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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Thursday, March 31

Auntie to the rescue!

All I can say is, "Thank God for family!" I had a headache last evening that continued to worsen over night. By the morning, it was a migraine, but still tolerable (well, as tolerable as a migraine can be!). So the kids and I went to ECFE where my migraine turned into a full blown doozy (no Imitrex for a nursing mom!). By the time we got home, I was doing everything I could think of to not throw up and do the things that my kids needed me to do. Jim was in a deposition all afternoon, so I knew I couldn't ask him to come home.

SO, in desperation, I checked with Kristine to see what her afternoon was like and if she could work from our house...which she could! She was at our house about half an hour later and I pretty much crashed (Finn was napping and I fed Korri right before she got there). Man, I needed that. I felt better after napping for a couple hours and over the evening, my migraine slowly went away. Saying I appreciate it doesn't even come close to how much it meant to me because I don't think I would have made it without her help. Thank you beyond words, Kristine!

Then after work, Aunt Kelsie came over to see the kids and watch the American Idol results show with us (I totally called the bottom three!). It was nice to have the extra help...which means somebody else to hold Korri all evening. Man, she is a tough cookie in the evenings. She isn't as "bad" as Finn was during his full blown time with colic, but close. Thanks for the company, Kels!

Wednesday, March 30

2 already?

Yup, it's official, baby girl is two months old. That is crazy. Here is some typical 2 month development:

She will likely now be on a more predictable schedule and will probably be nursing or drinking 5-6 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours. [she eats every 2 - 3 hours and still sleeps a lot!] At this age you can expect your baby to smile [yes, but no on command yet], laugh [no] and make noises [yes], lift her head and chest up while lying on her stomach [for sure], turn toward sounds and to follow you around with her eyes [yes]. If using a pacifier [yup!], try and restrict its use to when your baby seems to need the self-comforting behavior of sucking. Avoid using it every time your baby cries (it is usually better to pick and hold your baby to comfort her when she is crying). [she would prefer to be held ALL DAY!]

Finn and Korri got dressed up in their party clothes and we went to Lily and Juliette's second birthday party on Sunday. Becky did an amazing job on their cake (Noah's Ark) and the girls got lots of good presents. You know your child has too much stuff when you are at a birthday party and you realize your child has half of the gifts that were opened (the other half were pink, so he didn't have them)! I enjoyed watching Finn interacting with all the other kids, even though he couldn't really keep up with them. He didn't seem to mind, though.

Monday, Becky and Austin came over for dinner before Pete's basketball game. It had been way too long since we'd seen Austin. Finn was in heaven. At one point Austin said, "My, isn't is wonderful now that Finnegan can walk?" Never has there been a truer statement uttered! The next day, Finn labeled everything Austin had played with...Austin's ping pong ball, Austin's hockey stick, Austin's basketball!

Finn's EI team came over yesterday morning. It was a really good visit and I love that they are willing to help me with and give suggestion for Korri. What do "normal" parents do who don't have a team like this?!?! Oh, and while they were here...Korri rolled over!!! I just about died and of course, didn't get the video camera soon enough (I did get the next attempt on video, but it wasn't completely unassisted like the first one was!). Now, keep in mind that the PT was working with her and had her in the optimal position, but she did the work! Crazy. Since she sleeps so much on her tummy, they want her to be able to roll sooner rather.

That night, Jess and Jason came over and brought dinner! So thoughtful and yummy. I love eating together at the same time as Finn...doesn't happen very often. They also gave Korri a super cute sweatsuit from The Gap...I think the cutest thing a kid can wear is a Gap sweatshirt! Thank you so much guys! Glad we could find an evening that worked.

Today my aunt Karen came over with her two kids, Anthony and Rachel. Both kids LOVED Korri and kept wanting to hold her (except when she was crying;). I think that is so cute. Then they invited Finn to go to Como zoo with them, which I thought was very nice. Finn was all about going until he realized that mommy wasn't going...but Karen said he did great and had a fun time. After they dropped him off and he took a nap, he had to tell me about the lions and tigers and tell daddy about the giraffe's and elephants when he got home. I think Finn enjoyed himself! We also stopped by to see our friends Lisa and Samuel just before dinner. Lisa is 30 weeks pregnant and on bedrest, so it was good to see her with my own eyes and see how good she is doing. Finn loved playing with Samuel and all of his toys (they have the same interests...balls and trucks!).

