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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Friday, December 23

Ready, Setty, Go!

I love when kids mispronounce things or hear them incorrectly and say them wrong. Is that bad? Anyway, Finn's latest: "Ready, Setty, Go!" It is so cute. He also has taken to answering "not quite yet" when we ask him if he wants to do something! I mean, where do they come up with these things? There are a ton more, but if I don't write them down when I hear them, I forget. I just love hearing them and know that a day in the not-to-distant future, it will disappear. Boo!

We are FINALLY starting to feel better at our house. Korri is 95% better. I still have sinus pressure, but it seems to be going away. Jim has been traveling, but I think he just has a cough left. And Finn seems a lot better, but those darn hives keep coming back, although much lighter. I noticed several on his head yesterday. Argh!! On the bright side, we finished his antibiotic last night. That means, no more fighting him to take it AND no more yucky poopy diapers!!!

Little Ms. Attitude? As I'm writing this, Korri is laying on the floor, looking at me and screeching at me! This is new. I'm trying to explain that isn't an indoor voice, but she either doesn't understand or chooses to ignore me.

Santa is coming to our house tonight! We leave early Christmas morning for the airport (going to Washington state to see Jim's family) so we won't have time then. The kiddos won't know the difference. Can't wait. I need to make some cookies for Santa! Oops! I don't know if I'll have time to write over the next couple of days, so we would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas! Be safe if you are traveling, enjoy those you are with and remember those you aren't.

Monday, December 19

Hives, hives, go away

We now have our doubts that it was the medicine that Finn was allergic to. He STILL has hives (not as severe, though) after being off the med and taking a new "class" of drug for five days. My nephew Austin had a rash/hives last week (no, we weren't exposed to him, though) and since he wasn't on any meds, his doctor said it was probably a side effect from a virus. And since Finn had/has a pretty bad cold, we are wondering if that is the culprit rather than the meds he was on. We'll be sure not to give him that medication in the meantime, but plan on discussing with his regular ped at his next well-child appt.

We had a really big and busy weekend. Saturday, we went out to Benson for Christmas with my dad's family. We all had a blast and my genius aunt Lisa brought out their matchbox cars for Finn, who then proceeded to play with them until we opened presents HOURS later! It was so good to see everybody and it is fun that the grand kids are having kids, so there are lots of little ones around, which always makes Christmas more special (wow, major run-on sentence there...sorry!). It gets less and less frequent that we get to see my extended family and when we do see them, it makes me sad that we don't see them more often. What makes me even sadder is that we didn't see my mom's family for Thanksgiving AND we will be on an airplane when they are celebrating Christmas. Boo :( We'll have to make the next Smith Easter a priority for sure!

Then on Sunday late afternoon/early evening, we went over to NeNe and Uncle Les' for a little mini Christmas, since we won't see them over Christmas this year :( The kids again had a blast, even though Korri was a little crabby...probably due to the late night car ride the night before and her screaming from Grove City to Delano (which for those of you not familiar with that an HOUR)! Have any of you read the book "Go the F**k to Sleep?" Let's just say, we completely understand the feelings behind the people who wrote it! ANYWAY, the food was wonderful, as always, and we all got wonderful things.

The best part of the evening for me?!?! Jim and the kids gave me an early Christmas present...a brand new Canon Rebel digital camera! You have to understand...I have been wanting, researching, whining, complaining, begging, hinting, and earning for one for years. However, sadly, two years ago, I came to terms with the fact that it wasn't meant to be and I bought a point-and-shoot camera, albeit a nice one, instead. While this other camera has treated me well for the last two years, it has been dropped, drooled on and banged up a couple times too many. I have a LOT to learn about my new camera, but luckily, Jim's cousin, Jean, was there and since she has a similar one, she gave me a quick tutorial. I could just sit and take pictures all day...oh, I kind of did today! Oops.

The kids and I surprised my friend, Susan, tonight after work (for her). I haven't seen her since my wedding FOUR years ago and miss her terribly. Then several of us went to Biff's, a local bar/restaurant, to catch up. It was wonderful and Finn kept everybody laughing (except for the two fits of tears, but he is still under the weather and a little fragile!). I hope it isn't another four years before we see her again.

Wednesday, December 14

That didn't work!

