restaurant in St. Croix Falls called Grecco, I think. We shared the humus appetizer, Jim had a Caesar salad and I had the walleye both topped off with sangria. VERY good, kind of expensive, but worth it for a special occasion.

These pictures were taken with my camera on my phone. I SO wish I would have brought my nice camera along! I probably would have taken a million pictures. Oh, well. lesson learned for next time!

And I almost forgot to mention that Korri started "toddling" this weekend! I can't in good faith call it walking, but she walked from one end of the couch to the other without even thinking on Saturday. Grandma had just got walked in and she wanted to get to her! Then she walked several steps with ease again on Sunday. I've been thinking she is "so close" for 6 months, but she has been far too stubborn to actually do it. I think if we can distract her, keep something in her hands and practice a bit, she will be a walker-grill before long (help us all!). There is nothing cuter in the world than a child learning to walk!!!

Saturday, May 19

Activity craziness so young?

First of all, I know we have nobody to blame but ourselves, but the kids’ activities are already getting a little out of control! For a few weeks, Finn has tumbling on Mondays, T-ball on Tuesday and Finn and Korri have swimming on Saturday! Three days a week is a bit much. But I/we signed them up for each of these activities for different reasons AND they just happened to overlap for a couple weeks. In two weeks, I think our only activity will be Finn’s T-ball.

That raises the question: how much is too much? I want to encourage my kids to explore their likes/dislikes and their abilities (or lack thereof!). With the exception of hockey (I would have a hard time being a hockey mom); I really want my kids to try lots of different things in order to find out what they like and what they are good at. Piano/music, choir, acting, art, sports…all of it. I want Finn to try football, Jim wants him to try basketball and golf, uncle John and Grandpa Ron want him to play baseball, etc. (since she doesn’t walk yet, I won’t even start on wishes for Korri!). But that being said and looking forward, I’m starting to get a glimpse into how crazy our combined schedule may get. Maybe putting some kind of limit on things as far as how many to do at one time is a good idea, although, like where we are at right now, many things overlap, so it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Off to swim class in a bit...

Friday, May 18

One month already?

One month ago today, I started my new job. Can it really be one month already? They told me when I started that after a month, I’ll be an “old timer.” Ha, I didn’t think there would be any chance of that considering how long it had been since I had to shower and get dressed to go to a job! But honestly, I am rolling with the punches, really like my job and feel like I have a really good grasp of the process and what is expected of me. They also told me that it was a very fast paced position, which I was happy about. After all, if I can’t be with my kids, I want the day to go by fast and to keep busy. BUT, being the little worker bee that I am, I’ve smoothed out the process and gotten everything cleaned up so that things are kind of running like a well oiled machine; which is great for my job performance, but not so great on the keeping busy front. Oh, well. We start work on Q3 in about a week, so I think that will keep me busy, since I haven’t been involved from the start of a quarter like this will be.

Four weeks ago (remember my mom stayed with the kids for two days when I started), the kiddos started daycare for the first time. After MANY running noses, wet/pee clothes, fevers, doctor visits, four medications, early pickups, not being able to come back for 24 hours, one head injury report, etc, the kids have adjusted to daycare very well. Finn’s teacher and aid both told me they were surprised to find out he hadn’t been in daycare or preschool before this because he adjust so well. That’s my little “roll with the punches” guy! AND Korri made it one FULL week at daycare this week with no fevers or reason for them to call to pick her up early! Finally! She will be 16 months in two weeks and is transitioning into the young toddler room. Her infant teacher/caregiver said she just “blossoms” in there. I’m nervous for nap time over there because they sleep on cots and in the infant room, they still sleep in cribs, but they said I’ll be surprised at how quickly she will adjust. Fingers crossed as I think Korri starts napping in there on Monday!

In this last month, Jim has been traveling 75%+ of the time, which has made the transition for all of us a little tougher. But, with Jim’s superb problem solving and crisis resolution skills, the facility they’ve been having issues with is caught up and in a much better state. Hopefully, that means he will be traveling a little less, but I’m guessing it just means he will need to visit all of his other facilities that he’s had to “neglect” while focusing on this one…which means more travel! Oh, well.

I realized yesterday (sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses to notice things) that I really like the ages, personalities, quirks, schedules, etc of my kids right now. Both of them at the same time! I haven’t been able to honestly say that since…well…probably since before Korri was born, sad to say. Don’t get me wrong, they drive me nuts at times, but I have a feeling that will always be the case (probably until I die!). I wish I could push the “pause” button for a while and just enjoy our lives right now. Alas, that isn’t possible and things keep changing, but hopefully changing for the better!

Thursday, May 17

First T-Ball

Finn has his first ever T-ball practice/session/activity on Tuesday night. Jim, yet again showing that he may be the best dad on earth, changed his travel plans so he could go to Finn's first night. Our friends Sharon, Laena and Braeland came to watch, which was very thoughtful and gave Korri somebody to play with (i.e. have her Sharon-time!).

