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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Tuesday, June 29

It takes the cake

Yesterday was a fun day for Finn. Memere came for a visit AND auntie Becca and Austin came over (auntie to clean and Austin to play). While they were here, we went to "Austin's" park to play. Finn thought it was fun to throw sand, so I sounded like a broken record, "We don't throw sand. Stop throwing sand. No throwing sand. Etc." I think he only managed to eat a tiny bit, too.

Then all of us went to LeeAnn Chin for dinner. Yumm-O! And Papa is right, a lot of our stories revolve around food, don't they? I guess food is a very important part of our lives. Finn loved the Peking chicken and cream cheese puffs. I got a nice break as Memere fed him instead of me having to! Yay.

Today, we had Finn's 18 month photo shoot with none other than Jessica, of course! This was our first photo shoot outside, but I had high hopes. Finn was very distracted right away (hello...trucks, cars, birds and airplane, oh my!). But he warmed up and I know she got some good ones. Now I have to wait patiently to see them! As always, I'll post here when I get the link.

Oh and it is a very happy day for me. I got my Tupperware cake taker! I like to make cakes for people (nothing fancy, just round layered cakes) and I got a sweet pedestal from Pampered Chef to display them on. However, I had no way of transporting them. You might not think it is a big deal, but I don't know how many times in the last year I've said, "I wish I had a carrier for this cake!" Well, now I do! Can't wait to use it.

Monday, June 28

Finn's sleep over

Saturday, Finn got to have a sleep over at NeNe's house! We dropped him off early Saturday evening and from what I hear, Finn was a good boy and had a blast. How couldn't he?!?! Two dogs and two doting adults to keep him occupied! And NeNe even had a ball to play with, so I'm sure that got lots of use! "Catch?"

Jim and I headed over to Shaw's for super yummy Buffalo wings and Shaw burgers! My family has a Walkabout (i.e. pub crawl) every year and we worked it so we'd meet up with them at Shaws. It was nice seeing everybody and we left in a slight food comma (Shaw burgers are ridiulously big and full of "goop"). Then since we were kidless for the night, we decided to go to a movie. However, after shopping for a big at the mall, we were both too tired and just headed home. My, how different things are when you are older! Ha, ha.

Sunday, Jim headed to Chaska to pick Finn up while I was at church. Then we packed Jim up and dropped him off at the airport. He will be in Michigan for the next month or so (minus weekends!) working on implementation of a new client. Boo! It will make for a very long July for Finn and me! If you want to keep us company, let me know when you're free!

Saturday, June 26


As you can see, I've changed our blog background. Finn isn't a baby any more so it was time for a change. I've been looking for the "right" one for ages and couldn't find anything that interested me (TONS of cute girly ones, not so many for little boys!). Well, I found this one this morning with a family theme, which I think is appropriate. As you can see, it still needs some tweeks as far as formatting (and I'm hoping they will allow me to change the top photos to personalize it), but I really like the new look. Hope you do, too...and bare with me as I tread through the world of XML coding (I only know HTML, so this will be interesting!).

Not sure what to think

We survived the storms yesterday. Finn wasn't too sure about the lightening and thunder, but after an inital furrowed brow, seemed to just accept that it was happening and not really care. I think he wanted to know who was turning the lights on and off outside, though! Jim came home during the middle of it and got soaked just running in from the car (an attached garage would sure be nice!). Haven't been outside yet to see the aftermath, but I'm guessing it isn't too bad.

I'm sure several of you heard about the massive crib recall from earlier this week. Just wanted to let those of you who are concerned know that our crib manufacturer was NOT included in the list of recalled cribs. You can rest assured that Finn will be safe and sound when sleeping in his crib.

Friday, June 25

New pool adventure

Last night John, Kelsie and Jim's cousin Jean came over for dinner. Jim made potstickers and Ahi tuna burgers and I made homemade cream cheese wantons. So yummy. I also made wasabi aioli for the burgers that was pretty good, too. I mention that I helped because I normally don't get to! We ended the evening with a bonfire and smores! Jean goes to college in California during the year and is leaving for London this weekend for the summer, so we figured we'd better grab the chance to see her before she left. This picture if Jean "reading" to Finn:Today, Austin, Finn and I decided to try out a new pool (okay, I decided, they came along!). The two pools within walking distance from our house was too deep for Finn. But when running errands one day, I saw a similar pool, but it was zero degree entry with three bubbler fountains. I figured this was the perfect pool for my two boys...and it was!

