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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Tuesday, May 31

Hot (cool) tub

We hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day and remembered those that serve(d) our country so that we may be free! Thank you!! We had a quiet Sunday and Monday. Sunday, the four of us went to the Mall of America to walk around and use a couple gift certificates we had. It was Korri's first trip to the MOA and other than getting hungry, she was a really good girl. Finn LOVED people watching. It was fun watching him watch the people. On Monday, we stayed close to home. I love that it finally felt like summer.
Finn had a "tank tops" and shorts on for the first time. Jim cooled down the hot tub so Finn could go in it...which he did several times (Austin did, too)! Auntie Becca and Austin came over for dinner. It is so much fun to have Austin here...Finn walks around like his shadow, which I think Austin kind of likes. And it is so nice having auntie Becca here because she takes the time to hold Korri and take care of her...which is a HUGE relief for me.

About two weeks ago, Korri started taking her day time naps in her bed! Up to that point, she had been sleeping on the couch, which was fine, but probably not the safest. I was just selfish and it was easier for me to take care of her if she were right there. One day, Jim just suggested putting her in her bed, and she has been sleeping there ever since. Now, if she would just figure out how to fall asleep without crying/screaming forever, that would be fabulous.

Finn is apparently going up the stairs on his feet! I just about fell down the stairs when I saw him do this Sunday night and when I told Jim, he said that Finn has been doing it for a couple of weeks! Finn still has to hold on to the spindles, but I am very impressed. This was something they are/were working on for PT...I don't think I should tell them he can do it yet ;)

Monday, May 30

Four months old!

Korri is four months old today. Times really does fly by. We meet this milestone with a bit of hesitation because we were told colic would be done by now, and that isn't the case with baby girl. We have her 4 month well-child appt on Wednesday, so hopefully her doctor has some suggestions.

The continuing development of language basics is an important milestone this month. You’ll see that your baby can begin to understand and try to communicate with you. She'll try all sorts of repetitive, high-pitched giggles, shrieks, and noises as she shapes her mouth to change the sounds. [she changes her mouth shapes and tries SO hard to get noise to come out. It is cute to watch.] You'll start to hear her repeat sounds, such as “ba-ba-ba," over and over as she practices.

Early associations
Any day now your baby will realize that people and things have a name, such as "Mama"—a critical part of language development. If you call her by name, she may respond as she begins to associate herself with it. [she isn't doing this yet, but to her credit, we rarely call her by her name!]

Your baby’s growth
At 4 months babies usually range from 23 inches long and 11 pounds) (10th percentile ) to 25.5 inches long and 15.75 pounds (90th percentile). [we'll know exactly what she weighs after her appt, but our scale says she is right around 12.5 lbs, not sure how long.]

This month your baby may also:
  • squeal and laugh with delight [she just starts laughing, which is so fun]
  • make "raspberry" sounds with her lips [I think she does this by accident since she drools a ton]
  • experiment by making new sounds [she is trying!]
  • make sounds in response to you [for sure, we play "repeat" all the time]
  • track moving objects as her head and neck development work together [she has been doing this for a while]
  • roll over—usually from front to back—as muscles continue to develop [occasionally, but not consistently]
  • raise herself up on straightened arms while lying on her tummy, looking all around as neck muscles strengthen [not unassisted]
  • grasp a rattle with stronger hand muscles [she can, if we put it in her hand]
  • bear weight on both legs [yes]
  • start to sleep through the night [hmmm, she probably could/would, but I wake her up once for a feeding. I guess it depends how you definte "sleeps through the night."]
  • begin to show interest in solid foods by reaching for mom and dad's food at the table or other food in her line of sight [no interest as of yet]
What you can do
  • Spend time each day repeating words to her. Repetition is a great way for babies to learn new words. [she LOVES this]
  • Place a clean blanket on the floor and watch her inch along. She may also raise her head and shoulders to look around. To help prepare her for sitting alone, practice pulling her to a sitting position from the floor.
  • Give her toys she can grasp that also stimulate her senses such as crib gyms, brightly colored squeak toys, and soft, bumpy textured items with knobs, handles, and loops. [we need to be better about doing this]
  • Expose her to contrasting natural colors, which are good choices now as her vision continues to improve.
  • Introduce her to plastic pliable baby books she can grab and hold.

