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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Wednesday, February 29

Leap into new things!

Happy Leap Day everyone! It's like a free day :) I always think about people who are born on Leap Day. How weird that would be!

Continuing in the spirit of trying new things, I am making Lentil Soup!
I've never cooked with lentils before (in fact, I don't think I've ever HAD lentils before!), but they are really healthy (high in fiber and protein). Then, Sasha mentioned she was going to make lentil soup, so I figured I would give it a try, too. I found a crock-pot recipe so I could just put it together and leave it alone. Should be done before bed...and ready to eat tomorrow! Hope it is as good as it looks!

What do you do with two kids who have cabin fever on a snowy day? Fill up containers with water and let them loose in the kitchen.
They played with these containers for almost an hour this morning. Well, Finn did, but he kept taking them from Korri. Yes, I had quite the water puddle in my kitchen, but it was only water and took just a couple minutes to wipe up. I think I'll be using this activity to pass the time again.

Tuesday, February 28

Easy mold

I tried something new today...making molded candy! I was completely intimidated and wasn't going to even attempt it, but my friend, Becky, assured me that it was actually fairly easy. I got the necessary materials and waited three days until I could muster up the courage to try. Tonight I tried, and I have to say...they turned out pretty much exactly as I was hoping for:
This was the first step of many for my Goddaughter's cake for this weekend. With Jim being out of town all week, I hope I have the time (and energy) to get it all done :)

Sunday, February 26

Sew proud

I am tickled pink that I successfully sewed my first project last night (and today). I'm fairly certain that Austin doesn't check this blog, so I feel comfortable sharing the results, even though it is for his birthday.
I made two coordinating pillowcases...sports themed, of course. For Christmas, he asked for "fun" sheets, but since his bed is a Queen, I couldn't find ANY anywhere. Then when I got my sewing machine, I thought that at least he could have fun pillowcases! I found a pattern online, picked out the fabric (which I LOVE by the way) and bravely embarked on my new adventure. Alas, Christmas is over, but thankfully, his birthday is right around the corner! I am so pleased with the results, even if they aren't perfect and hope it is the first of many projects to come (seriously, how hard is a pillowcase?!?! not very!).

Last night, the four of us met Laura, Matt and Daphne (10 months old) at Lone Spur...our old stomping ground. We all had a blast and honestly, the kids were fantastic. An older gentleman even stood up when we were leaving and said, "Oh, I didn't even notice you were going because the kids have been so well behaved." That was very kind of him to say, because I always worry about others being bothered. Daphne is so stinkin' cute and makes the funniest expressions. She even does Korri's squinched-up-nose face!

Laura and Matt were great sports and rolled with the punches considering the fiasco that follows my children (eating off the floor, stealing D's sippy cup, eating raw onions and yes, Finn is drinking salsa!). It is always tough to find a time to get together (what with coordinating three nap schedules!), but we always manage to have such a great time and it goes by far too quickly.

Also, it was Finn's first outing wearing big boy underwear. Up until now, we've put a diaper on when we leave the house. Even with a diaper, he often would let us know when he had to go, so Jim figured it was time. I think the two of them went to the bathroom four or five times, but not accidents!

Saturday, February 25

Free or Three?

Finn has really good communication skills, but one thing that has persisted is his inability (i.e. unwillingness) to say the "th" sound. This is VERY common for kids his age, but the frustrating thing for us is that he COULD say it when we asked him to, he just didn't when he was speaking. Well, yesterday, like some switch flipped, he just started saying it correctly in his every day speaking (for the most part!)! I will be sad when he loses all of his little "mistakes" with speech, because I think they are so cute, but I guess that is part of growing up.

After only three days, Korri's skin is amazingly better! In fact, I don't think anybody else would even notice that she has eczema at all! The redness and scaliness is completely gone and now her skin is just a little rough, which I'm sure will also improve. Her head is still dry, only because I can't really get the medication to her scalp because her hair is so long. I've contemplated shaving her head until it clears up, but can't really see myself doing that! She also seems in much better spirits. Not sure if there is a correlation or not, but I'll take it. I haven't noticed Finn's skin getting any better, but we are just doing OTC HC for him. I might try Korri's cream on him a couple times to see if that helps.

Friday, February 24

Infant no more

I no longer have an infant! Last night we moved Korri out of her infant carseat carrier into Finn's Britax carseat and moved Finn to his new 3-in-1 Graco carseat.
We also switched the sides they sit on since Korri is, obviously, still rear facing, it will be easier for me to reach her if she is on the passenger side. Now, hopefully, Finn will not kick my seat constantly! While I am happy to not have to lug the super heavy carrier any longer, it still had its convenience of just clicking her into the car instead of now having to buckle two kids in. Also, Finn's friend Lilly gave us a coat and snow pants, which we haven't had to use until now because Korri had a cover on her carrier. But she will now be fully exposed to the elements, so it is much needed...and so freakin' cute (can't fully see if here, but you get the idea):

Thanks to my thoughtful husband, I got to get out last night and have a girls' night with Kristine! It was much needed and so nice and relaxing. We got spa pedicures and then went out for sushi for dinner.
The sushi was beyond amazing...I just wish it weren't so expensive, so I could treat myself more often. Thanks for the great evening, Kristine...and thanks for letting me get away for an evening, Jim :) And then to top it off, last night I slept from 10:30 until 8:30! Yes, people, that was TEN hours of consecutive sleep. When was the last time that happened? Probably before I was pregnant with Finn :)

Wednesday, February 22

Who said Steroids are bad?