Wow, lots going on, I guess. I'm sure I forgot a ton of stuff, but that's what happens when I don't blog every day. See people, I actually blog every day because I'm lazy and can't remember things ;)

Monday, March 28

Breakfast of champions?

Finn's usual breakfast:
a couple scoops of lowfat plain yogurt
a spoonful of pureed veggies
a handful of berries (today was blueberries)
a sprinkling of fiber cereal

Oh, did I mention that is all in one bowl mixed together? What?!?! Isn't that what normal two year olds eat for breakfast (or "breckus" as Finn says)?

Sunday, March 27

8 weeks!

While Korri isn't technically 2 months until Wed, today she is eight weeks old! It seems like she has been part of our family forever and I barely remember what life was like before she arrived (or what a full night's sleep was like! ha, ha).

Eight week development: Baby's motor skills and senses are developing like crazy. [she is really close to finding her hands to suck on...they occassionally find their way to her mouth, but she hasn't quite figured out how]  Her hand-eye coordination is improving, she's starting to recognize specific sounds and sights, and is getting pretty darned good at holding up her head. [thankfully, she is pretty much mastered this skill, considering all the problems we had with Finn!] Also this week: It's time for baby's two-month checkup! Your doc will check her overall growth and development and give a round of immunizations. [Her appt is next week, I hope that Jim can come seems he got out of a lot of Finn's immunizations!]

We had a nice, quiet, stay-at-home day yesterday. We don't get many of them. Today we are headed out to the twin's second birthday party! Should be lots of fun and I can't wait to see their Noah's Ark cake that their master baker/decorator mom is making :)

Friday, March 25

Sheeesh...SIX HOURS!

I don't want to jinx it and I know I said I wasn't going to mention Korri's sleep schedule, or lack there of, until she was actually on some kind of regular routine. However, I am so happy to announce that she slept for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT last night! I couldn't believe it and jumped out of bed when I realized how long it had been! And she still wasn't screaming to eat, only starting to wiggle around. (of course I did get up halfway through the stretch thinking something was wrong...but it wasn't!) And she slept in her crib last night, too! I don't know. I really hope we've figured something out. But if not, at least I had last night!

Jim stayed home with the kids this morning so I could get my stitches out. It feels so much better now that they are gone, but they gave me a salve to put on for the next three or four days. They didn't think it was infected, but it was red with puss (gross, I know!), so they wanted to be cautious. And I got a notice back in the mail from the pathology and it is completely benign! I was figuring it would come back that way, but still good to know for sure.

Stacey came over after my dr appt and brought lunch! Shrimp Pad Thai...yumm-o! Finn even ate some of it, after coming to terms with the texture. As always, we had a great time with her here. Thanks for lunch and the company!

Wednesday, March 23

Unplugged and snowed in

As you can tell, it has been nearly a week since my last post, which I don't think has ever happened! It wasn't for lack of want on my end, but I do apologize. We left Friday for a weekend in Oville and Murdock and the kids and I just got back tonight (i.e. no internet access and very limited phone service!).

NeNe stopped by Friday afternoon and took Finn with her to Oville, which was a HUGE blessing. We weren't sure how Korri was going to be in the car, since this was her first big car trip and dealing with two potentially crabby kids was not something we wanted to do if possible. Korri did okay (Finn did, too, but I hear NeNe was quite the entertainment!). We stopped in Murdock so I could feed her and after that, she needed the car to be moving swiftly, none of this "slowing down for towns" business. We got to Oville just before Finn went to bed, so it worked out.

Korri met lots of people this weekend; including her Grandpa Egg (my dad), her great, great grandma Granny (Jim's 102 year old great grandma) and her great grandma and grandpa Smith (my mom's parents)!

Saturday evening we celebrated my Grandma Walsh's 80th birthday with a surprise party at my aunt Vicky's house. It was so much fun! I haven't been able to see my extended family much with my limited travel ability while being pregnant, so I loved catching up with everybody.

