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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Wednesday, November 30

Ten already?

Korri is 10 months old today. It hit me how close she is to one year old already. It is so true that it goes way faster with the second one than it did with the first. Korri seems to be right on track and developing "normally." I looked online and at 10 months, most babies should be:
-waves goodbye (she does this but not every time)
-picks things up with pincer grasp (she does this very well, but uses more of her finger than just the tip...I'm sure that will continue to improve)
-crawls well with belly off the ground (she has mastered this and now tries to crawl on her hands and feet only!)

About half of babies should:
-say "mama" or "dadda" to the correct parent (she definitely does it correctly to me and to Jim when she is in the mood!)
-indicates wants with gestures (she just started doing this with a few signs, vocally and trying to get out of my arms when she wants something)

Advanced skills for this age:
-Stands alone for a couple of seconds (she would LIKE to be able to do this, but is too unsteady)
-Puts objects in a container (I didn't know she could do this until one of the teachers was "playing" with her at ECFE...she rocked at it!)

She has four teeth and is working on the fifth. She is sleeping through the night most nights. She pulls herself up to the couch, but isn't able to "cruise" side to side yet. She laughs and "talks" when she plays or tries to get Finn's attention. She responds to her name (or many of her nicknames!). Finn is her favorite thing in the world...besides momma! She is going through a little bit of separation anxiety from me right now (I remember Finn going through the same thing about this time). I'm hoping it passes quickly ;) She naps two times a day and sometimes takes another short cat nap right before bed. She played under the tree and pulled ornaments off the day we put it up...and hasn't touched it since! She is in 9 month clothes, but will be moving into 12 month soon (if anybody has any 12 month hand-me-downs, we'd love to take them off your hands!). She still bathes in the infant tub, but without the sling, and she thinks she should be able to crawl she might be moving into the big tub WAY before Finn did! She takes about 3 bottles a day (sometimes a 4th if she is inconsolable during the night) and eats two to three "meals" that consist of pureed veggies, yogurt and/or cottage cheese usually. She LOVES goldfish crackers, teething biscuits and animal crackers...I think she is going to be a carb-freak just like her big brother ;)

NeNe and Wiggle Ann (Jim's cousin) came over tonight and NeNe brought Panera! Yumm-O! My fav. It was super good and of course, Finn ate the baguette and chips! What am I going to do with that boy?!?! Thank you so much for dinner, NeNe. Korri was a little fussy, but after some mac and cheese and a bottle, she warmed up.

Tuesday, November 29

Love our ped

Today is yet another reason why I am sad that we feel we need to switch pediatricians. The reason started yesterday. We met some of our friends at Choo Choo Bob's yesterday morning in St. Paul. This was a first for Finn and he LOVED it. I honestly think he would have stayed there all day playing with trains. However, when lunch time came around, we were able to drag him away and we went to a local cafe (Trotters...super good, FYI). When we walked in, Dr. Mackey was sitting there and waved us over. We said "hi" and then went to order our lunch. She came over when she was leaving and I mentioned that we were going in today for Korri's follow up flu booster and asked if we would be able to have Finn's ears looked at, since they have been bothering him for several days. She said the nurses couldn't do it, but to just ask for her and she would pop in.

We got to the clinic this morning and got right in (Finn hates that because he likes to play for a while!). We literally could have walked out two minutes later if we had just needed Korri's shot. We had to wait a bit for Dr. Mackey since she was squeezing us in between her appts. When she came in the room, she didn't make me feel like she was rushed or anything and asked Finn several "small talk" questions. She looked in Finn's right ear and all was well. However, it was a different story when she looked in his left ear, which is the one he had been grabbing. She said it was "nasty", red and swollen. No wonder he hasn't felt well! I'm SO glad she was willing to look at him. We then had to check him in as a patient and then she called in an antibiotic for him. Slick.

Korri was a rock star with her flu shot...she whimpered for a second and then forgot all about it! She hasn't been sleeping well today, so I did give her some Tylenol, thinking it might be bothering her now a little bit. As far as teeth go, Korri's #4 came in a week ago or so. She has one more coming in, but seems to have a little relief. As far as sleeping goes, she is doing so much better than she was a month go. For the most part, she is sleeping from 8pm to 8am! She occasionally wakes up around midnight or 5am, but I can handle that.

Wednesday, November 16

All's well that ends well

We had Korri's renal ultrasound and UTI follow up appt yesterday at Children's. Jim stayed home with Finn since it was during Finn's nap time. Korri didn't move a muscle for the ultrasound, which I was very thankful for. I had visions of her screaming and moving nonstop and making for a tough time. After the ultrasound we went over to the clinic for the follow up for her UTI. I was told to keep giving her the antibiotic until it was gone (we'd just passed the 10 days that was prescribed, but had some extra). Dr. Mackey explained what things could be wrong and the different courses of action we would take, based on the results of the ultrasound (it hadn't been read yet when we were there). She called later in the evening with the results and...Korri's anatomy looks fine! reflux that they could see. So now the course of action is to be very watchful any time Korri runs a fever over 100.0 degrees for longer than 24 hours and then take her in for a UA if that happens. Hopefully it was a one-time fluke and she doesn't get any more!

