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Nearly half a million babies (1 in 10) are born premature in the US each year which is higher than that of most other developed nations. This is the journeys of our first born son, Finnegan, who was born 14 weeks early and weighed only 1 pound 15 ounces at birth. Of our daugher, Korrigan, who was born a healthy 7 pounds, 7 ounces at 37 weeks. And of our second son, MacKeegan, who was also born at 37 weeks at a whopping 8 pounds, 13 ounces. Our continued adventures reminds us daily how good God is.

Monday, May 31

Harry Houdini

After an afternoon of unsuccessfully trying to find a public access lake that wasn't completely insane today with Uncle John and aunt Kelsie (boo!), Jim, Finn and I headed up to the KOA in Maple Grove to spend the evening with Nana and Papa. First, Finn calls Papa "Gaka" which I think is adorable. Second, Finn has already figured out that if he wants something, all he has to do is ask for Nana...which I'm sure she loves!

Third, for those of you who don't know, Harry Houdini is a famous magician...well, Finn managed to get out of the bedroom in the camper tonight like magic! It was amazing. Jim laid him down and we could hear him crying on and off. All of a sudden, it sounded like he was right by the door, but I didn't think anything of it. I looked over and there was Finn! He had crawled over to the door and opened it (it was a pocket isn't like he stood up and turned the knob)! I guess that was our cue to leave, but it was hilarious. He was very proud of himself.

Happy Memorial Day to all, especially those who have and who are providing us the very freedom our country was founded on. Thank you.

Saturday, May 29

Here fishy fishy fishy

Wow, three days between blog posts?!?! I must have other "stuff" to do. Ha, ha.

One day this week, Jim lowered the temperature in the hot tub and he and Finn went for a swim. It was the first time Finn had been in there and his reaction...why the heck haven't I been in here before this!?! He loved it. We practiced with his new life jacket a little bit and the jacket is pretty nice (one of our Costco deals!). He is such a fish...hmmm, wonder who he takes after?!?! Any ideas, Auntie NaeNae (or Austin for that matter!)?!?!

Finn had a great session at PT on Thursday. She is very impressed with his progress over the last two weeks and already needs to change some of his objectives because he is starting to crawl and cruise! She also said that his torticollis is no longer part of his therapy plan. It is still there (and probably always will be to some extent), but it isn't affecting his development and because he flips sides, there isn't much we can do about it anyway. It is what it is. This was the first time Finn actually enjoyed "walking" on the treadmill. Maybe he is starting to "get" it.

Yesterday, Jim's grandparents, Nana and Papa, came over. They are in town for the week visiting from Washington state. It had been a little over a year since their last visit, so Finn had obviously changed a lot since then! He was a six pound one month old (adjusted) baby with his apnea monitor last visit.

I watched Austin during the day and he has been asking to blow up Finn's pool since he got it in April and it was finally nice enough to do so. We got it ready in the morning and Austin could not wait until the afternoon for it to warm up, so in he went. Burr! Once it did warm up, Finn joined him.

Man, did they have a blast. I think Finn was in there for over an hour and Austin probably was for close to two hours (good thing for UV clothing and SPF 50!)! And they played really well together. I wasn't sure how Finn would do (we are always holding him at swim class), but it was the perfect depth so that he could "crawl" around and keep his head out of the water...most of the time! He couldn't have cared less when he went under or when they splashed each other. I love that he doesn't mind getting his face wet. And he even kept his hat on for most of the time.

After swimming, we headed over to Uncle John and Aunt Kelsie's for dinner with them and Nana and Papa. Finn needed a nap and was a little whiny. But, oh well. He is a kid. Plus I think he was a little "backed up" so that didn't help. I think everybody was a little surprised at how much he eats! If I can remember everything off the top of my head, he ate a 6 oz jar of green beans and rice, a 6 oz bottle of formula, some puff treats, some apple juice/water combo, kiwi, strawberries, chicken, lettuce, bread, corn on the cob (LOVED it and even got it off the cob himself...I'll have to get pictures from Nana or Kelsie!) and he shared a cinnamon roll with uncle John for dessert! Piggy! Finn, not John ;) Oh and for the record, per Finn's diaper this morning, the corn looks the same coming out as it does going in!! No longer backed up at least ;)

Wednesday, May 26

Dare I say?