On Sunday, my uncle Tony brought Jim back to the Cities so he could leave for his week long trip to Chicago and the kids and I stayed at my mom's until this afternoon (we planned on leaving last night or this morning, but the weather had other ideas). It was beyond amazing to stay at my mom's the last few days. But it was also nice to get home tonight and put Finn in his own bed. Jim gets back late tomorrow night, so at least I didn't go crazy from the lack of a break this week while he was gone. In fact, quite the mom did almost everything for the kids and me! You can't beat a little spoiling every now and then!

Oh and we got to show the kids off at mom's work on Monday. Finn had a blast because Grandma had a bouncy ball and recycle bins to shoot them into and everybody wanted to give him candy! On Tuesday, we went over to my old high school, where Lynn works, and showed the kids off there. Finn loved that, too because there were so many kids and he got to be on TV (Lynn teaches over ITV)!

As you can imagine, I have over 200 emails to go through and tons of pictures to upload. I am not used to being so unconnected, especially for this long. In a way, it was kind of refreshing, but I'll stick to my internet and texting, thank you very much ;)

Thursday, March 17

My green kids

Green as in Happy St. Patrick's Day, not green as in environmentally friendly! Here are my babies in their green outfits from this morning:
Korri's doesn't look very green, but it is! And Finn's pants are green and there is a green stripe in his shirt. It was fun finding appropriate clothes for today...since I wouldn't let myself by them matching St. Patty's Day outfits (doesn't fit in the!).

The gate at the bottom of the stairs is no more. It never fit quite right, but with Jim's ingenuity, he was able to make it work. However, it's been in the process of breaking for weeks and yesterday, it finally had enough and Jim took it down. While Finn isn't quite an expert on stairs yet, I'm very confident that he won't go up or down the stairs without somebody watching him (he always waits for one of us to come over), but if he does, I feel pretty good that he can make it up or down without long as he doesn't dink around and play as he is going up or down! It is so nice and open without the darn gate.

I tried something new last night: I didn't swaddle Korri at bedtime. I figured I had to try something and she has this really warm sleeper, so I knew she'd be warm enough. I had the idea because every time I go into her at night when she is crying, she is struggling like crazy to get out of the swaddle. I don't know if it "worked" or not, but she went three hours between two feedings (and we battled between the other one...she, of course, won!). I read an article that said you can't/shouldn't "sleep train" a baby until they are at least three months old. Forty four days and counting...

Wednesday, March 16

Big boy potty

Well, I decided to be brave and attempt to play outside today with the kids. It was just too nice to stay inside...and we actually had fun! Here are the two kiddos ready for our adventure:
Finn asked for sunglasses when I put mine on, so I thought, "Why not?" He left them on the whole time and didn't mess with them at all! I was impressed.
Peanut looked super cute in her bunting. She hasn't been able to wear it because it would be too warm for her in the car seat, but it was perfect for a day like today, and I think we'll have plenty more of them!

The three of us walked up and down our street two times and then daddy came home and we walked around the block. I really enjoyed the time with Finn because I realized every time I need him to walk somewhere, we are in a hurry and I'm always dragging and hurrying him along. This time, we had nothing to hurry for and could go whatever speed he wanted/needed to. And he, of course, stomped in every puddle he could find, which I think is great! Maybe I should invest in some galoshes!

Finn has a big boy potty! Becky brought Austin's potty chair over yesterday and Finn loves it.
He kept wanting to sit on it last night (clothed) but today, he told me he had to go poopy (which I'm beginning to realize is actually potty!), so we took his pants/diaper off and he sat on it, but didn't go. It is still a little too big for him (my poor boy with the super short legs!), but it is better than the big toilet. I still think he is too young and not ready, but Jim thinks he is ready. So, we'll see. It sure would be nice to only have one in diapers, but I'm not holding my breath any time soon ;)

Finn has been obsessed with hockey lately. Don't ask me how or why, but he is (much to mommy's chagrin). I've given up saying, "" in my attempt to brain wash him and think it is probably time to get him a real hockey stick since he already broke one of my "hockey sticks:"
We looked at Target this week and were disappointed that they didn't have any hockey sticks. Hmmm, I'll have to look online or at Toys R Us or something. How can you deny a child something they love so much?!?!

Sunday, March 13

Dinner and a movie?