I also pointed out that it looked like she had a hernia on/in/near her belly button. After a quick check, I was told that she does have a small hernia. As long as it goes back in when pushed, there is no concern and she will most likely out grown it. If it doesn't go back in, then we need to take her to the ER immediately. Hopefully it goes away without incident!

Dr. Mackey just laughed and said that Korri continues on the path of causing "problems" and getting attention. I wonder if she is trying to get as much attention as Finn did when he was born...good luck with that, Korri! Now if her teeth would just pop through (you can SEE them just under the surface), I think life would be happier for a while!

Sunday, November 13

Bounce Depot

Korri seems to be feeling better. We have a follow up appointment and a renal ultrasound at Children's Mpls hospital on Tuesday. Hopefully we will know more after that.

We had a busy yet fun day yesterday. Since Jim was at the Gopher football game all day, the kiddos and I got up early and met Holly, Odin and Breck in St. Cloud at the Bounce Depot.
Finn was completely overwhelmed and didn't really want to go in any of the bouncy houses (in fact, Korri went in one before Finn did...with Holly's help, of course). Open bounce was from 10-11am. Eventually Finn did go in two of them, but still preferred to rock on a rocking toy instead. Oh, well. Odin is one month younger than Finn and has no fear and wanted to go on all of the bouncy houses, even if they were a little too advanced for him! He reminded me SO much of Austin. I just couldn't get enough of him. And you can't really see in this picture, but Breck is so cute with his little glasses. He just turned one and was running around the place like a little mini grownup man!

After bouncing, we went to Applebees for lunch. I think the hostess thought I was a little crazy when I said, "Two adults, two highchairs and two booster seats!" Surprisingly, lunch went very well and I don't think we disturbed any of the other patrons. After lunch, we braved a trip to Kohls, which was a zoo! I had Finn, Breck and Korri while Holly was taking Odin to the bathroom and I heard one lady say, "Oh, my!" when she walked by...obviously thinking they were all mine! The visit was over far too quickly, but when you have four kids' schedules to consider, you must answer the call when it is nap time!

Once we got home, Katie dropped Quinn and Vince off for the evening and Jim was still at the game! While I'm certainly not used to caring for four kids under 4, it went really well and I even managed to sit them all down for dinner at the same time.
Jim got home just after dinner and was a big help with bed time. Quinn and Vince were SO good and easy. I hope my kids are like that for others!

Finn and I got up and went to church this morning (sadly, it has been a while since we've gone!). And he was amazingly good! He pretty much snacked on some treats I'd brought along and played with his Lightning McQueen car the whole time. His behavior definitely impressed me.

Sunday, November 6

Eating leaves

Korri's 9 months pictures are ready for viewing. It was an interesting shoot to say the least. Korri wouldn't stay in one spot and if she did, she was constantly trying to eat the leaves and Finn wanted to be in every shot! However, as usual, Jess was able to find the perfect moments even with the adverse conditions. And we couldn't have picked a more beautiful fall day for the shoot!
password: 9months

Saturday, November 5

Come in already!

When we were at Urgent Care Thursday night, the Dr. said Korri has THREE teeth coming in right now! Sheesh. It was very evident last night. She wouldn't drink much from a bottle (wondering if the nipple bothered her gums?) and she wouldn't stay asleep once she went to bed. She was up screaming from 10:30 until at least 12:30 when I went to bed (Jim stayed up, so I'm not sure what happened after that). This morning she seemed in a good mood, but would only eat 2 ounces from her bottle before going back to bed. At least she doesn't have a fever! I just wish they'd come in already! I hate teething!

Friday, November 4


Korri seems to be doing better this morning. Without any meds, her temperature was 101.5 degrees when she got up. Hey, that is a HUGE improvement from last night. After over an hour wait, I was able to get her oral antibiotic this morning, so we are hopefully all set.

I am thankful for three things. #1. That Korri is feeling better (obviously!). #2. That they were able to find something that can easily be fixed when we went in last night. There is nothing worse than having a sick kid and the dr just saying, "it is a virus!" or something like that. #3. That it wasn't an ear infection! This is the time that Finn started getting all of his ear infections that eventually led to tubes. So far, so good with K!

Korri lost a 1/2 pound in one week! I forgot to mention that last night when I posted. I think her appetite is back today. She has already had two bottles this morning and she has been averaging only three per day over the last week.

Thursday, November 3

Glad we went in

We noticed last Thursday night that Korri had a fever. It seemed to go away with medicine, so we didn't think much of it because not only did she get the flu vaccine earlier that day, but she is also teething (both of which can cause a low grade fever). Well, it continued to come and go over the weekend, getting as high as 103.8. Finally, today after a week of this on-again off-again fever, I called the nurse's line and made an appointment for tomorrow. On top of the fever, Korri wasn't eating well and was sleeping ALL the time. When Jim got home, he called our insurance nurse's line and they recommended taking her to Urgent Care and not waiting until tomorrow. I'm so glad we did!

After an almost two and a half hour visit, we discovered that Korri has a Urinary Tract Infection that spread to her blood! She was given an antibiotic shot tonight and will be on a strong oral antibiotic for the next 10 days. Upon the doctor's recommendation, I kept our appt for tomorrow and will wait to see how she is in the morning.