    Sunday, May 29

    Big boy and girl

    Finn peed again in his potty chair! We've been asking him a couple times a day, but not pushing it and he hasn't shown much interest. He told Jim he had to go Friday night and he sat on the toilet several times with each of us for a while (fan on and with books to read!). We kept his diaper off the rest of the night and kept asking him every 10 minutes or so. I was putting Korri to bed and Jim had just put Finn to bed and Jim came running upstairs to Finn's room. Jim said, "Finn, you went potty in your toilet!" Finn had gone one of the times when he was sitting in there by himself and never told us! So we got him up and celebrated and gave him a cookie (his promised reward for when he goes in his toilet). He kept saying, "excited!" and pumping his fists! So cute. We wanted him to know that it was a big deal and kept calling him a big boy. So, we'll see...

    Korri rolled over again, too! What a big girl. I went to get her from her nap this afternoon and she was laying (not happily!) on her back. Now she needs to figure out how to roll back so she doesn't get so mad :) This is probably the fourth time she has rolled from tummy to back. Maybe we can say we have a "roller" soon!

    Auntie Becca surprised us by offering to watch the kids for us last night! It was the best gift ever. Jim and I went to the movie Hangover 2 and it was just as good as the first one. I have to admit, throughout the movie, I kept thinking of Korri and thinking one of two things: 1. I really hope that she is behaving and not causing auntie too much trouble and 2. I love sitting here and not hearing her cry! Thank you so much Becky, Pete and Austin. I'm glad neither of them caused any major problems :)

    Saturday, May 28

    Soul mates

    I wanted to send a belated Happy EIGHTIETH Birthday to Papa! We hope you had a really fun party yesterday. Wish we could have helped you celebrate. And also a huge congratulations to Dave on his graduation from medical school. We are so proud of you, Dr. Brown, MD! Wish we could have helped you mean...celebrate today!

    The rest of our week: Wednesday, the three of us went to our monthly MOMS Club meeting. Our friends Pam and Lilly met us there and joined! I'm so happy because now I have somebody I know to go to some of the events with. With ECFE ending for the summer, I have a feeling we will need some fun things to do. Then we went to pick Dave and Sasha up at the airport. They were flying in from different places and didn't coordinate their flights yet their flights got in FOUR minutes apart! Too funny. They were at different terminals, but it is super easy to get between the terminals. Dave left right away for his 5 hours drive to ND (boo!) and we hung out with Sasha. Aunt Kelsie came over after work and we all watched the season finale of American Idol. (Yeah, Scotty!!! Since Casey and James couldn't win, I'm glad Scotty did.)

    Thursday, Sasha slept in (after a long day of traveling, who could blame her?) and the kids and I headed to class. Finn LOVES the train tracks there and always ends up spending all his time playing with them. One of the moms told me that you can get a decent sized train track set at Ikea for $10. SO, we might be making a trip to Ikea in the near future. Four of the families that were there on Thursday live in North Mpls, so we heard all of their scary stories about living through the tornado. Many tears were shed. Again, I just don't know how there wasn't more fatalities. In the afternoon, Sasha stayed home with Finn so that Korri and I could go to her second chiropractor appt. It was a LOT easier to get there for this appt than it was on Monday! Again, haven't seen any major changes in her behavior, but I'm still hopeful. Our next appt is next Thursday. Daddy had some problems with his flight to Boston from Chicago so he surprised us by coming home a day early! Yay! Sasha and Jim were able to reconnect and be their normal crazy selves. I seriously think they are soul mates...too bad they live so far apart from each other.

    Smiley baby girl:

    Friday, May 27

    Oh my!