The first part was a lot of explaining and not a ton of doing. Even given that, Finn did a great job, for a three year old. I'm pretty sure he was the shortest one and he probably was the slowest one, but he also has the shortest legs! We need to work on his running speed (um, uncle John?!?!) and jumping jacks. I'd tried to teach him jumping jacks a few weeks ago and he kind of caught on, but they are a hard concept to get. After some explanations, warm-ups and stretching, they worked on handling the glove and ball, running the bases and then finally...dum, dum, dada, dum...batting! Finn was the last to bat (of course because he just doesn't care about that kind of long as Korri isn't in front of him, that is!) and he was by far the best batter (makes up for his short little body). Although, after he hit the ball, he just kind of ran kitty-wham-pus and never made it to first base. The learning curve, I guess!

He really did a great job. It was supposed to be 45 minutes, but in order for all the kids to have a turn batting, it went almost an hour and a half, which was too long for Korri and most of the kids! I'm so glad we signed Finn up for this. I know he is only three, but it will teach him some important life skills...and it is fun!!! More pictures on our picture website!

Wednesday, May 16

Best ever

I had the best Mother's Day ever on Sunday. My mom stayed over night and went with the kids and me to church. My sister, Renae, and her boyfriend, Craig came over after church for brunch. My wonderful husband made TWELVE servings of Eggs Benedict for brunch! It was so super yummy, in addition to the mimosas, of course. As a gift, Jim had made a three picture collage with pictures of the kids and I. So thoughtful. Then we played outside, well, because the weather could not have been more perfect. And mom had requested a bonfire the night before, but has, um, a little too much to drink, so we thought, "why not have one this afternoon?" And for dinner, Jim cooked me crab legs, shrimp and steak! It was just the perfect day, even though I may have fell into bed in a food coma.
Korri and her Godmother.
Korri having a snuggle with momma.
Craig and Finn helping find "wood" for the fire.
The makings of the fire.

Wednesday, May 9

Do you have another test?

Finn had his NICU Follow appointment yesterday morning. I was really looking forward to it because what parent doesn't like to get a snap shot on how their child is doing? I talked to Finn about the appointment before we got there and explained that he had to be a good listener and to ask if he didn't understand something. He was fabulous and the OT testing him pretty much fell in love, I think.

As a reminder, they used the Bayley Scales of Development to measure Cognitive, Language and Motor skills. They assess him based on his adjusted age, which is 36 1/2 months. He scored out of the test at the 42 month level, 91st+ percentile, for cognitive (how you perceive, think, and gain an understanding of the world). As a comparison, last year he scored at the 84th percentile.

This particular test only tests up to 42 months, so when I say he scored out of the test, he demonstrated he knew as much as the test scores. If you allow me to brag for a minute, the OT said that cognitively, Finn is at least one standard deviation above "normal" children his age. She said that intelligent parents tend to make intelligent children (LOL). I asked if this was going to be his intelligence standard as he grew up or if it would even out as he got older and she said there is no way to know that.

He scored at 88th percentile for language (receptive and expressive communication combined). Receptive communication refers to the way a listener receives & understands a message from a communication partner. Expressive communication refers to how one conveys a message to a communication partner by gesturing, speaking, writing, or signing. She was frustrated with his score for receptive because he scored between 40 and 42 months, but the way you test receptive language, you have to know several parts of a question and Finn would answer all but one part, so he didn't get any "credit" for that question. Obviously this is still ahead of his adjusted age, but she said most likely, he is  understanding at 42+ months as well.

He scored at 42 months+ and 35 months (68th percentile combined) for fine and gross motor skills, respectively. She stated he showed 21 month progress in gross motor from his last appointment! It is still his lowest scoring category, but he is only one month "behind" at this point, which I will gladly take! Oh, and he jumped off a stool with both feet and landed on both feet at the appt! I was pleasantly surprised.

When she was giving me the summary, she made me cry. She kept saying how impressed she was with him and how far he has come in three years. She said that they do as much as they can at the NICU but the biggest factor is the environment they go home to that affects their development and ability to thrive the most. If I could have had a crystal ball three years ago when he was at serious risk daily for his life, I would have been able to sleep a little better. Don't kid yourself, I would have still worried, but just differently. He is one truly amazing miracle!

As a "next steps" she said he will need to understand patterns. Like if you have red peg, red peg, yellow peg, which peg comes next. He didn't do it right when she showed him, but he always put them in a mirror image! So that shows some elementary knowledge of patterns. He also will need to do recall. Like, repeat the following numbers to me, "4, 6, 2, 3." He tried and could repeat up to 4, but more than that, he got confused. I like to know what is coming next and now I know that we can play with patterns to help him along.

I think all the ladies (and doctors) in the office are completely under Finn's spell. They all just loved him. At first they said they wanted him back in a year and a half to two years, but then said it was fun to see him and asked if we'd come back in a year! Funny. However I will need to find out if they have a different test for older kids because there really wouldn't be a point in coming back if they do the one he already "completed."