Yup, Finn CRAWLED unassisted yesterday afternoon (he didn't even have the leg bands on)! I couldn't believe my eyes. He was on the hardwood surface, I turned one of his toys on and he just popped up on his hands and knees and took about four "steps" toward it! I ran and grabbed the camera and he took a couple more before dropping into his regular army crawl. I wouldn't say he is "crawling" per se, but he apparently can do it! There is a light at the end of the very long tunnel we've been in!!! My baby is growing up.

Tuesday, May 25

Give me a drink

Sippy cup update...Finn is doing great with the sippy cups. He gets how to tip it up now, so he drinks a whole cup at a time, instead of just chewing on the spout and getting a little bit. Does that mean the bottles are almost history? Probably. I also got him a straw one so he wouldn't have to tip it up, but he doesn't really get it. And Jim took it apart to put in the dishwasher and now I don't know how to put it back together! I'll keep trying both cups to see what he prefers once he figures out the straw.

Finn's ECFE teacher also said that babies at Finn's age should be offered a regular glass with water in it to start figuring out how to drink from them (with the obvious understand that 90% of it will end up on them and the floor!). Finn doesn't like the real cup; it seems almost like he is afraid of it...but maybe he just doesn't like getting wet from it! Although, I did give it to him yesterday and he tipped it up and sipped it by himself and kept asking for more water...maybe 4 times?!?! I think that is progress. I'll just keep offering it on and off. He will get it eventually.

Yesterday Finn was a rockstar when EI came for their visit. He crawled with limited assistance, which is huge. He had his leg bands on and completely coordinated his arms by himself. He just got help with his legs, but only a little bit and usually only with his right leg. And he started crusing around the couch. Now when I say that, I mean he took a few steps sideways, but they were unassisted steps (holding onto the couch), which it is a big deal. His PT predicts that he will be crawling by their next appoinment in two weeks. I sure hope so (but I'm not holding my breath)!

They also said to hold off on buying a gate for the stairs going upstairs. With Finn's getting around more (and if he is close to actually crawling) I mentioned we needed a gate. But they said that because Finn is so cautious, we may not need one! The recommendation surprised me, but makes sense. Plus, our stairs going downstairs (which would obviously be more dangerous) has a door at the top, so we are "safe" there. I guess we'll wait and see (I hate baby gates, so if we don't need one, I'm happy with that).

Monday, May 24

Happy belated bday, daddy!

In honor of his birthday, daddy took Thursday PM and all of Friday off from work. He joined us at Preemie class on Thursday, which was a fun treat for Finn (and the other dad that goes regularly!). Friday, I got to watch Austin, which was a blast (I forget how much fun it is to have him around during the day!). Finn, Austin and I headed over to the twins' house in the AM so their mom could go get a pedicure for her birthday (hey, it is the small things in life, right?!?!). Austin and Maia had a blast and everybody was very well behaved.

I'm not sure what we did the rest of the day, probably getting ready for Saturday, but it sure was nice having daddy around. Saturday was daddy's birthday! I like it when daddy has his birthday because then I'm no longer "old" since Jim turns my age (I'm four months and 13 days older than him). We had our last swim class in the morning. We decided not to sign up for summer classes, since we have a pool and a hot tub (which Finn can go in if Jim lowers the temp), there are two city pools within walking distance and hello...we live in the land of 10,000 lakes! I think Finn will be fine.

It decided to POUR in the morning, which concerned us since we were having people over to grill in the evening for Jim's birthday. But in true MN fashion, it cleared up and ended up being a beautiful afternoon and evening (albeit a little windy). Thank you to everybody who came. I know Jim appreciated it and had a great time.