Left: Austin is in the background. Right: Finn was very popular with the other kids! Austin and Finn had a blast. I forgot to keep track of the time and we had to rush to get Austin back in time for Becky to pick him up, but all turned out fine. I think we will be visiting that pool again.

Thursday, June 24

Time for a darn gate

I got a girls' night out with my friend Stacey last night! I dropped Finn off at Jim's work and then we went to dinner and a movie. We went to Noodles and Company for dinner...Yumm-O! If you read regularly, you know it is one of my favorite two places that I don't get to go because Jim doesn't like it. Their Pad Thai is so good (and their macaroni and cheese is too, but I was trying to not be too naughty). Then we went to see Killers starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. My expectations weren't too high, but I thought it was a cute, fun movie. We'll have to Netflix it because I think Jim would also like it. Overall a very fun and relaxing night with wonderful company!

Early this morning (I had to wake Finn up...don't have to do that very often!) we had PT and Finn was like a total different boy from last week (thankfully!). We had a new PT today (she said we'd had her in February, but I don't remember...oops!). We started on the treadmill (which we hadn't done for a while) and Finn did a great job. Then he got to play basketball, so he was in heaven. Finn is getting better at transitioning to standing, but has a hard time getting his foot in the right place. She said that his butt and knees "get" it but his feet just haven't bought into the whole walking thing yet. Finn likes to stand, though, so we are going in the right direction.

Oh and it is time to get a gate for the bottom of the stairs. Finn "fell" off the bottom step this morning. I don't even think he'd made it all the way onto it (no bumps or bruises), but he was laying on his back crying when I got to him. Little stinker. I guess he IS paying attention when we work on these things!

Wednesday, June 23

How to plant flowers

Finn and I went over to Psycho Suzi's last night with my friend Ryan for a little happy hour and dinner. AND Jim was able to leave work a little early and meet us there, too! It was a little hot (they have an outside patio which is where we sat), but it was nice to be out. Finn did really well for the first hour or so, but then started getting ornry. To his credit, he didn't get an afternoon nap, so he was for sure tired. Oh, well. I brought Finn home to get ready for bed and Ryan and Jim stopped at Jaro's for a greenie!

Finn's EI teacher and PT came over today. Man, did we have a lot to talk about! Finn has really done a lot in the last two and a half weeks. I kept saying, "Oh and Finn did this. And he started doing that. Etc." I did mention the cylinder in the hole and she said that is a skill normally learned between 14-16 months. There were several things she asked if he was doing and he was testing between 15-22 months on most of them! Hey, for what he lacks physically, he makes up for mentally! I'll take it. Jane, the PT, was very pleased with Finn physically. He is pulling up to standing while holding on (if it is low enough), he crawls all over for extended amounts of time and before she left, she worked on climbing up stairs, which he did once with her limited helps. Not too sure I WANT him to figure out how to climb stairs, but it is a necessary evil! Overall it was a GREAT appointment. Wonder what he will be doing in two weeks at our next visit?

We have a planter box that affixes to the front of our porch. It was there when we bought the house and never had any flowers in it since! So, I had the grand idea to branch out and attempt to plant/pot some flowers in it. Keep in mind that #1 this idea was two or three months ago and #2 I've never planted flowers before! Well, Finn and I went to Home Depot on Monday and I finally got stuff for it.
Potting soil, pot and flowers (no trowel, oops!). I didn't know what kind of flower I wanted except I wanted color and tolerable to full sun. So I got special brand of petunias that prefer sun to shade. Perfect. I read the potting soil bag and did what it told me to do (nothing like planning ahead). And it worked (I hope!).They are potted and not dead yet, so I'll take it! Yay me! Now I just have to keep them watered, but not water them too much. Oh and Finn helped by sitting on the (very long!) grass and pulling apart leaves (at least he didn't get into the potting soil!).

Tuesday, June 22

Baby genius

Finn likes to dance! I LOVE it. He usually does it when somebody is singing or there is music on, but he will do it any time or if you say, "Dance, Finn!" He usually sits on his butt and rocks back and forth. I HAVE to get it on video.