    Let's see...what's been going on since Sunday? A ton...which is why I haven't had time to blog. Shame on me. Jim left early Monday morning for his business trip and we had our last Preemie class of the spring. It is so hard that classes aren't offered during the summer. After Preemie class, NeNe came over to watch Finn and I took Korri to her chiropractor appointment. Let's just say heading THROUGH North Mpls the day after a massive tornado went through was NOT a smart or safe idea! I should have rescheduled and was so thankful Finn was not in the car with us. Overall, the appointment went well. He adjusted her in two spots and we had a follow up appointment on Thursday. I don't know if it is helping, but I'm willing to try. He said after 4 sessions or so, if she isn't better, he can't really help her. So at least I know we won't be going forever and not seeing results anyway (which is one of Jim's many complains about chiropractors). I'm of the mind set...we'll see! No major changes yet. Monday night, the kids and I went over to aunt Becca's for dinner. Finn, of course, was super excited to spend some time with them and I really appreciated the help with Korri, especially since I've been battling a headache for several days.

    Tuesday, the kids and I went to North Mpls Regional Park. Okay, heading in that direction for the second day in a row was probably not smart, but I honestly thought they would have things cleared up a little more than they apparently had. Oops. All the exits off 94 were stilled closed, so I had to go THROUGH the destruction again (although far less destruction in this area than on Monday) to get to the park! And then it was a little too cold to stay and play very long, but Finn had a lot of fun. It was so good to see him actually playing on the equipment. Last fall he wasn't really able to get around or play on the stuff.  His favorite parts of the park: the bicycle racks and the paint on the trail! After the park, Stacey came over for a much needed visit. It was so good to catch up. Unfortunately, Korri slept the entire time she was here! Oops...hopefully next time she will at least be able to see her. In the evening, auntie Kristine came over to baby sit us, which was a nice break. Korri likes sleeping on Kristine's belly shelf ;)

    Sunday, May 22


    Jim woke up to Finn running into our room saying, "Happy birthday, daddy!" I'd say that is a pretty nice way to wake up. Jim ran a few errands this morning while I baked his birthday cake and cleaned the kitchen and house. Then we grilled some hamburgers and brats and a few people came over to help celebrate Jim's birthday. Thanks to everybody who made it over. I think overall, Jim had a really nice day. Happy birthday to the best father, husband and friend. We love you so much.

    We survived the great storms earlier today. Lynn called and asked if the tornadoes were here yet. I turned the TV on and a few seconds later the sirens went off. Then I heard there was a tornado touch down at Hwy 100 and 394, which is very close to our house. We grabbed the kids from their beds and headed downstairs. There was massive damage around our neighborhood, but we were fine. Kristine was on her way over here, so I told her not to come for a while. Finn ended up having fun because all his fun toys are downstairs and he played with the flashlight (nothing like playing with shadows!). We didn't know how bad it really was until the news came on tonight. They said it was the worst storm Minneapolis has ever seen. Yikes. There is a huge part of Minneapolis right across the river that has a curfew in place tonight to prevent looting (if you can't guess, the area is in North Mpls). Thanks for all the concerns for us. We hope that all of our family and friends fared as well as we did. Our thoughts and prayers also go out to the people of Missouri. I guess things can always be worse.

    Saturday, May 21

    Give them bread

    I forgot to mention that I made homemade bread from scratch on Wednesday. Jim doesn't really like homemade bread, but he does like cinnamon, so I thought I'd combine the two to see if he liked that. AND my recipe makes two loafs and I wanted to bring one to ECFE on Thursday since it was our turn to bring snacks.
    Even though it wasn't on my diet, I have to say, it was super good (Jim didn't say whether he liked it or not, so I'm guessing not)! And really, it isn't THAT hard to make it. It just takes a lot of time waiting for it to rise, then rise again and then finally rise again before baking. The recipe is on the recipe page. I highly recommend the cinnamon version! Oh, and Kelsie said she has a bread machine that she doesn't know how to use, so I said to bring it over so I can figure it out. How much fun would that be?!?!

    Finn showed interest in going on his potty chair again today...but he didn't make it. He went in there to sit on it, but went poopoo before we got the diaper off. But he is clearly getting the concept. So, we'll see.

    This afternoon, I got to get out of the house sans kids to go to my friend Jess' bridal shower. It was fun to hang out with other adults and have a little champagne. Of course, I had to head back home fairly early to feed baby, but that is okay. Jim said she was screaming for two hours (pretty much the entire time I was gone). That makes being gone not feel as rewarding (however, to Jim's credit, he didn't let me know that while I was gone). Oh, I really can't wait for the day when Korri and Jim bond and don't annoy each other!