Jim and I got to go on a DATE last night! It was so great. At one point I told Jim I felt "normal" for the first time in a really long time. NeNe and Les came over to visit and then stayed with the kids for us. I was a little nervous about Korri because this was the first time I was away from her for a feeding (I pumped right before we left), but DeAnn said all went well. Jim and I went to the New Hope Cinema Grill for dinner and to see The Fighter. To be honest, this movie wasn't my first pick, but the showtime worked for us, so we went. However, it was an amazing movie with a really good message. I was surprised by how much I really liked it. Now, the drink I had during the movie might have made me like it more... A super extra huge thank you to DeAnn and Les. Words can't express our gratitude :)

After a fussy night, Korri had another poopsplosion today. She doesn't have a fever and she isn't dehydrated, so I don't think there is anything to be concerned about, but it is getting old. Jim got to clean up this one!

I think we are going to bypass Daylight Savings unscathed. Finn got up around normal time this morning and took his nap at the normal time this afternoon, so hopefully we won't have any backlash tonight or tomrrow AM. And, of course, Korri is too little to be on any type of schedule that a time change would affect her.

Saturday, March 12

Mole, gone!

Korri had another poopsplosion just as we were leaving for my doctor appointment yesterday and it was BAD! I probably should have given her a bath, but a wipe/sponge bath had to do. Yikes. I think she has a touch of the virus we all got because it is really runny, even runnier than normal breastfed babies. Hopefully it "runs" its course quickly. Sorry, bad taste, I know ;)

So, I had my follow up appointment to my secondary mole removal (and I also had another spot frozen off). Jim had meetings that he couldn't cancel, which I didn't find out about until late Thursday evening, so I got to bring both kids with me. Fun. I guess that is one down side of being a stay-at-home have to do things like bring your kids with to the doctor when you have having procedures done. I can't think of a scenario where Jim would ever have to bring a kid with him to an appointment, but oh, well. They had a lady behind the desk come and keep them occupied, so it turned out okay. The spot they removed ended up being a little bigger than I think they were thinking because she said it would be pretty painful once the numbing wore off and to stay on top of the pain with Tylenol. I've done the Tylenol and not too painful yet. The spot they froze off hurt more yesterday, but now I think the skin is dead. Yay! Now hopefully I won't have to worry about skin cancer for a while.

We have finally set the date for baptism! What a fiasco that ended up being. The priest had very limited availability (and by that, I mean almost none!) so we are having the deacon do it (whom we really like anyway!) even though he had limited availability, too. This time of year is tough with all the things going on in the church and personally we have a lot of weekends already spoken for. It is May 15 at 11am. Glad to have that on the calendar. And we are very happy and excited that auntie NaeNae has agreed to be Korrigan's godmother! Thank you, Renae. Korri is a lucky girl and we couldn't think of anybody we'd rather have (well, except!)!

Thursday, March 10

Time for a diaper bag

Korri has started to smile! She has been doing it for about a week, but up until the last couple days, it seemed completely random (still not very consistent). When auntie NaeNae was here this weekend, Korri smiled at her and will do it on and off when she is looking at you. I love it. Of course, I try to grab the camera and then she won't do it any more. Oh, well. I LOVE that she is interacting. I think that is when they stop being a newborn and start being a person. My baby's growing up!

Korri hadn't pooped since yesterday afternoon. I was concerned, so I got online at 5am this morning (exactly what I wanted to be doing at that time!) and the consensus seems to be that breastfed babies, once they are over a month old, can go several days and in some cases up to a week without pooping and it is considered fine. Up until now, she has pooped every time she ate, and  this is a change. So, I thought to myself as we were leaving for class, "Self, maybe you should run upstairs and grab an extra outfit for Korri in case there is a poopsplosion." I answered myself, "No, she hasn't pooped through yet and we are running late." WRONG ANSWER! We weren't at class for more than 20 minutes and she pooped all over everything! I had to take her clothes off and wrap her naked in a blanket! I felt like a terrible mom for not being more prepared, but all ended up being fine. I guess it is time to start bringing a diaper bag! Why does it seem like this blog is turning into a blog about poop? Sheesh. Sorry about that.

Speaking of class, today was the first class of the new spring session. It is the same time, place and teachers for us, but I'm so super excited to have a lot of our "old" friends back in our class! This is the group that we had last spring and have kept in contact with monthly play dates every since. I just love this group of kids and moms. Yay! Should make for a really fun spring. Although, I'm bummed we don't have class next week and the following week is spring break. What am I going to do with Finn for two full weeks?!?!