The doctor's office called today and of the four allergens they tested Korri for, she was allergic to...NONE! I'm so glad. We still need to be careful not to over expose her to certain triggers, but I'm happy, for now at least, she isn't allergic to anything.

SO...we gave Korri her first glass of milk tonight for dinner.
She LOVED it. I think she would have drank her entire dinner, but she did eventually come up for air and eat some of her food.

After only two applications of the prescription, Korri's skin is noticeably better. I put some HC on Finn this morning, so we'll see if that helps his skin as well.

You'll probably notice more blog posts from me in the near future because, while I may be crazy, I gave FB up for lent. When I post on my blog, it uploads automatically to FB, so it doesn't count because I'm not actually accessing FB. Also, I will be going on FB once a week on Sundays, since I was raised that Sundays aren't included in the 40 days and 40 nights of lent. If you want to reach me, email, text, call or post a comment here! Sasha is doing it with me, so hopefully there is power in numbers. Wish me luck. I'm about 20 hours in and so far, so good :)

Tuesday, February 21

Well kids

We had the kids' well-child appointments this afternoon. Jim was/is out of town, so DeAnn so graciously rearranged her schedule in order for her to could go with us. I need to find a word more fitting than just "thank you" for her help. It would have been a really tough day/appt without her.

The kids are doing well. Finn weighs 32 1/2 lbs (54%) and is 35.4" tall (6%). He remains on "his" growth curves, so the doctor is pleased, even though his BMI is really high. He eats healthy and is active...his poor body is just so little! Finn got one vaccine and did well with it, considering it was past nap time. The doctor was impressed with Finn's conversation skills (he kept us entertained the whole time!). He had to tell the doctor that "I am feeling good and I brush my teeth very good!" The doctor pointed out that Finn has some dry skin issues..we just don't notice it as much in comparison to Korri's. So, he needs hydrocortizone cream daily until the redness goes away, however it is chronic and will need to be continually monitored. She was a little concerned about his ears, so we are to make an appt with his ENT and also his eye doctor and dentist. She gave me the number for the NICU Follow Up Clinic so I can schedule that, too. Sheesh!

Korri weighs 20 lbs 15 oz (44%) and is 28" tall (13%). At her last check her percentiles were 63rd for weight and 22nd for height. Much like her brother, she is short and plump, but slightly more proportional. The funny thing was that before the appointment, I wasn't concerned about Finn's weight and thought the doctor was going to tell me Korri was too chubby...but it was the other way around, kind of (both kids' weights are fine...they are just short). Korri was the unlucky one and got three vaccines and one blood draw. She was pretty tough, as long as she had her thumb to suck!

The doctor was very concerned about her skin (um, duh!). She prescribed a strong steroid cream that needs to be applied twice a day until it improves, then a regular OTC hydrocortizone after that for one month. I REALLY hope this helps. The doctor thinks that a large part of Korri's overall fussiness is due to her being uncomfortable all the time. Poor baby! They also tested for some common allergies, which could be causing some of her skin problems. We should know by the end of the week. At that time, if things are good, we can switch her to cow's milk. Regardless of the allergy results, we need to avoid the foods that can cause allergic reactions to prevent any triggers for her skin (grrrr!). Her next well-child appt is 15 months and technically, Finn's would be when he turns 4, but the Dr wants to see him before then just for a quick check.

Hopefully, if I forgot anything or got something wrong, DeAnn will let me know. I need to bring a recorder with me to the appointments to remember everything...especially when it is for both kids at one appointment :)

Sunday, February 19

Potty like a rock star

Something clicked and Finn has decided he is ready to potty train! Yay! We've had the standing deal with him that if he uses his potty chair once for three consecutive days, we would take him to Chuck E Cheese's. Well, we made that deal with him about NINE months ago, with very little interest on his part. On Friday, Feb 5 and again on Saturday before bed, Finn went potty. Jim reminded him that if Finn went in his potty chair the next day, we could go to Chuck E Cheese's. Low and behold...Finn went potty first thing when he woke up and we went on Sunday!
On our way there, we stopped at Walmart so Finn could pick out some big boy underwear (he chose Lightening McQueen, of course!). Is there anything cuter than a little boy in undies (okay, that made me sound like a pedophile, but I think you know what I mean!). Becky, Austin, Stacey and Dillon met us there. Thank you for helping us celebrate this huge step in Finn's life. The boys all had a blast. Afterward, Finn kept asking if we could go back! Now the standing deal is we'll go back when he is dry and has no accidents for 24 hours. Otherwise, we'd go broke ;) Overall, he is doing great. We've had some accidents, but he does well, especially when reminded. Our not-so-little man is growing up!

Thursday, February 2

The wait is over

Finally, here are Korri's one year pictures!!

Jess had them ready last week, but with getting ready for Korri's party and waiting to post until she turned one, I waited longer than I planned. Sorry!

As you can see, she was a very serious girl that day, but Jess managed to get a few smirks and even one true smile!