    Friday, May 20

    First poopy!

    Finn, Korri and I met a few friends at the Midtown Global Market for Wee Wednesdays on...wait for it...Wednesday! This week they had a jazz dance teacher showing the kids different dance moves. Finn didn't overly participate, but he did try several of the moves. It was really cute. After that, we headed over to the Quinn household to meet new baby Andrew (they happen to live two blocks from the Global Market, so it worked out well). Andrew is so precious and, as always, it was wonderful to catch up with Lisa. Seems like things are going well.

    Yesterday, aunt Kelsie came over for her weekly American Idol viewing party. She was able to come a little earlier than normal, so Finn was super excited to get to play with her. Korri put on an extra special screaming fest later on in the evening. As a side note: I'm so happy Haley is finally gone! Now, Scotty better win it all (since my two favs are already gone...Casey and James!).

    Two things of note today: 1. Finn actually used the potty chair today and 2. I made a chiro appt for Korri for Monday!

    1. Finn pooped and peed in his potty chair today for the first time ever...and I missed it! I'm glad Jim was able to be there for a first as big as this, though. And they called me when it happened. Finn was SO proud of himself. Jim said that out of the blue, Finn said, "Poopy, daddy." So they went into the bathroom and about 20 minutes later (you know how "men" are in the bathroom!), Finn said, "I poopied, daddy" and Jim was like, "yeah, right." But he did! I still can't believe it. We tried a few more times today, to no avail. But I don't want to push him too hard, since he is still relatively young to be potty trained.

    2. I've been going back and forth and back again on whether to take Korri to a chiropractor for her colic and general fussiness. Finn's friend from ECFE, Claire's dad is a chiropractor, so I finally called today and got an appointment for Korri for Monday afternoon. They are very gentle with babies and I really think the worse case scenario is that it does nothing. The best case scenario...she stops screaming so much and is able to relax her body once in a while. I hate that she seems in pain so often. Her feet actually curve in a little bit because she tenses them so much and so often. Poor baby. Fingers (and anything that can be) are crossed!

    Tuesday, May 17

    Not again!

    In the last few days, four people have commented on Finn's neck position without me even mentioning it. So, his EI PT, Jane, stopped by Preemie Class yesterday and worked with Finn a little bit. She wasn't scheduled to come for a visit until next week, but stopped by today because she wanted to work with him again and give me some tricks to try. Seriously?!?! I'm SO done with this. I really thought that Finn would have out grown it by now. I was pretty down in the dumps, but on the bright side, because Finn is getting older, some of the exercises are more for him to do than us doing them to him. Like looking in a mirror and doing "Tick tock" with your head...a song that he loves anyway. Argh. I guess I'd better call Gillette about starting PT again (they were supposed to call me in April, but I haven't been too vigilant about going back!).

    And what Jane thinks is the reason for this major reemergence of Finn's torticollis...he is definitely going through a major growth spurt. He has been sleeping like crazy over the last couple of weeks and when I put his PJ pants on two nights ago, they were too short (something that has NEVER been a problem for Finn before!). Then yesterday, I put his jeans on him and we had the same problem! little shorty is getting taller! But the reason this could be causing his torticollis to act up is with all the changes in his muscles, his neck muscles might not be keeping up and able to stretch out the way the rest of his body is. So, more stretches and exercises in the mean time.

    Also, baby girl is starting to "play" with her surroundings and toys! We set up the gym play mat for her this weekend and she loves it. This morning, she accidentally hit one of the toys with her hand and then start purposefully playing with it! It was so much fun to see her thought process and her figuring out an elementary version of cause and effect. I took a video, but haven't had time to upload it yet. My baby girl is getting so big! Oh, and the gym mat might end up being my savior...she played with it on and off for a couple HOURS yesterday without crying! I couldn't believe it. Thank you Stacey and Connie for getting it for her! I may need to take you out for drinks as a thank you ;)