Jim requested a German Chocolate Cake for his birthday. Two things: 1. I've never made a German Chocolate cake before AND 2. of course, it had to be Gram's recipe. So I got the recipe from DeAnn, made the cake turned out! Or at least that is what the Thomas clan said, so I'll take it (they would be the best judge of Gram's cooking/baking skills).The one thing I will do differently next time is to frost the cake when the frosting is a little warmer. It didn't drip elegantly down the sides like it was supposed to because I waited until it was completely cool. Hey, I didn't know...and at least it didn't affect the taste!

Sunday, Finn got another hair cut. It is shorter than the first one. It looks so light when it is this short...I miss my dark brown haired boy! Perfect for summer and now it can grow out a bit before he needs another one. Mommy and Finn did much better for this one. Auntie NaeNae did it while I was at church Sunday morning, so I wasn't even there! She said Finn just sat there like a stone the whole time. Nick said it was like he just froze with his arms halfway in the air. Too funny. Thanks Auntie NaeNae!

Later in the day, we went to Jim's cousin, Ann's, senior voice/singing recital. She is an amazing singer...and it doesn't even look like she is trying very hard! We were a little nervous about how Finn would do, but he was perfect! It helps that he likes music AND there were people around us to keep him entertained.

Oh, and we broke down and finally turned the A/C on Sunday. It was just too muggy. Sleeping last night was much more pleasant than Saturday night.

Thursday, May 20

My baby's growing up

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Finn no longer is taking a bottle during the day! We introduced a sippy cup a while ago and Finn didn't really "get" it but didn't hate it either. Well, at ECFE last week they were telling horror stories that the longer you wait to wean from a bottle, the harder it is. So, Finn hasn't had a bottle during the day since last Friday! It is hard on me. My baby is growing up. To him, he could care less! He would probably be fine not having his morning or night time bottle, too...but I am SO not ready for that. Plus, he doesn't get as much from the cup, so at least I know he is getting those bottles/calories. Yet another step away from babyhood!

A clear a step towards being a gross little boy...Finn started picking his nose! Okay, in all fairness, he isn't actually picking his nose, but he sticks his finger in his nose all day long. I'm sure I will get a pic soon. The funny thing is that another mom at class brought it up last week because her daughter (who is the same age adjusted as Finn) just started doing it, too! The teacher said it is totally normal and it is just them exploring their bodies and having another place (besides their mouth and ear) to stick their fingers. So, in the meantime, I told Finn that if he finds gold up there, to give it to mommy (anything else he finds, he can give to daddy)!

As you all know, Finn is a talker and has been talking for a while. But lately, he can say ANYTHING you ask him to! And his vocabularly is expanding by the minute. Let's see...words he says regularly now without prompting from us: momma, dadda, Austin, auntie (these four were his first), hat, light, catch, head, I get, hi, byebye, nigh night, all done, duck, doggie, quack, roof, moo, book, football...there are more, but I can't think of them all right now. On the bright side (from yesterday's post), if he does have hearing loss, he will obviously still be able to understand and speak!

We got to see NeNe's new house last night! It is kind of a hike out there, but SO worth it! They have lots of plans for renovating, but it is awfully nice just how it is, too. I love that it is on the lake and so secluded and quiet. Maybe we'll move in with them if the Ark's deal falls through. Ha, ha! Jim said I have to quit asking to move in with everybody.

Wednesday, May 19

Ears: good and bad

Sigh...we had Finn's post-op follow up appointment for his tubes this morning. As it seems is always the case when Finn's ears are involved, we had good news and bad news.

The good news: no fluid or infection in either ear!!! Yay! And the tubes are still in, which is obviously preferable. We also asked for custom fit ear plugs because Finn does NOT like getting the cotton and Vaseline in his ears for bath time (plus, I don't think that works very well). Regardless, the Dr said if we were going to have him in a lake this summer, he should have these plugs anyway and Finn will be in a lake at some point this summer (hello...we live in the land of 10,000 lakes after all!!). The doctor wants to see Finn in 6 months for a follow up, but he was very pleased with the results. Yay for tubes!