Tuesday, May 8

Sick again?

After being back to daycare for a total of four days (Korri has been to 6 of 12 days so far!), I received a phone call this afternoon that Korri had a fever of 102.3 and I had to come get her (Jim, of course, is traveling all week). I mean, really?!?! She is still on her antibiotic from the previous illness! Ironically or conveniently, we had her 15 month well child appt scheduled for late this afternoon, so I figured we could at least have her doctor take a look.

I feel like a broken record, but thankfully, NeNe was able to come along to the appt since Jim was traveling and we had a lot to discuss with Korri's doctor. I started telling Dr. Mackey about the last two and a half weeks at our house and she changed the appt from a well-child visit to a sick-child visit! She said she didn't feel she would be able to focus on the "well-child" issues given how severe Korri had been sick, was still recovering from and now had a new fever.

I was able to pull up pictures on my phone from when Korri's skin was really bad and Dr. Mackey was shocked. She said that she really didn't think that it was Hand Foot and Mouth considering the symptoms were atypical of the disease. However, with Korri's skin already being bad, it is possible it just presented very uniquely. She fully examined her and thinks that NOW Korri might have Hand Foot and Mouth because she had some sores IN her mouth today. Sheesh! Maybe Korri got it from Jim. She sent Korri down for some labs to make sure it isn't something much worse than a virus.

Dr called me back around 8pm tonight and said that overall, Korri's numbers were normal. Her white blood count was elevated, but just in the normal range. One of her ratios was not normal, but usually wasn't an indicator for illness, so not to worry about it. She re-prescribed hydro-cortizone to keep applying once per day until her skin is totally healed and she also said to keep giving Korri the antibiotic until it is gone (today should have been her last day).

SO, we now have Korri's 15 month well-child appt at the end of the month instead of today. Korri keeps Dr. Mackey on her toes. She always comments on how Korri has to be a little diva and do things dramatically. Hmmm...I think that is foreshadowing for much to come!

Saturday, May 5

Baby Steps

We are very excited to be a part of the annual Baby Steps 3K Walk for the second year in a row. In previous years, we have fund-raised for March for Babies/March of Dimes, but since both of these organizations are so important to us, we've decided to alternate our fund raising efforts.

Hours after Finn was born 14 weeks early
Finn's 3 year what a different three years makes!
Baby Steps 3K Walk supports Children's of Minnesota Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and services. As you may remember, Finn, our first born, spent his first 85 days at Children's and while it was a tough time for our family, it was a comfort knowing he was in the best place for him and he was receiving the best care possible. We have no doubt that the staff and support services at Children's are the main reason Finn is such a healthy little boy today.

Children's of Minnesota has the largest neonatal program in the region and was recognized as one of the top neonatal programs in the country. The combined bed capacity for the neonatal units on the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses is 138 beds. That is a lot of babies that need and receive excellent care.

Now we are asking for your support. Please either join our team and walk with us on Saturday, June 2 (it is a beautiful walk around the MN State Fair grounds) or give the gift of a donation so that other children just like Finn can receive the best care possible.

Please support this important cause. It's easy and secure - just click here to make your donation on our secure personal donation website. A donation of ANY size is greatly appreciated and WILL make a difference.

Your gift is priceless to patients, families and staff at Children's. Thank you for your support and maybe see you on June 2nd!

Friday, May 4

Messy Monster

In case you missed Korri's super cute yet so very messy mug shot on Facebook...or if you saw it but couldn't fully grasp the full nature of her sweet, messy little it is in real life video! Enjoy! At least she seems to thoroughly enjoy Mexican food/El Loro just as much as Jim, Finn and I do. She did not, however, eat the salsa with a spoon, like Finn used to do...she just stuck her whole hand in!

Tuesday, May 1

First Holy Communion

On Sunday, my little princess and goddaughter, Emma, had her First Holy Communion at St. Raphael's in Crystal. She looked picture perfect and did a great job. I can't believe our little girl is old enough to have her first communion already. Where does the time go.
Twenty-two First Communion participants
Proud godparents
Sassy girl after all was done.
Mother and daughter
Personalized veil
It was probably selfish (or self-centered) of me, but I never had a veil for my first communion (let alone a beautiful dress like hers!), so I wanted her to have one. I was happy to see that all but one girl had a veil so she fit right in (but I bet she was the only one with her name on hers!0!

As any good godmother worth her weight in gold would, I made Emma's cake. Of course, taking Korri to Urgent Care on Friday put a big damper on my cake making/decorating schedule. But Korri helped solve that by getting up really early Saturday...I'm sure she knew I need to get up and get started! Yes again, (I'm sure you are getting sick of the broken record that I am) my mom saved the day by taking care of everything while I focused on the cake all day Saturday. I finally text Lorry around 11pm with this text: Cake=done :) Based on the feedback, I think it was a success. I wonder what it would take to make enough cakes to stay home again and still have money come in. Hmmm...