    Sunday, May 15

    Baptized In His Name

    What a beautiful day! Baby girl is baptized, even though she almost wasn't! Deacon John was supposed to do the baptism, but he never showed up. SO...the priest who was going to do the mass that followed baptism did it, even though he was trying to get ready for First Communion. Crazy. By the time they figured it out, I just said, "I don't care WHO does it, but Korri IS getting baptized today!" Why do these things always happen to me? I even talked to the church secretary on Wednesday to finalize all the details. Sheesh. Regardless, Korri is now baptized and a member of God's family!
    This is baby girl being baptized. She was great. She was awake through the entire mass and baptism...and she didn't make a peep the whole time. I think God's grace had something to do with it!
    This is newly baptized baby girl! Halfway through baptism, father leaned over to us and asked, "Is this a girl?" Ha! He had been referring to her as a boy for the first half of the baptism. It made us chuckle. What a wonderful day. Thank you to everybody who came. It really meant a lot to us to share this blessed event with all of you.

    Of course I made Korri's baptism cake. It didn't end up the way I envisioned when I started, but I think it turned out okay.
    I baked the cake(s) on Friday and I planned to make the roses on Friday as well. However, my daughter decided she didn't want me to make flowers, but rather hold her all night! So I made the majority of roses Saturday AM, hoping they would have time to dry out and harden before I had to put them on the cake. I then made the filling (I tried to reduce a glaze for the didn't really work that well) which took longer than I planned. Then because of the kind of cake I made (apple spice cake) it wouldn't cut well when I tried to level it. And then when I iced it, because it is so tall, it was super hard to get smooth. Anyway, I do love decorating cakes, even though these little things always seem to come up. Oh, and the roses hadn't hardened enough, so it was tricky getting them on the cake! Everybody said it tasted and looked good, so I guess I'll accept it :)

    Happy Baptism, Korrigan! May the Lord bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand. Now, I'm ready for a nap ;)

    Saturday, May 14

    Getting ready for the big day

    Yesterday involved a lot of cleaning and putting things away. Fun day off for Jim, I'm sure. I always wonder how the house is going to be ready when we have an event, but it always is. It helped that Becky came over to clean...thank you! She brought Austin, so Finn and Austin had a blast. I tried to get the roses done for Korri's baptism cake, but Korri had other ideas. Decorating cakes is a lot harder when you have a high maintenance baby.

    Jim and Finn went to Finn's ENT follow up appointment yesterday afternoon. All is well with Finn's ears! Thankfully. The one tube is still in and the doctor cleaned out his ears and took the other one out (it was stuck in the wax!). The dr didn't see the need to redo a hearing test, so we are set for 6 months! I hope ear infections are a thing of the past...since we've been infection free since November! (knock on wood)

    Memere and Grandpa came over today to help get ready for baptism. Okay, let's be play with the kids...which is a huge help. After many unforeseen set backs, the cake is stacked, the filling thickened (finally!), the cake is iced and the roses are drying. I still need to do the finishing touches, which always take longer than you plan for, and I'm not sure I have enough icing to finish. Hmmm....maybe I'll "tweak" the design a bit! Can't wait for tomorrow. There is nothing more refreshing or renewing than a baptism. And after a little snafu, aunt Kelsie is bringing Korri's baptism gown back from Oville (THANK YOU!) otherwise, Korri would have been baptized in a bonnet, tights and shoes ;)

    Thursday, May 12

    Having babies (and not!)!

    Interesting fact: yesterday in Kristine's pregnancy was the day that I had Finn. When you put that in perspective and it happening to somebody else...that is CRAZY! I can not imagine Kristine having a baby at this point. If possible, it makes me even more thankful for our healthy boy. And so far, Kristine is doing well and I hope she goes until exactly 40 weeks (or at least 37 so she can make Beck's wedding)! I just love looking (okay, and touching...but I'm her sister!) at her cute belly.