Now the not so good (not necessarily bad) news: Finn was tested for hearing again today and did not pass...and this time he did not have fluid in his ears. His results again were "mild hearing loss." The "good" news is that she also tested inside his ear and his cochlea is receiving and sending back sound...they just can't test (at this stage) how much. I am not an alarmist and don't want to say Finn has mild hearing loss at this point. We are going back in to retest in two months, hoping that Finn will be that much older and able to respond appropriately. If we see a negative change in him verbally in the meantime, we will go in sooner. He can obviously hear (his vocabulary is enormous for his age), so that is encouraging. Jim was in the sound booth with him during the test and said he thinks Finn hears more than he is responding to...hopefully that is the case. I guess we'll wait and see (or hear as the case may be!).

Tuesday, May 18

Shoot some hoops?

Sunday mom and I took Austin and Finn to church. Finn's track record at church is not so good, but I think I've found the magic remedy...Austin! Finn was great all through church with Austin there to distract him. Although, Finn also woke up 5 minutes before we left for church, so he wasn't tired, either, which I'm sure obviously helped. I'd like to be able to take him to church with me every week...maybe it is one of those things that the more you do it, the better he will be. Hmmm...

After church mom left, Becky picked Austin up and we headed over to my friend Jess's for lunch. It was a great afternoon. Finn loved their toys and loved playing with Ella (5 years old). We had grilled hamburgers for lunch which were great. Hope we can do it again soon! I have to share what happened after we left: Ethan (8 years old) said to Jess, “Mommy, I wish Finn was our baby. He’s so cute. Was he born with those chubby cheeks?" Obviously, I thought it was adorable! The beautiful things kids say.

Yesterday was my favorite person, Erica's birthday! Happy birthday, love! I meant to call and sing to you, but the day got away from me (as they usually do!). Hope you had a fabulous day.

Yesterday, we went to the twin's house and played for a while and then we got to go see their new house! Holy cows, batman! It is a beautiful house with tons and tons of space. I totally love it and asked if we could move in. The neighborhood is absolutely perfect, which is something I'm obviously jealous of! I couldn't be happier for them (and the twins will get their own rooms...maybe mom will get more sleep!).

Last night, Finn got to go to daddy's basketball game for the first time (at least I think it was the first time). Auntie Becca and Austin were there, so Finn had a blast. All he wanted to do was eat Austin's french fries and play catch with Jim, which was super cute. Unfortunately, daddy was playing basketball, so he couldn't (but Austin did share his fries!). Most of the games are too late for Finn, so this is probably the only one he will make this session. Oh and Jim's team is one game away from being the league champions, which hasn't happened in a really long time.

Sunday, May 16

Happy belated Mother's

Yesterday turned out to be a "work outside" day and we didn't even get back in the garage, which was okay, as our yard definitely needed some work. After swim class, I mowed while Jim went to Home Depot to get some supplies and mom trimmed the bushes on the west side of our house. In the process of mowing, I accidentally ran over a baby bunny, which traumatized me. Thankfully Jim took care of it and I didn't have to be further tormented.

I quit mowing when I was half done to get ready because we were heading over to Jim's cousin Pete's in St. Louis Park to see his new house. When Jim got back from Home Depot, he had gotten me a belated Mother's Day gift at Home Depot...a FIRE PIT! We have been wanting one for at least the last year (probably longer), but we weren't sure about Minneapolis's fire policy and we couldn't find a pit we liked. We figure we will be fine since this one is portable and not massive in size. Jim put it together after we got back from the house warming and we (Jim, mom and I) had our first bonfire last night! Talk about perfect weather for a bonfire. Love it! Now we need to find some cheap wood because I have a feeling we will be using it a lot. Yay for late Mother's Day presents ;)

Saturday, May 15

Bagged, tagged and sorted

We actually got a TON done on the garage yesterday. And by "we" I actually mean "mom!" She is amazing and has tons of motivation. Why didn't I inherit more of that from her? Anyway, we were able to sort through the entire garage! What a good feeling. We have a mountain of garbage (good thing we have unlimited pick up!) and a good amount for donation. Now we have to organize, which is even worse than sorting. What are you supposed to do with momentos that you don't really want and are just sitting in boxes, but have some special meaning? Oh, and Jim needs to go through and clean up his stuff...which means it will still be there next time we clean the garage. Thanks, mom for all your help. I really do appreciate it.