We are struggling a little bit with the transition away from bottle completely. It isn't that he wants the bottle per se, he just doesn't get enough from the cup. Right now he is usually only getting a bottle when we travel or if he refuses the cup. I was told a child his age needs 17 or 18 ounces of whole milk a day. He is lucky to get 13 or 14 and with the cup, I think it is even less. I'm hoping he continues to adapt to it and drink more from the cup. This morning, he drank a whole cup (I think it was 7 or 8 ounces) when he woke up, I refilled it while he ate breakfast and he drank about half of that. So many I shouldn't worry so much and just let him figure it out. Plus, he eats whole milk yogurt almost every day, so that would add to his daily fat/dairy total (and it isn't like he is wasting away!).

I think Finn is figuring out how to put appropriate things in the right holes! We have these foam blocks and the other day while playing, he picked up a cylinder and a block with a round hole and put the cylinder in the hole and pushed it through! I've also noticed him trying to put number/letters in a different toy, but they are so shape specific that even if you get the right one, you have to have it lined up just perfectly and then he gets frustrated. I'll mention it to his EI teacher tomorrow AM to see what she thinks. I, of course, think he is a genius ;)

Monday, June 21

Summer Day #1

Today is the official first day of summer. I say, "Bring it on!" It is already 75 degrees outside and it is only 9:30 in the morning! Yikes. Some days, I love being out in the heat, but some days, I'm so thankful we have central a/c!

I think Jim had a great Father's Day yesterday. We got up bright and early (okay, 8:45, but for Jim that IS early!), got ready and all three of us headed to Valleyfair for Jim's Father's Day present with Kristine and her family.

Here are the boys in the parking lot on the way in (Finn looks like he isn't too sure about going!). First off, I do NOT like Valleyfair. I'd been there twice before and I think the last time was over 15 years ago! I don't like most rides. I don't like crowds. I don't like long lines. I don't like being hot and sweaty or worse yet, wet, hot and sweaty. I DO like the food...dah, who doesn't?!?! But, I gave it a chance (it WAS Father's Day after all and that is what Jim wanted to do) and had a really good time. We couldn't have asked for nicer weather, which helped.

On the left, Jordan, Finn (who was looking at the water!), Jim and I were riding the Minnesota Valley Train, or something like that. Finn could only go on a few rides because he isn't walking. In the middle, Jim is shooting hoops. He did pretty good (got 5 three pointers in 40 seconds). On the right, the gang is going down Thunder Canyon! They were soaked when they got off.

Above, this was Finn on the way out to the car. Can you tell he was tired?!?! We were there for SIX HOURS! I was thinking we'd make it maybe 4, so both Finn and I did well! And Finn was sleeping in his car seat before we exited the parking lot! We all took a nap when we got home. Thanks for including us, Kristine. We had a blast with you and your family.

Sunday, June 20

Happy Dad's Day!

First off, Happy Father's Day to Jim. You are the best husband and father anybody could ask for. We love you so very much. Thank you for all you do.

Yesterday we went over to Jim's cousin's Ann house to help set up for her graduation party! I can't believe she is a high school graduate. She and her sister, Jean, were at my high school graduation a "few" years ago and they were so little! Crazy. Anyway, we didn't help much because almost everything was all set, but Finn got to play with everybody. He wouldn't nap at their house, so we stayed after the party start for an hour and then headed home. It was a great party.

Later in the evening, Stacey, Sam and Dillon came over for dinner. What a fun night. We always have so much fun with them. Dillon brought over some cap guns and after some initial hesitation about sharing, had a fun time showing them to Finn. Jim rotisseried chicken on the grill and even though it took longer than anticipated, it was so worth the wait. Yumm-O! After dinner we watched The Journey of Natty Gann. Ever heard of it? Me neither. But apparently it was a HUGE movie in the 80's. Not sure how I completely missed it. It was a very cute (live person Disney) movie.

Saturday, June 19

Mommy's night out

We got to play with Austin again yesterday. I'm so glad I get to watch him every Friday so we get to spend time with him at least once a week! I decided I wanted to check out the Farmer's Market on Lyndale. I had never been there before and I missed going to the Farmer's Market (from when I worked in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul). I packed the boys up and we went. Okay, week days are CLEARLY the time to go. We got front row parking, which is always a plus when children are involved. We walked in, found what we came for and left. It took maybe 30 minutes total. Now keep in mind, I'm sure they have a ton more vendors and selection on the weekend, but I've heard it is a total zoo, too. We got flowers for daddy for Father's Day and some cherries, which were super good.