    Speaking of having babies, a HUGE congratulations to Lisa and Collin on the birth of their second son, Andrew! After several weeks (maybe TEN?!?!) on complete bed rest, Andrew was born yesterday via planned c-section four weeks early. A huge difference from Samuel, their first son who was born at 23 weeks. I am so happy and excited for them and can't wait to meet Andrew. I also don't envy her the next severals weeks of adjusting to being a mother of two! Although it is wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for anything :)

    Wednesday, May 11

    Drool Beard Thomas

    Drool Beard Thomas strikes again; the most feared pirate of the seas:
    Okay, she's not really a pirate, but can be feared at times! She often has bubbles on her chin and we call it her "drool beard." I think it sounds like a pirates name! Maybe I've just lost my mind ;)

    Korri is only getting up once a night to eat! I actually have been getting her up when I wake up halfway through the night. I don't think it is good for my milk supply to go more than 8 hours right now (I'm probably over thinking, but I don't want to have happen now what happened with Finn!). So she usually eats around 2 or 3 and than again around 6am! I'll take it. Once she goes to sleep, she is a good sleeper. But man, does she fight going to sleep! Can't remember if I mentioned that she sucks her index finger:
    But for the most part, she doesn't use the pacifier at night and I think she only uses it during the day to go to sleep. And that is because it makes life easier on me. I'm glad we have it for a tool, but I'm also glad she isn't 100% glued to it either. Now, if I could just find a way for it to stay in while in the car, we'd all be happier!

    She smiles a LOT, especially in the mornings and during her diaper/clothes changes. She often looks like she is going to laugh, but has a hard time getting sound out. She coos, but we never know if it will turn into crying. I just love seeing her grow and develop. She has amazing head and neck control and can even sit upright on your lap for a few moments unassisted (don't worry, she is far from actually sitting!). I think she would be rolling over from back to tummy if she was on her back more often. She has only rolled from tummy to back three or four times, but CAN do it when she gets her arms in the right position.

    Tuesday, May 10

    Open wide

    Finn had his first dentist appointment today...and was a super big boy.
    The dentist was impressed with Finn's ability to follow instructions and not "freak" out. Overall, Finn's teeth look good and he doesn't have any cavities. Yay. The facial asymmetry, at least from a dentistry perspective, isn't severe and the asymmetry in his jaw/teeth can most likely be corrected with braces down the road and in a worse case scenario, surgery. The dentist could tell that Finn is a thumb sucker based on how his teeth are growing, but they don't do anything to correct that until he has his permanent teeth. The dentist said it was a case of the chicken and the egg: are Finn's teeth deformed because he sucks his thumb, or does he put his thumb in that spot because it is deformed? He recommended seeing the craniofacial team at Children's (Finn's pediatrician had the same recommendation), but since the dentist thinks things are good for now, I think we might put that off until Finn is older. The dentist wants to see him in 6 months because Finn has deep grooves in his back teeth (just like his momma!) and he wants to make sure cavities don't start developing.

    Now that we've gone to the dentist, we should probably start making a bigger effort to brush Finn's teeth every day. Oh, just another thing to add to the schedule! The good thing is that Finn will do it himself and does an okay job, but HATES when mommy or daddy check to make sure. And the hygienist said to start flossing the teeth that are touching each other...yeah right. Does anybody have a straight jacket?!?!

    Sunday, May 8

    Little tikes

    Our fun new purchase:
    I've been looking on Craigslist for awhile for a slide that Finn can use by himself (they are ridiculously expensive when they are new). We have a bigger gym/slide from my aunt Karen, but it is too big for Finn right now. I just happened to look yesterday morning and this one had just been entered at a very reasonable price (others were listed for twice as much!). I called her immediately and Jim left five minutes later to pick it up. It was outside in the yard when Finn got up from his nap and he LOVED it. Can't wait for a summer of fun!

    I added a new recipe to the recipe page. It is for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I've made these several times and everybody always says how good they are. Plus, I can never find the recipe when I need it, so now I know where it is. I like to make these cookies for new moms who plan to breast feed, as several of the ingredients are known to boost lactation. But don't worry, if you aren't lactating, it won't cause you to! Finn and Jim eat them all the time :)

    A very Happy Mother's Day wish to my mom! Even though I don't get to see you in person today, please know that I love you and appreciate all you've done for me as my mom. Also, Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies in my life who happen to be moms. Thank you for all the wonderful examples I have to follow (and lean on)!

    Saturday, May 7

    Duh, swimming!