Becky dropped Austin off yesterday morning, so he got to stay and play with all the stuff we pulled out of the garage. It looked like a white trash yard sale. He was also in charge of "baby sitting" Finn, who was in the stroller. Whenever Finn got fussy, Austin would push him around the yard. So cute.

In the evening, Kristine's family, Becky, Austin and we made dinner for mom for a belated Mother's Day dinner. Even if we were really tired from working all day, it was a nice evening with really good food.

Friday, May 14

What a cry baby

Finn and I had PT yesterday morning. We did the treadmill therapy again, but this time, they wanted to put him in a harness so it is easier to manipulate his movements (he does the work, they shift his body for him). Well, she got the harness, tried to put it on him, and it was too big. This caught me completely off guard. I know Finn is still small, but I feel like size-wise, he is in the "normal baby" size now, just small for his age. They made the harness work, but it kept slipping up and while Finn did the best he has so far on the treadmill, he was uncomfortable and if it had fit, he would have done much better.

Well, we went home, napped, had lunch and then went to Preemie class. We talked about fine motor skills, which was good. The whole time, the incident at PT was bothering me and I knew these people would understand better than any others, so I mentioned it when we "checked in." And out of nowhere, I just started bawling. I talked it out and they were all supportive and I think the issue was that I was caught off guard. When I go to the doctor's office, I am prepared and KNOW that he will be around the 3% for height and weight. When we do PT, I KNOW he isn't crawling or walking or standing or all of that stuff. I guess I just wasn't expecting this. I just want him to be beyond issues like these...I mean, it isn't like he is a 5 pound peanut like when he came home from the hospital! I felt better after discussing it. I guess I might have more emotions about this whole experience than I've really allowed myself to feel or acknowledge.

Grandma came last night! She is going to help me "clean" out the garage. I don't have high hopes for finishing, but we have to start some where and our garage is a massive dumping ground. The funny thing is, over half the shelves are empty! So organizing, throwing away, cleaning up is the name of the game today and maybe tomorrow!

Thursday, May 13

Sit up and take note!

Finnegan is a sitter-upper! He has been able to get to sitting for a while, but not consistently and not reliably. Well, as of a couple days ago, he can go from sitting to tummy to rolling and back at will! It is such a good feeling because I wasn't sure he WAS going to get it. Now he just knows that if his leg is in the way, keep pushing backwards and it will get out of the way. Oh, and he can get to sitting through the middle like he usually gets down from sitting, but I don't care! Next: figuring out this whole crawling thing!

We went to ECFE yesterday afternoon where we had a class on what to do if your baby is choking sponsored by the American Red Cross. It was very informative and now I think Finn is going to choke every second! I didn't really think about it before. Hopefully it is a skill that we never have to use.

After class, Becky and Austin came over. Too bad the weather was so yucky. Poor Austin, he hasn't been able to go to the park in a long time because it is always bad weather when they come over. Hopefully it will be nice next time. Pete stopped by after work and we all had dinner. Very nice evening.

Wednesday, May 12

Hello, nurse!

Finn and I had a great day yesterday. We had lunch with Amanda and Taylor at Panera (I still had to get her the Pampered Chef stuff she ordered...oops!)! It is one of my favorite places, but since Jim doesn't like sandwiches, I only get to go there with Amanda or one of my sisters. I tried their new Cuban Chicken Panini, which was awesome. Finn loved watching Taylor (six years old) "practice" her ballet. He even said "Tay Tay" once, which I think made her day.

After lunch we headed over to Woodbury to see Finn's NICU nurse Lisa! She is in town on vacation and had some extra time yesterday afternoon. This was the first time she has seen Finn since he was in the hospital. Finn had a blast (she has a 3 year old and a 2 month old, so there was plenty of toys to play with!). I forgot to take pictures, but am hoping she will be able to email them to me. She is an amazing person. Maybe she'll move back when we have #2 just in case we're in the NICU again. Hmmm...

Here are some pictures from our trip to Chicago/IN for my godson John's confirmation. The lady next to us on the flight to Chicago took a picture of Finn and me (not the best picture, but at least I was in one!)