Well, the omnicef didn't work either! Finn woke up this morning covered in hives. I'd never really seen hives before so I called the nurse and she said he had to be seen. We went in this afternoon and sure enough, he is allergic to omnicef. SO, now we are trying augmentin. The poor boy is miserable. I just gave him Benadryl and he conked right out. Hopefully it helps with his skin, too. He is coughing nonstop and his nose is like a snot-fall (like a water fall but with snot!). While we were there, I had him look in Korri's ears and they were clear. So far, so good. Now both Jim and I are coming down with the virus they both had, so should be fun over the next few days.

Oh yeah, and the doctor said that anybody who gets hives is likely to be "an allergic" person! NOOOOOO! I was so hoping that our kids would not get Jim's allergies, but it looks like that isn't the case, at least with poor Finnegan. And an indicator to future allergies is eczema, so Korri probably won't be lucky in that area either. Anybody know the number to a good allergist?!?! LOL...kind of...
Here we are snuggling on the couch this morning before the doctor appointment. Clue #1 that Finn isn't feeling well...he wants to snuggle. I hate that he is sick, but if I'm making lemonade out of lemons...I love that I get to snuggle with him :)

Monday, December 12

Nope, it didn't work

I'm so frustrated and time after time, I say that I should trust my instincts...then I don't and regret it! Argh. Anyway, like I mentioned yesterday, Finn wasn't feeling well this weekend, was running a fever and developed a pretty "good" cold. When he woke up this morning, he was crying like he was in pain, his nose was completely crusted over (gross, I know!), he said his ear and throat hurt and his temp was still elevated (100.7). So I called and they got us in to the doctor this afternoon.

Low and behold the stupid medicine they prescribed two weeks ago for his ear infection (the same stuff that I SAID wouldn't work and they told me it would), didn't clear up the infection and now it is even worse than it was! This is why I need to trust myself more...but when the nurse says to you, "no, he's never had amoxicillin, so you can't know it doesn't work" you tend to listen to them. Even when you find out later (today!) that he HAS had amoxicillin and it didn't work. Argh!!! Well, now I know. Lesson learned, I guess (yet again!). A huge thank you to NeNe for meeting us there and helping with the kiddos!

Sunday, December 11

We have a climber

I often leave Korri downstairs when I run upstairs for something or to get Finn up from a nap or something. She  usually keeps playing or waits for me at the bottom of the stairs...never thought any more of it. Well, last week, I went to get Finn and he wasn't ready to get up, so it took a little longer than usual. I walk over to the stairs and low and behold, Korri has crawled up TWO stairs and is looking at me like, "what?" My heart was in my throat and I didn't want to freak out because I was afraid she would fall. I ran down and grabbed her. No harm, no foul, but she has done it once since then, too, and even climbed on the dish washer door while I was putting dishes away:
She is a quick little bugger to say the least!

For those of you not on Facebook, on Monday I had to take Jim to the ER. After frantically called a few people, my aunt Angie was thankfully able to watch the kids (and she lives pretty close to the hospital, too). After a nasty bout with the flu, Jim had been puking up what he thought could be blood. The doctor ran some tests and think he tore his esophagus. He is supposed to take it easy for 30 days and try really hard not to throw up! The kids loved spending the evening at Angie's. Again, I am so thankful we could just drop them off at a moments notice. Anyway, Jim is feeling fine now, so hopefully that is all behind us.

Friday, Stacey and her friend Dave came over for game night. It was a blast, but alas, I drank too much and the evening didn't end so well (meaning there was a need to clean the carpet in our bedroom...yuck!). Thanks to my wonderful husband who took care of me. It was a really close game of Trivial Pursuit...boys 5, girls ZERO! Sheesh!

Then yesterday, NeNe and uncle Les watched the kids over night so Jim and I could go to our annual cookie exchange with Ryan, Leah and Doug. We had a great evening out without the kids and were able to sleep in late for once! However, Finn ended up getting sick and running a high fever and Korri had a cold and was coughing. Seriously?!?! Why can't that happen at our house and not when somebody else is watching them. I felt bad, but if anybody can handle it, I knew NeNe could. Thanks to Les for making an Advil run at 3am! We really appreciated the time away from the kids and hope it wasn't too tough on you, NeNe!