    We had a wonderful, albeit tiring, day in St. Cloud with auntie NaeNae yesterday. I found a dress for me to wear at baptism. It is a little dressier than I was thinking, but I guess you'd rather go on the dressy side than casual side...and I got a great deal on it (gotta love JCPenny's Mother's Day sale!). Now I hope I can find my silver shoes and sweater to wear with it. Finn had a blast on the mechanical cars at the mall...there was a play area right next to them and he didn't even look in that direction.
    I don't think he knew that the cars could move, so we didn't even put money in them. Oh, the simple things in life.

    After shopping, we had lunch. I planned on us having Subway (healthy!), but there was a Sbarro next door to Subway and I knew that if auntie was getting pizza, Finn would NOT eat a sandwich. So he ate almost as much pizza as she did! Seriously, this kid can eat. Then we went back to auntie's "partmet" as Finn said. Finn napped shortly, but had a hard time falling asleep. Renae colored my hair, cut Finn's and then we FINALLY got to go swimming.
    Finn had a ball! I think he would have stayed at the pool until midnight, if I'd let him. Thank you, auntie for going in with him! This post-preggo body was NOT getting into a swimming suit ;) Finn even got to swim with Nick for a bit before we had to leave.

    We had such a great time and got a lot done. Still no baptism bib for Korri, but I'm hoping to have time to run out this week and try to find one. Thanks for having us, Ernie! Hope you got to rest and do nothing the rest of the evening. I was exhausted when we got home! And when we did get home, Finn got a super surprise: auntie Becca, uncle Pete and AUSTIN were at our house! How much more can a boy handle in one day?!?! Needless to say, Finn slept really well last night and didn't get up until after 10 this morning!

    Friday, May 6

    EIGHT hours!

    Special alert: Korri went from 10pm until 6 am last night! And then she only woke up at 6am because I was in pain and NEEDED her to wake up and eat. I know it was only one night, but I'll take it. Now, if she would just figure out a way to scream less in the evenings on a regular basis, we'd be all set and have nothing to write about ;) A nice problem to have.

    Korri, Finn and I are headed to St. Cloud today to see Auntie NaeNae! I'm really looking forward to the trip, but we have lots planned and I hope we get to it all. I need my hair colored and Finn needs a cut. Korri is practically bald now, so we won't have to worry about her hair cut for a long time! I would like to find a dress for's next weekend, what's the big rush? I have a specific style/image in my mind, so I know it is going to be tough to find it. I need to find a baptism bib for Korri (the Christian store I ordered her bible at didn't carry them any more). AND Finn would revolt if we didn't squeeze in some time for swimming. All in one day? We might have to stay all week!

    Sister bragging area: Renae is in school for architecture and her plans/design for next year's spec house were picked among all the other students in the school! This is huge for her, as when she graduates, she'll already have "built" a house and have something for her portfolio. AND it is a "special needs" house so it shows she knows all the rules, regulations and laws around that. I'm so proud of her. I guess when "somebody" suggested you become an architect...they knew what they were talking about!!! Hee, hee. Congrats, baby sis.

    Thursday, May 5

    Close to the tree

    Jim got home really late last night. Finn was super excited to see him this morning until Jim grabbed him and tackled him on our bed. I think Finn is afraid he will have to go back to sleep or something!

    A very big huge thank you to my cousin, Dan. He, who happens to be an electrician, came over Tuesday to fix our wonky electrical issues in the upstairs. And now, Korri can have a functioning space heater in her room without shorting out the entire floor! I'm so happy. She was probably fine, but as Becky can attest to, Korri's room can get pretty chilly (it was Becky's room for a while). Now I don't need to obsessively put fleece on her every night (or freeze when I feed her).

    As a parent, there are plenty of moments when you want to pull your hair out, lock your kid(s) in a closet or just leave and never come back (or at least for a long time!). No? Maybe it's just me ;) Anyway, today Finn's actions just made me stop, appreciate him and smile. He was watching Super Why (possibly his favorite cartoon) and he told me that his hair was getting long. I'm guessing he heard it from somewhere else?!?! Anyway, I told him that Auntie NaeNae was going to cut it tomorrow and maybe even go swimming with him (she has a pool at her apartment). He reacted exactly how I would have, if I had received really exciting information (FYI: He LOVES swimming). He started over exaggerating his words and was REALLY into Super Why and kept kind of bouncing up and down. I asked him if he was excited and he said, "yeah." I tend to have strong reactions about certain things as well. It was just a moment that I'll cherish. Not that I want him to be exactly like me, but it just proves the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    This is a picture of me and my babes that my mom took and I wanted to share:

    Wednesday, May 4

    Cute, cute, cute!