In the afternoon, Finn had PT. What a naughty boy! Melissa, our PT, said, "Wow, this is a side of his personality I haven't seen before!" A nice way of saying, "Wow, he is being really naughty today!" At least it isn't a regular occurance. It could have been his super short nap beforehand, he hadn't had lunch (but had breakfast not long before) and Austin was there to distract him from what Melissa wanted him to do. That being said, Finn is pulling up to standing (while holding on of course)! He did it yesterday AM on my knee (I was paying attention to Austin and Finn just did it all by himself). I mentioned it to Melissa and Finn did it again for her, too! Yay. He has been pulling up to tall kneeling for a while, but not to his feet. Another baby step.

Last night, mommy got a night out! It was much needed and super wonderful. Becky, Kristine and I went to Panera for dinner. This is a place I love, but Jim doesn't, so the only time I get to go is with my sisters and my friend Amanda! Then we did a little shopping at Rosedale, drinks at Granite City (cosmos!) and we went to Sex and the City 2. Good movie, I didn't like it as much as the first, but it was still good. Thanks for the fun night out, ladies!

Jim said that while I was gone, Finn cruised along the entire length of the couch UNASSISTED! This is huge. Finn normally hates moving to the side because he has a hard time balancing (or maybe supporting his weight?) while picking up his foot. The motivation? Snacks, of course! I wish Jim had video taped it. I guess that is what I get for leaving Finn for an evening ;)

Friday, June 18

Shopping's for girls

We had a busy day yesterday! It started out with an appointment in the morning, a nap for Finn (albeit a short one!) and then shopping with Lorry and Emma in the afternoon (and more shopping afterwards with just the two of us)! This picture is Finn after his breakfast (his favorite; a Fiber One bar...does that make me a bad mother? They can't be TERRIBLE for you, right?)
He clearly enjoyed it. Just wanted to show you out there that he is clearly getting "better" at feeding himself and much better at making a mess!

Finn woke up from his nap around 1:15pm and didn't take another nap until bedtime! I think that might be a "staying up" record for him...and he wasn't even super crabby, which I was very thankful for! Before we left for shopping, Finn found daddy's basketball.

He is so proud of himself! I love it. Of course, he wanted to play catch with it, but mommy didn't think that was a good idea...considering it is almost as big as he is.

Wednesday, June 16

Stupid people

After running some errands, Finn and I headed to the park for a play date with his ECFE buddies. It was WAY hotter than I thought it was going to be (it was 64 degrees when I checked in the late morning). Luckily, I brought plenty of water and sunscreen along for Finn. They have a water fountain type thing with zero entry pool and Finn LOVED it. I forgot to put sunscreen on myself (naughty mommy, I know!), so I had to call it quits. I honestly think he would have stayed in there the rest of the afternoon.

When we were leaving, somebody dinged my door! Argh! I'm so ticked. At least I was there, but of course, she didn't have insurance! Who drives around without insurance?!?! Stupid people, that's who. I called my insurance agent so now I need to decide if I want to fix it or not. I totally would if she had insurance, but there is no guarantee she will pay my deductible. Of course it is on the driver's door, too, so I will see it and be reminded of it every time I get in the car. I should have called the cops so she would have at least gotten a ticket for not having insurance. Sure, I think of that after the fact (ok, my insurance agent kindly suggested it after the fact). Hind sight is 20/20. Again...argh!

Tuesday, June 15

Role reversal

Wow, what a busy few days! Friday night, Jim had to work really late, so Finn and I went over to auntie Kristine's for Becky and Alex's birthday dinner by ourselves. The food was great and we even got to have a bonfire. We got home around 10:30pm and still beat daddy home from work. Boo.