This is John and Finn at John's confirmation brunch (Jim and Todd are in the background). I love this picture of my boys.

The Monster sleeps! Finn was very tired and crabby during the confirmation, but of course would not go to sleep. So during brunch, Jim grabbed the car seat and Finn FINALLY took a much needed short nap. He looks so peaceful (looks are deceiving!).

Tuesday, May 11

We're baaaa-ack

We arrived back home yesterday at 3pm. We were all happy to be home. Finn cried the whole way home from the airport, but not at all during the flight. I will take that exchange for sure. As it turned out, he was a little constipated and his infant seat angle somewhat prevents him from going. So we took care of that and he took a nap for THREE hours! Do you think somebody was happy to be home and in his own bed? Then he and I played while daddy napped, daddy got up to help with bath time (these stupid cotton balls and vaseline do NOT work to prevent water in his ears!) and then we moved the crib mattress down. It was a process I thought would take 5 minutes, but ended up taking about 30. Oh, well. Finn is safe and sound in his crib and I'm not sure how I'm going to lift him out! Good thing we have a moveable side.

The trip was fabulous, minus the weather. It was cold, windy and rainy on Saturday and just cool and windy on Sunday. We got up Saturday AM after staying in a marvelous suite at the Marriott in downtown Chicago. We met the Sester family in South Bend, IN for lunch and then we all headed over to Notre Dame. I was so excited for this. I have always been facinated with Notre Dame and couldn't wait to see it. The bookstore was humongous (Jim needed to buy a sweatshirt because he hadn't brought any long sleeves with him!). My godson John had been there before, so he and Jim navigated the campus for us. It is massive (puts lil' ol' St. Thomas to shame!) and I love all the history.

After Notre Dame, we parted ways with Sesters for the day so we could check into our hotel and thaw out a bit. The Marriott in South Bend was awful, so we changed our reservation to the Residents Inn. LOVED this place...even had a fire place and a loft area for Finn to sleep in. Sunday we headed to John's school for his confirmation. It was a lovely ceremony...I can't believe John is old enough for confirmation! Where did my little man go? Finn decided he did not want to be in church, so Jim took him out for about 90% of the service. We had brunch there and then we headed back to Chicago (lots of driving this trip!).

Sunday night we stayed at the Hyatt Regency, which we've stayed at before and were able to get adjoining rooms! We were very luck with our hotel accommodations for this trip. They have The Big Bar in the hotel, so the three of us went there so I could get a Mother's Day drink...a mango margarita...yumm-o! Side note: did you know you can bring a baby into a bar, but not sit AT the bar? Maybe that is only in Chicago, but I found that interesting.

Monday, Jim had a meeting and left the hotel at 7:30am, leaving Finn and I to get to the airport by ourselves. Luckily, it was very easy to get to Midway from the hotel and returning the car was simple. Jim had a conference call before we checked in. We checked in, got through security with little problems (now that I'm an expert...ha, ha!), had a beer and got on the plane. The flight was overbooked, so I could not bring the car seat on (boo!). Finn was a rock star, though. He was tired and fidgety (and of course would not sleep!), but overall, a very good flyer.

Glad we took the trip and happy to be home again! I will try to download pictures today some time.

Saturday, May 8

Saving Grace

Well, we made it safe and sound to Chicago last night. Security was a nightmare, but now that I know what to expect (and Jim will be with me on the way home), I will manage much better. Our saving grace on the flight to Chicago was Finn's car seat. The attendant at the gate told me to take it on, which means we got an extra seat for free! Southwest usually charges for infant seats. And Finn actually took a short nap while in flight! I couldn't believe it and he would NOT have done that had he been on my lap. Overall, he did a great job. Ears hurt on the decent, but that is to be expected.

More details to come, just wanted to let you know we are arrived and are well!

Friday, May 7

Leavin' on a jet plane

Finn and my flight leaves at 4:50 this afternoon! My godson, John, is getting confirmed on Sunday in Indiana and the three of us are going. I have a feeling/hoping the traveling will be fine for four reasons. 1. I have a bottle for the way up and the way down and upon my aunt Karen's suggestion, extra formula for "just in case." 2. I am bringing snacks along for in between the bottles if necessary. 3. Everything about tomorrow afternoon will be new for Finn and he will be people watching and checking everything out...which I hope means occupied and happy. 4. the tubes are supposed to help a lot for flying.