The other day, Korri was crying and I was in the kitchen. By the time I got to the living room she had stopped crying...because she had her soothie in her mouth! Finn had gotten her pacifier and given it to her! It completely and totally melted my heart. I then told him we have to be careful when giving it to the baby for obvious reasons, but I think it is a testament to his loving nature. My sweet, helpful boy!

Wednesday, March 9

Let the fasting begin!

Okay, I'm going to stop commenting on Korri's sleep habits. Every time I mention how good she has been, the next night is terrible! So, just assume going forward that we have good nights and bad nights and when we get on a more reliable schedule, I'll post about it!

Well, Jim is still sick on and off, but I seem to be 95% better! Feeling good, but hard to tell if  the 5% is from being sick or from lack of sleep in general! Ha, maybe I'll always feel 95% until Korri's is sleeping better ;) Jim always has a harder time getting over illnesses than me, so I hope he is better soon, for all our sakes! And Finn had "regular" poop today, so it is sad to say, but I was happy to see it! Oh, the life of a stay-at-home mom, I know!

So today is Ash Wednesday. I haven't decided what I'm going to give up. If I give up something truly and extremely difficult, it would be Facebook, but I don't want to set myself up for failure either. I've done the no snacking before and also no sweets. I've done no alcohol, but as seeing how I'm not drinking a ton these days, I don't think that would be too tough. Hmmm...I'll have to think about it. Since I want to lose the rest of the baby weight, maybe something food related would be good (a double incentive never hurt anybody!). Now, the hard part is remembering not to eat meat on's not like I mind not having meat, I just need to remember!

Tuesday, March 8

All better?

Well, I think/hope that Jim and I must have had the 24 hour version of Finn's 6 day bug. We are both feeling better, but not quite 100%. Weird. I think it is easier to stay hydrated when you know you should eat and drink certain things instead of being a stubborn 2 year old and only doing what you want! I keep telling Finn that mommy knows best, but he doesn't seem to believe me yet...ha, ha! I bet he never will until he has his own kids ;)

Korri has been extra fussy and seems to be extra gassy the last few days. Jim keeps saying she is colicky, but if she is, it is nothing like Finn was when he had colic. There is just so little you can do for gas. On the bright side, I took my aunt's advice and turned the audio monitor off at night (Korri's door is right across the hall from ours). Part of me feels really guilty when I wake up and she is crying because I don't know how long she has been crying, but the other part is so happy to be getting between 3 and 4 hour stretches between feedings. Sleep does wonders for mommy's temperament during the day...hmmm, imagine that. And I honestly don't think she is crying that long...I'm a mom after all and don't we all wake up instantly when a baby is crying? I think it is ingrained. Dad's...not so much ;)

Monday, March 7

Me, too!

Well, I thought it only fair to join in the sick "fun" going on at our house. I wasn't feeling 100% yesterday, and thought/hoped it had passed me by. No such luck. It hit full force at 6:30 this morning when I was feeding Korri! Yuck. It comes and goes, so at least I can still take care of the kids, for the most part. Jim stayed home sick today, so between the two of us, we've somehow managed. The "good" thing about me getting sick is that Korri will get my antibodies, so hopefully she won't catch whatever it is that we all have. Praying for a quick recovery by all.

Sunday, March 6

Here we go again

I think we've turned the corner on Finn's illness. We went through three pairs of pants yesterday but he started to eat a little bit and was drinking a lot more. He woke up this morning having soaked through his diaper, so I guess he is hydrated. He didn't have any dirty diapers today and ate ALL DAY long. Don't they say you can tell when a child is feeling better when they start eating? If that's the case, Finn is better! Ha, I still don't think he is 100%, but I'm hopeful that after 6 days he is well on his way to recovery.

However, now Jim is sick! Sheesh, I just can't catch a break. I guess I have a glimpse into what it would be like having three kids...however at least Jim can clean up after himself ;) Hopefully Jim won't be as sick as long as Finn was. And poor Auntie NaeNae! She came for a visit last night and had to sit here and listen to Jim puke all day today! Yuck. It was great having her here (she held Korri all day so I got a break!). She helped out a ton with Finn, too, in addition to coloring and cutting my hair. Man, she is a busy woman. The only problem was that Finn kept calling her Becky...until he realized who he was talking to and then he corrected himself! He really does know and love you NaeNae!

