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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Monday, June 21

Summer Day #1

Today is the official first day of summer. I say, "Bring it on!" It is already 75 degrees outside and it is only 9:30 in the morning! Yikes. Some days, I love being out in the heat, but some days, I'm so thankful we have central a/c!

I think Jim had a great Father's Day yesterday. We got up bright and early (okay, 8:45, but for Jim that IS early!), got ready and all three of us headed to Valleyfair for Jim's Father's Day present with Kristine and her family.

Here are the boys in the parking lot on the way in (Finn looks like he isn't too sure about going!). First off, I do NOT like Valleyfair. I'd been there twice before and I think the last time was over 15 years ago! I don't like most rides. I don't like crowds. I don't like long lines. I don't like being hot and sweaty or worse yet, wet, hot and sweaty. I DO like the food...dah, who doesn't?!?! But, I gave it a chance (it WAS Father's Day after all and that is what Jim wanted to do) and had a really good time. We couldn't have asked for nicer weather, which helped.

On the left, Jordan, Finn (who was looking at the water!), Jim and I were riding the Minnesota Valley Train, or something like that. Finn could only go on a few rides because he isn't walking. In the middle, Jim is shooting hoops. He did pretty good (got 5 three pointers in 40 seconds). On the right, the gang is going down Thunder Canyon! They were soaked when they got off.

Above, this was Finn on the way out to the car. Can you tell he was tired?!?! We were there for SIX HOURS! I was thinking we'd make it maybe 4, so both Finn and I did well! And Finn was sleeping in his car seat before we exited the parking lot! We all took a nap when we got home. Thanks for including us, Kristine. We had a blast with you and your family.

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