Saturday morning, we got up, packed and headed to Oville. Jim's grandparents are in Oville for a couple weeks before heading back to Washington, so we thought it would be nice to see them one more time before they left. Finn was SO naughty on the way there, that by the time we got to Oville, we had decided we were going to leave him there! I don't know what his deal was.Finn got to visit with Granny again (his great great grandma) and even sat on her lap...although I'm sure the chips he was being fed helped a lot in that department! Saturday night, Memere stayed home with Finn so Jim and I could watch John's baseball game. It was a tough loss (in extra innings!) and it was COLD! Afterwards, John, Kelsie, Jim, Ron and I headed up to the VFW. I wasn't planning on drinking...two beers and so many shots that I don't remember later, we were huddled around the dining room table back at their house making up our own version of the game "The Game of Things." And bed didn't happen until some time after 4am! What were we thinking?!?!

Jim, Finn and I actually got up and went to church on Sunday morning. I couldn't believe it. Lynn was preaching and I know Jim likes to go when she is. Finn was pretty good. We came armed with snacks and yogurt AND it is a small congregation, so I wasn't too worried about him "bothering" people. Sunday afternoon we went to John's baseball game (a win!) and then headed home (with Finn, decided it wouldn't be wise to just leave your son, even if it is at Memere's house!). He was a little better on the way back, but not much. I'm so sad...he used to be so good on long trips.

Yesterday, aunt Kelsie wasn't feeling well, so Finn and I went over to keep her company. I think Finn was probably the best medicine for her anyway! I forgot to bring KeeKee (Finn's blanket) so he didn't sleep well, but he did nap a little. He loved playing with the "toys" at aunt Kelsie's house...a jar of leather protector, tea candles (unlit of course!) and some bracelets! I finally got to watch the movie New Moon, so I was happy about that (although, Finn never stops talking or making noise, so I'm not sure how much I actually heard...good thing I'd read the book and generally knew what was going on!).

Friday, June 11

Big tiny baby

Grace came to spend yesterday and today with us. Finn LOVES her. It is so funny. And now that he is a little older and one can actually "play" with him, she has a lot more attention for him, too. I wonder if Finn will ever get tired of endlessly playing, "catch?"

Yesterday, my Grandma and Grandpa Walsh stopped by for a visit! It was so great to see them. They were in town celebrating their wedding anniversary and wanted to stop in to see Finn (and probably me, but you know how it is when there is a baby around!). He hammed it up for them; being his usual cute self.

He even let Grandma hold him a few times and cuddled next to Grandpa, which is really good considering he has been playing stranger lately (even with Jim sometimes...argh!) AND he was tired from PT and didn't lay down until they left late in the afternoon. Thanks for stopping by, guys. It really meant a lot!

My grandpa pointed out that Finn has SIX living great grandparents (and one great great grandma)! Just think about that. It really is amazing. And to think that some kids don't even get to know their grandparents. In so many ways, Finn is one lucky boy.

Last night, the four of us (Jim, Finn, Grace and me) took a walk to the neighborhood grocery store. We weren't sure if it was going to rain on us, but thankfully it didn't. We stopped at our neighbor's on the way back who just had a baby two weeks ago! Man, I forget how little babies are! She was so tiny that I asked if she was small when she was born...nope, 7 pounds, 15 ounces! Like Jim said, that just tells you how small Finn really was. I can't even remember any more!

Oh and Finn ate black beans last night for the first time. After some initial texture issues, he loved them (and wasn't super tooty today even!). And today for lunch, he had some macaroni and cheese. And after some texture issues again, he loved it (if fed from a spoon...not if he had to pick it up!). Hey, I'll pick my battles.

Thursday, June 10

Here piggy piggy

Finn has a new favorite food (much to my dismay).

Yup, hot & spicy pork rinds (thank you very much, daddy!). Jim was craving them one night for some reason, so he went out to get a bag. Finn insisted on having one when Jim got back. We thought, "Fine. He won't like it, they are super spicy." WRONG! He ate half the bag that night and then demanded to eat the rest the next day for lunch. Man, that kid really will eat anything!

Yesterday, Finn and I had a play date at a park with our old ECFE group of friends. It was great to get out and see them again (I know it had only been a week, but you get used to these kids!). The weather was kind of, then hot, cloudy than super sunny! Finn had a great time and slept until almost 7pm afterwards! We are hoping to make this a weekly get together, which will be nice for the summer. And we found a GREAT park! It is the North Mississippi Regional Park off at 94 at 49th. LOVED it! Gotta bring the swim suit next time, though.