The three wrenches I can see in my plan are 1. I've never traveled with an infant and we are NOT checking a bag if we can help it, but will have lots of liquids and baby stuff. 2.the possible snow...please don't let us be delayed! and 3. Finn's crabby time of day is right when we are traveling. Again, I hope the four above help off set these three! A prayer or two would be much appreciated!

Of course, things would be much easier if Jim were flying with us, but he is flying in from the east coast and meeting us in Chicago. The nice thing is that, as long as both flights are on time, they get in at the same time. So I will have help getting out of the airport and to the hotel! Yay. Jim ended up having business in Chicago this coming Monday, so we are staying until Monday instead of hurrying to get back on Sunday night. I think it will be a little more relaxing for all of us AND Jim will be flying with us on Monday. Another yay!

A huge thank you to Aunt Kelsie for picking us up and dropping us off at the airport! Doesn't make sense to pay for airport parking for both of our cars!

Thursday, May 6

It's time

I mentioned to Jim awhile ago that we should probably preemptively move the crib mattress down. Finn isn't pulling up yet but it is better to be safe than sorry. WELL...this was munchkin yesterday morning when I went in to get him:

This was a first for him. He still isn't pulling up, but is pretty close to regularly sitting up and the bars aren't much taller than he is when he is sitting. While it was kind of scary, as you can tell, I still had to run and grab the camera! Naughty mommy (he wasn't in any immediate danger of falling out or even getting close to it because as you can tell, he was too mad to move!). Oh, and I gave him his bottle which is what he wanted! We will be moving the mattress down as soon as we (i.e. daddy!) gets back on Monday!

Another item we haven't done yet, but it is time to:

Yup, putting cabinet locks on! And of course, he had to go for the under sink cabinet with the dangerous stuff in it! How do kids just know that? I did tell him "danger" and "stop" and he did, but I'm sure that won't last for long and once he is more mobile, I'd like to have the added security. I can't watch him every second of every day.

I guess these are two more steps away from babyhood...he has been taking a lot of these "steps" lately! Does that mean he isn't my baby any more? Boo. I refuse to call him a "toddler" until he is toddling.

Wednesday, May 5

Chomp chomp

I don't think I mentioned that Finn has SEVEN chompers! After his front four teeth came in, I stopped checking (because they were sharp and he likes to chomp down). Well, he got my thumb good a couple weeks ago at swimming when I tried to check, but I was able to look in there a few days ago and he has three more teeth that are already through the gums and big! Four on top and three on bottom. No wonder he has been cranky lately (between teeth and ears, who could blame him?!?!).

Yesterday morning we went to play at the twins' house. Juliette likes to climb on Finn and yesterday, she kept giving him kisses all over his face! So cute. I didn't have my camera, though. Darn it. While I don't think he minded the kisses, he kept trying to inch away from her. I guess he is playing hard to get!

Finn took a 3 plus hour nap when we got home (must have tuckered him out!). Then we went over to Auntie Becca's for dinner and some more play time. We didn't leave until after 8:30 (and he didn't fall asleep on the way home!), so Finn had two late nights in a row, but he didn't seem to mind. He slept in yesterday and this morning, so he is getting plenty of sleep.

I decided to cancel Finn's pictures for this Friday. The point of the pictures is to see his physical and developmental changes and he still isn't crawling and other than his hair, I don't think he looks THAT different from his one year pictures. I thought for sure when I made the appointment a month ago that he would be fully crawling by now. Plus, I put him on the grass on Monday and he freaked and I'd like at least some outside pictures the next time around. I just started to feel like I was having these pictures just for the sake of having pictures instead of "meaning" something. Jessica is wonderful and flexible, which I greatly appreciate. So, we are going to reschedule for the beginning of July. If he isn't crawling by then, not sure if I'll still have my sanity ( I have it now?!?!).