Saturday, I had the honor of making a cake for my friend Laura's baby shower. I was really excited to get back into cake making and took the theme from their jungle nursery. I made a chocolate cake, then I thought it would be fun to make a taller cake, so I made a white cake, too. I then alternately layered them with a raspberry cream filling in between. It was so tall that it just barely fit in my cake taker (luckily it did and next time, I would cut a little extra off to ensure it does fit!). Here is the final result:

The shower was a ton of fun. Laura is my oldest friend (we went to kindergarten together) so it was fun to help celebrate the up coming birth of her first child. She got lots of great stuff, which is always fun to see. Oh, and I brought Korri along because I knew she'd need to eat while I was there and she was the bell of the ball! And she was a prefect little lady the entire time (I told everybody to come over at 2am if they want to see a different baby!).

Saturday, March 5

Stop the runny madness

Where to start? I'm sure you really want to hear about Finn's poop again, but that is what's consuming our life right now. It continues to be pretty bad. He had three "yucky" diapers on Thursday and went through three pairs of pants yesterday (I think he topped out at four or five "yucky" diapers). I don't know how it continues to come out, as output is far more than input. It is sad when he stops playing and says, "uh oh" and points to the floor, where it is starting to pool because it is too runny and too much volume for the diaper to hold (daddy was conveniently busy during that diaper change!). YUCK!!!

He has eaten a few pieces of toast, a container of crunchies, a hotdog and a nurtigrain bar over the last few days. Jim got some Sobe Lifewater for him, so he has been drinking that, but not a ton. So, we continue on and keep watching for signs of dehydration (his lips are starting to chap, so I'm keeping a close eye on it). They said the first few days are the worst, so hopefully we will turn the corner here in a couple days. I have to say, I think I prefer this to puking (although he did puke while Grandma was here, but just a little bit on his Kiki)...puking makes me sick and apparently, I can deal with poop! Here's my sick guy watching Elmo (because that's all that makes him feel better) and eating his crunchies.

I made and decorated my first cake in over two months yesterday. I forgot how everything takes longer than you think it should, but I finished around 9 or 10 last night. I can't post pictures until it has been given to the intended recipient later today. It was so much fun, and I have to say, I think it turned out pretty cute. Now I really want to take the fondant class I missed in January because I think it would open up a lot of decorating options.

I asked Jim why he slept downstairs last night and he said because he'd fallen asleep on the couch and woke himself up from his snoring. Very considerate for somebody who says he doesn't snore...maybe now would be a good time to go to the sleep study?!?!?

Baby Korri likes her tummy (takes after her mommy and brother!):

Thursday, March 3

Skin and poop

I got a phone call yesterday from the dermatologist saying the results of my biopsy had come in. (I had a couple moles removed last week) A phone call isn't what I was hoping for because if all was well, they would have just sent a letter. She said first and foremost that it was NOT skin cancer. She said the cells were abnormal and potentially precancerous, so they want to go in and remove a large section around the mole to make sure they got all of it. It is on the back of my leg, so hopefully it isn't too painful or noticeable when all is said and done. I know this is somewhat fairly common, but a little scary, nonetheless. So, I must say a huge thank you to my loving husband for making me go in (I noticed this mole about a year and a half ago...shame on me for putting it off so long!). I guess he wants to keep me around a few more years, either that or my life insurance policy isn't nearly lucrative enough! I go in next Friday for the procedure and they said I just have to take it easy for a couple days with no heavy lifting (easier said than done with two kids!!).

Poop watch 2011: Finn hasn't pooped since the last bout of diarrhea on Wednesday night. I'm not really concerned about that, since I'm pretty sure he completely cleaned himself out when he last went. I'm just a little concerned that he pretty much refuses to eat anything (I know kids can go a few days without eating much), but also not wanting to drink much, and we aren't able to give him apple juice, which is his favorite. I might try to run out and grab some vitamin water (thanks for the suggestion, NeNe!) that is sugar free to see if he will drink that. The nurse also said pediasure, but I don't know if he will drink it and I think it is pretty expensive. Hopefully the virus runs its course sooner rather than later.