Also, happy anniversaries to both of my grandparents! Grandma and Grandpa Walsh's was yesterday (58 years maybe?) and Grandma and Grandpa Smith's is today (61 years, I think). I'm sure one of my lovely aunts will correct me if I'm wrong ;) If, I mean when Jim and I make it that long, we'll be almost 90! Crazy. Congratulations and love you all.

Wednesday, June 9

Dentist and suckers

Wow, things seem to be slowing down a bit, which is fine with me. We no longer have ECFE and while we still have PT twice a week, the EI team is on break for a couple weeks between regular and summer sessions. Finn and I went for a walk on Monday to a neighborhood park. I wanted to experiment with Finn and the sand. It went well! He actually seemed to like it and played with it and of course, managed to make a mess and get dirty. That is what little boys (okay, any little kids!) are supposed to do. He tried eating it a few times, but I told him "no." We'll see if that sticks!

Then the two of us went over to auntie Becca's to help celebrate her birthday (daddy had basketball and couldn't join us). Becky, Austin, Pete, Finn and I went to Red Lobster. Yumm-O! One of my favs (and Becky's, too, of course!). Finn ate at least one and a half cheddar bay biscuits! We hope auntie had a great birthday and were glad we got to celebrate with her. We are having a birthday dinner on Friday for Becky and technically we get to celebrate twice!

Yesterday was rainy, dreary and kind of quiet. I had a dentist cleaning appointment in the morning. All is well. She even said she is surprised I don't floss because of the lack of build up on my teeth. Maybe next time I will just tell them I floss so they don't give me the third degree! Um, hello!! I've been going to the dentist for almost 30 years...I GET that I'm supposed to floss. I don't. Deal with it! (hee, hee)

The perfect compliment to my dentist appointment: Finn found, unwrapped and ate his first sucker (rootbeer flavored, I think)! Litte bugger. I was next to him the whole time, so he was safe, but he managed to make quite the sticky mess. I saw him open it and play with it for a while. I honestly didn't think he would put it in his mouth...but of course he did. Most of it was still left, but when he handed it to me, I took the opportunity to take it and clean him up!

Monday, June 7

Hey, let me speak

As of a couple days ago, Finn has started playing with his toys in the toy area (instead of the middle of the living room)! I think this coincides with his ability to crawl and get around much better. And to that point, as of today, the "Finn" crawl, as we liked to call it, is almost nonexistent! He is able to stay on his knees and get where he wants to go. I can't believe I can finally and actually say Finn is a crawler! Man, if only they had Olympic medals for the efforts we put in to get him to this point!

Finn has also started "talking" in full sentences. Now, before you freak out and say that isn't possible, let me explain. He isn't speaking English when he is talking, he is speaking "Finn," but it isn't just one or two syllables at a time any more like is used to be. He goes on and on and he honestly thinks he is saying something. Like when he is done, he waits for us to acknowledge what he has said. Very cute.

Finn already called her and "sang" to her, but he wants to be sure to wish auntie Becca a very happy birthday today (and uncle Alex, too!).

Sunday, June 6

Say, "Cheese!"

Finn had his first cheese curd yesterday...and loved it. Shocker that Jim's son would love cheese curds. Once he had a taste of the curd, Finn thought his puff treats were junk. I said, "And now the life long obsession begins!"

Friday night when it was bedtime I said to Finn, "It's pajammy time." He looked up from his toys and said, "Nigh night?" I didn't know he had that full of comprehension or vocabulary to put it all together without prompting. Another funny vocabulary story, we were at Target Saturday AM and a mom pushing a cart with a 2-ish year old in it turned the corner towards us. Finn looked at them, pointed and said, "Baby." Ha, ha. I told him the boy was bigger than he was, but Finn obviously gets the point. I could hear the other mom chuckle as she walked by. Finn is growing and developing so much.