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Tuesday, May 4

Sleeping on a dog bed?

Finn's Early Intervention team came yesterday to to do their yearly review and assessment for the next 12 months. We decided to amp up PT with EI to weekly as well (he is doing it weekly at Gillette now). The OT is going to stay on the team, but only make visits when we think it is necessary since Finn is doing so much better in the eating/feeding area. I will get the full assessment recap in a week or two and will have more details then. Overall, he is doing great and continues to excel with cognition and language and "creep" along with physical skills.

Jane, the PT with EI, gave us these "bands" to put around Finn's legs. The hope is that it forces his legs to stay closer together and help with his transitions and balance. He had them on for almost an hour while they were here and did not seem to mind at all. He bonked his head a few extra times because he is used to balancing only with his legs. Hopefully this will strengthen his core as well. Now I just need to remember to put them on several times a day.

Finn's friend Quinn came over to play last night so her mom and dad could go to the Twins game. She is two and a half and the cutest thing ever. The three of us went over to Uncle John and Aunt Kelsie's for some of Uncle John's famous and yummy grilled hamburgers. Quinn LOVED playing with Dixie (their black lab whom Quinn called Dicky!) and Finn just loved all the attention! I tried wheat beer last night for the first time and loved it (don't worry, Katie, I only had one! Ha, ha.). Might be a new "thing" for me. It got a little later than planned, but no biggie...Finn crashed in their bedroom (on Dixie's dog bed...covered by a blanket!) and Quinn settled on the couch with Dixie to watch Seasame Street!

Monday, May 3

Big boy in a big seat

One more step further away from babyhood: Finn graduated to his big boy car seat yesterday!Okay, so he is crying in this pic, but I don't think it is because he doesn't like the new seat...he was over due for a nap. A friend of a friend who is car seat certified installed the seat for us yesterday and showed us how to work it. It helped that she has installed the exact same car seat in the same model car before, but she does all models (car seat and car). If you want her info, let me know! It feels GREAT knowing he is as safe as he possibly can be.

Anyway, LOVE IT! Finn is much higher and can see out the windows. Plus, no more lugging around the super heavy infant carrier! Finn must have liked the new seat because this was him about 20 minutes after the first picture. See, I told you he needed a nap! I feel like it is tilting a little too much forward because his head was dropping down, but she said it was the right angle. Maybe this will help strengthen his neck muscles!

After the install, we headed over to Stacey and Sam's to have some yummy lunch and watch the Twins (they won, yay!). We spent the rest of the day being lazy at home and daddy packed for his work trip. Jim left this morning at 4:30am for DC and will be gone all week. Boo. Finn and I are meeting him in Chicago Friday evening. I'm trying not to stress about your first flight together (alone, if you didn't catch that!).

Sunday, May 2

Oville here we come

Finn and I headed to swim class on Friday instead of Saturday this week. It is kind of nice not to have class on Saturday. It really does cut up the weekend. Finn was kind of clingy to me. I wasn't sure if it was because Jim wasn't there or if he knew they were different people or what. Overall, he definitely shows a strong preference to be by me...I thought (hoped) we would skip this stage, but I guess not. Not that I mind my baby wanting me, but seriously, gets annoying some times.

Then, daddy was able to leave work early and we headed to Oville to see Granny, Finn's great great grandma. She had a heart attack several weeks ago and it had been almost a year since she saw him, so Jim wanted to make a point to get out there as soon as we could. Finn did well on the drive except for the last 30 minutes or so. I don't blame him, 4 hours is a long time to be in the car. Granny was super surprised and excited to see us and just couldn't get enough of Finn! Jim's mom has the pics, so I'll have to get them from her.

Then Saturday afternoon Uncle John (Grandpa Ron is the manager) had a baseball game in Oville, so we stayed to watch that, despite the excessively windy, cold, rainy weather. They started out slow, but came back to win from a 13 to 5 deficit. Way to go Rox!In this pic, Finn was checking out the players in the dugout. Guess he wants to play! Maybe he can run the bases by the end of the summer. We came home after the game, but didn't get in until kind of late. It was a short, but fun visit!