    They are ready! For your viewing pleasure, Korri's 3 month pictures:
    password: 3months

    I know it gets repetitive, but, as always, Jessica Hislop is/was amazing. Korri is such a serious baby a lot of the time, that I was concerned we wouldn't get many goods pictures. However, I needn't have worried. Jess did a great job of getting a lot of variety of Korri's expressions. I just love them. Jess, thank you so much. You deserve some type of award :) And I'm pretty sure Korri deserves an award for holding up her head the longest...seriously, she was a rock star!

    Tuesday, May 3

    What's that?

    Finn's somewhat new thing is to ask "what's that?" It is really cute and not nearly as annoying as "why?" but I know that phase is coming, too! We were on a walk today and he kept asking what things were. I just love being able to communicate so well with him. His other common question is, "What are you doing?" This one isn't as cute as "What's that?" but it just shows me how aware he is of his surroundings.

    Finn is now allowed to go up and down the stairs by himself (meaning no parent standing behind him). I prefer when he does it on the basement stairs because there is carpet at the bottom of them, but he does a great job (and I don't have a heart attack if I don't watch him). He always asks first whether he can go up or down. I like that so I know to listen for him (not that I wouldn't hear him fall!).

    I think I dare say that Korri is only getting up two or three times a night now! I am so grateful. She is still very fussy in the evenings and likes to be held pretty much all day, but I feel like her colic is slowly getting better. She also occasionally lets me put her in the swing or bouncy seat for a few minutes at a time, which NEVER happened before. This is the best because it gives me a few minutes to do things like go to the bathroom and use both of my hands at one time!

    Daddy had to go on a last minute work trip tonight and man, did I notice how much I rely on him in the evenings! It isn't that I can't do it by myself, but with Korri crying and only one parent, it makes dinner and bed times kind of tough. Eventually, she just has to cry it out because poor Finn does need my attention (and both hands!) some times! Jim should be back tomorrow, hopefully. Yay!

    Monday, May 2

    Froze out

    We ended up getting froze out yesterday at the walk. We lasted about forty-five minutes or so and then we had to make the tough decision to leave before the walk even started because it was too cold for Korri. I wanted to tough it out, but Korri was pale and lethargic (despite bundling her up) it was time to get her home and warmed up.
    Please don't think that our decision not to walk reflects our lack of appreciation of your donations! We all really wanted to walk, but as you know, when you have kids, you need to make tough decisions and put them first. Hopefully next year will be warmer than 22 degree wind chill and snow flurries (seriously, it IS May, right?).

    In the time that we were there, Finn got to see Spider Man, the Vikings Cheerleaders and GOLDY! Needless to say, Finn had a good time, even if we weren't there very long.

    Sunday, May 1

    Walk this way

    Today is our March for Babies walk! My, the emotions it evokes. We are really excited and even more excited that it isn't raining (like last year!). We could use warmer temps and calmer winds, but we'll take it. We borrowed a double stroller from Arks (THANK YOU SO MUCH!), so it will be nice to have the kids in one place (we could have brought both of our strollers, but that seemed like a lot of unnecessary work). If Jim likes this stroller, maybe we will be able to finally buy a double stroller! Yay.

    A HUGE thank you to my mom for walking with us today. The support really means a lot. And also so much appreciation and thanks to everybody who made a donation to our walk this year. We really are so blessed to have family and friends that care so much about us and of course, Finn's health. Our journey was not easy, but has made us the family we are today. I am so thankful to have a happy, well-adjusted little boy who brings so much joy to so many lives on a daily basis. God blessed us the day he gave us Finnegan and without the support of organizations like March of Dimes, I don't think our journey would have brought us to the wonderful place we are today. We know times are tight and really and truly appreciate each and every donation that was made. THANK YOU!!! Hope we don't freeze ;)