Last night our friend Stacey and her brother Andrew came over for dinner and to watch the Twins game (and as it turned out SNL "best of"). As always, a nice relaxing time was had by all, even if we stayed up a little too late! Too bad her boys were out of town and couldn't join us. Two days in a row, daddy has slept past 1pm...not sure if he has the nicest or dumbest wife around ;)

Saturday, June 5

Two is better

Yesterday, Austin came over to play. Like always, we managed to have a lot of fun (where did the day go?). And we obviously had to get the pool out since it was absolutely beautiful weather. But, why have one pool when you can blow up two? We found Austin's pool in the garage from last summer (or maybe even the summer before?!?!) and set up a big boy pool that was deep and a little boy pool for Finn. It was the PERFECT set up that kept them both happy. In hindsight, I probably should have curbed it sooner, but they played in the pools for two and a half hours (don't worry, lots of sun screen and sun protection)!!! We have a third hard-sided pool, but I drew the line at having more pools than kids! Why is it they can play forever with toys in a pool that they would get bored with after minutes if they weren't in a pool? I guess it is the "water factor!"

Auntie Kristine got to leave work early, so she came over to play with us (well, actually she watched the boys so I could mow, but man, it needed it!). Thanks, auntie. I need to find out when Minneapolis fills their kiddie pools. Maybe we can go there next Friday...but our pools are private with no big kids to ruin all the fun (and they aren't overcrowded). We'll see.

Thursday, June 3

What a day!

We had our last ECFE class of the spring yesterday. It was a good group of parents, so it is tough to not have that support network any more. However, we are going to try to still get together weekly at the same time at local parks, so hopefully that will replace it, at least for the summer. It is fun to see how much the kids have changed since the beginning of class.

This morning we had PT. Julie was very impressed with Finn again this week. Hey, I'll take it. She is so good at getting Finn to crawl properly and of course, I didn't even think to bring the video camera. If I don't catch him before, I promise I'll bring it along next week! We continue to work on crawling (obviously), transitions to and from standing and cruising.

After PT, we headed to St. Cloud for a play date with our friends Holly and Odin. Wow, what a big boy Odin is! He is one month younger than Finn (actual) and he is WAY bigger and can do a lot more things (like climb stairs and go down slides!). I don't notice the size so much with other kids, probably because Odin is the closest to Finn's actual age. Auntie NaeNae had the day off, so she joined us, which Finn (and Odin!) loved. We had lunch at AppleBee's and then headed to a local park.

It was a blast. We couldn't have asked for better weather and even though Finn didn't think he needed to sleep on the way to St. Cloud, he was really good and not crabby (I think being outside and having Auntie there helped a lot in that department). Finn even liked the swings, which he usually gets a little freaked out on. After Holly and Odin headed for home, the three of us went to Auntie's work so she could show Finn off. Finn was so tuckered out that he fell asleep before we got there and it was just down the road! He was a hit with all the girls there (what a little flirt!), then we dropped Auntie off and headed for home. Finn was able to fall back asleep and slept the whole way home; waking up just as we pulled into the does he do that?!?! What a wonderful day! Can't wait for them to possibly move to St. Cloud so they are twice as close or half as far :)

Wednesday, June 2

Luv you, teeth

Finn has one tooth from his first set of molars! No wonder he has been crabby lately and chewing on everything. So as of yesterday, he has his front eight teeth and his top right molar. I did a little research and this is what I found out about teeth order: "You might expect that the canines would come in next after the front 8, since they are located directly next to the incisors, but that is not usually the case. Babies normally get their molars in first, leaving a gap where the canines will eventually come in. The first molars erupt around 13 months."
That means Finn's teeth are exactly on track as far as order and timing. Finally, something we are on track for (nevermind the fact that they are crooked)! Ha, ha. This darn teething is going to be the death of me (or poor Finn!). Bring on the pain killers ;)

Finn started saying "luv you!" in the last couple of days. It is super adorable. He doesn't do it without us saying it first, so pretty sure he doesn't know what it means, but it will just about melt anybody's heart. He said it for Nana and Papa, so it isn't just us! Hopefully I can get it on video now that I charged the battery.

Yesterday, I FINALLY painted the front porch! I pressure washed it almost two months ago (thanks, Sam for letting me borrow your washer!) and never got around to painting it. Well, yesterday, I started when Finn was napping and then when he got up, Nana and Papa watched him for me while I finished. Some bad weather was coming in, so I had to get it done.
Top: before Bottom: after. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Now, if you get close, it doesn't look that great (and I got some on the floor...oops!), but it definitely looks better than it did. Next; the back porch! And the really needs to be mowed, but I opted for painting yesterday instead.