Korri slept from 11:30pm - 3am! I was super happy and excited to see what the rest of the night would bring, hoping it was going to be her new sleep pattern (waking only every 3.5 to 4 hours to eat!). Not so lucky. She was up almost straight from 4:30am until I finally threw in the towel and got up at 8am. I wish somebody would clue her in that dark time is sleep time!

Wednesday, March 2

No need to worry

Korri and I went to her doctor appointment today and low and behold...she weighs NINE POUNDS, SIX OUNCES!!!!!!!!!!! So, yes, she is getting enough! The doctor said she is simply perfect and acting like a perfectly normal baby. Yay. She said it is very unusual that mom doesn't have enough milk for her baby, so I should try to stop worrying about that (I know, I know!). She said to keep her on the Zantac for now since it seems to be helping, and that I should try to avoid foods that make me gassy (because they, in turn, would make her gassy). So, it was a great appointment. I'm so glad we went.

A first last night: I got peed on while holding Korrigan! From what I remember, Finn never peed while being held, he just peed on us when he was laying down (which Korri obviously can't do for anatomy reasons!). I undressed her for a bath and stupidly took her diaper off before I washed her face and hair. She peed when I took her diaper off, so I thought I was in the clear. Guess not! Oh, well. If it isn't puke, it's poop or pee, I guess ;) The life of a mom (or parent!).

Finn is having a bout with an intestinal virus. He hasn't been eating very well the last few days and wasn't pooping regularly (he normally is very regular). He woke up from his nap yesterday completely covered in diarrhea (poor grandma got to clean it up since I was feeding Korri!). I just thought it had built up over a couple days and didn't think twice about it. Then around 10pm last night, he started crying, which he NEVER does at night. Again, I was feeding Korri (kind of convenient, don't you think?!?!) so Mom went to check on him and he had the same thing! So I rocked him for a while and put him back to bed. He didn't have a fever, so I wasn't overly concerned, but wasn't sure what to do either. The nurse called me back around 11pm and she said to just keep him hydrated and have him eat lots of carbs (adds volume to the stool) today. She also said it can last between 5 to 14 DAYS! Yuck, but that the first few days are the worst. I was just hoping it was something he ate and would be fine by today. So far today, no diarrhea, but really stinky toots and still a low appetite.

I was getting ready to leave for Korri's doctor appt and Finn was having a hard time. He then decided he wanted to sit in Korri's car seat, so I said fine. This is hilarious to me (and he obviously thought he was pretty funny, too):
He's a little bigger now than he was the first time he sat in it (3/27/09):

Tuesday, March 1

Ups and downs

Korri made me cry last night. Okay, that isn't completely fair, but I did break down and cry during the middle of the night. She hadn't been eating very well for a couple feedings throughout the evening and refused to latch on during her 4am feeding. I immediately go to that place where I think all is lost, my milk has dried up and there is no hope (it probably doesn't help when it happens in the middle of the night and I'm beyond tired!) and I should just start bottle feeding. But I cried, changed her diaper and put her back to bed. Then this morning and again around noon, she ate like a champ. Finn's EI teacher, Deb, came for her visit and sat with me and talked me through some of what I'm feeling (so what if she is supposed to be here for Finn! I need her, too!). It helped a lot, but also made me cry even more. I hate that if one thing during a feeding isn't right, I think back to what I went through with Finn. I need to remember that Korri is a different baby with different abilities under different circumstances. I'm glad we have a doctor appt tomorrow, so I can talk to her pediatrician a little bit about this and also get a good read on her weight and how she is doing. If she is gaining weight, she is getting enough. PERIOD! I need to stop over thinking and worrying so much, but it is easier said than done.

On the "ups" side, for the most part, she IS eating really well. She tends to arch back and try to unlatch more than I would like her to because it is hard to get her to relatch once she does that, but sometimes, she just eats and eats with no problems. She is awake more during the day and I love to watch her look around and interact with her surroundings. She has smiled a couple of times, but it seemed random. I can't wait for a "real" smile. For the most part, she has outgrown newborn clothes. I squeeze her into a couple things, but I should probably just put them away. She is growing up! What a big girl.

Finn and I (and probably Korri if she could communicate) LOVE having grandma here. I think she's done 50 loads of laundry and the dishes just happen to get done and things get picked up. Hmmm...I wonder if she is looking for a place to live...we'll have a vacant basement come July ;)